Chitritani Chintanani चित्रितानि चिन्तनानि by S. Jagannatha

एस्. जगन्नाथकविना विरचितायां चित्रितानि चिन्तनानि इत्याख्यायां प्रकृतायां रचनायां एकपञ्चाशद् गदनानि सन्ति। तानि च नूतनं गन्धं जिघ्रांसूनां कृते सृष्टानि यानि यदृच्छया हृदयादुद्गताभिर्भावधारभिश्चित्रैश्चानुसृतानि।

Chitritani Chintanani is the Sanskrit rendering of ‘Wrought Intentions’, an anthology of Sanskrit poems by S. Jagannatha translated into Sanskrit by the author himself. The poems are created for those who want fresh air of picturesque themes to be breathed. The poems are accompanied by spontaneous flows of ideas in the form of pictures.

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