Niti-Sara – Collection of Subhashitas – Sanskrit English

Niti-Sara is a collection of Subhashitas from Sanskrit literature.

The Subhashitas are Sanskrit verses that are full of wit and wisdom. Neeti or Niti is art of doing the right action at right time and place. This booklet is an English translation of a small booklet in Malayalam which has been in use in Kerala for decades.




Niti-Sara – Collection of Subhashitas – Sanskrit English — 19 Comments

  1. actually i was searching one subhashita with meaning what expectations every one have at the time of marriage of daughter……. i remember some words but not full subhashita…….its Kanya Varayate Roopam, Mata Vittam, Pita Kulam………………….. Mishtanne Itarejana
    Can you give me full shloka?

    • Can you believe – I got it by Google search on “कन्या वरयते kanya varayate” ? Internet is awesome!!

      There was a small mistake, which I have corrected. रूपं was typed as रुपं, it was short रु instead of the long one.

      कन्या वरयते रूपं माता वित्तं पिता श्रुतम् । बान्धवाः कुलमिच्छन्ति मिष्टान्नम् इतरे जनाः॥

      कन्या वरयते रूपं = The girl is happy for the (smart) looks
      माता वित्तं = mother is happy if the groom is wealthy
      पिता श्रुतम् = father is happy if the groom is well-read and respected
      बान्धवाः कुलमिच्छन्ति = brothers (and other relatives) are happy if the family background is respectable
      मिष्टान्नम् इतरे जनाः = others are happy for the feasts !!

      Translation is mine. I hope it is in order.

      • Abhyankarji
        That was in earlier eons. Now everyone’s ”Varayate’ is with the Maata, i.e. Vittham.

        The other day I saw a scene in a new Malayalam film, where the boy when told by her of her love towards him, he says: I do not have even a mobile or a two-wheeler bullet, how can you love me? !!!

  2. Nice website with so much free downloads. Should be supported by Govt.- through donations for encouraging e-learning of sanskrit.

  3. Sanskrit the deva bhasha of our land and our most coveted language is being patronised by this website through allowing free download of classic e-books of the language. Must get incentive from Govt.- for popularising sanskrit. NICE WEBSITE.

  4. Respected Gayanijana,
    I would like to study sanskrit properly. It is one gap in my life which always makes me feel empty. I know little bit but it is not sufficient. Plaese help, please advise

  5. I have been student of sanskrit for many years.
    Please send me updates about the websites & related materials

  6. Nameste! Happy to see the ebooks. Iam a PG in sanskrit and alecturer in a college. I intend to do Phd in sanskritI would like to have the sundarakhanda portion from the Raghuvamsa and fewothers I’ll give my option every nowand then. Pl co-opoerate thank you

  7. Nameste! Happy to see the ebooks. Iam a PG in sanskrit and a lecturer in a college. I intend to do Phd in sanskrit. I would like to have the sundarakhanda portion from the Raghuvamsa and few others I’ll give my options every now and then. Pl co-opoerate. thank you.

  8. prana!! happy to see this,i cant find one slok that mean is “the big fish is silent in the sea,but the small fish is very active is small amount of water same the scholar person is silent and the duffer person is talking every time” sir please help me to find this slok

  9. There are lot of -eternal- full of senses- subhashitas in sanskrit.
    Ex. dwov imo purusho loke These 2 persoms stand even higher than svarg lok-
    svargosyopari tishthate!
    prabhushch kshamayayukt- One having might but has power to forgive and 2nd-Poor yet donating whatever small he has!
    daridryasch pradanvan!
    There are 6 secrets of friendshio- i remember 2nd line–} Bhunkte bhojayate cha ev-Guhyam akhyati pucchati–shadvidham priti laxanam! ?? First line?

    • Dr Hardikar,

      There are several slokas beginning with dvavimau in Viduraniti, from verse number 49 –

      The other sloka is there in Panchatantra.

      ददाति प्रतिगृह्णाति गुह्यमाख्याति पृच्छति । भुंक्ते भोजयते चैव षड्विधं प्रीतिलक्षणम् ॥ – पञ्चतंत्र, मित्रसंप्राप्ति.

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