Gogitam गोगीतम् by S. Jagannatha

गोगीतम् – अज्ञातनाम्ना कविना कन्नडभाषया रचितायाः गोविन हाडु नाम्न्या रचनाया अवलम्बनेन संस्कृतभाषया एस्. जगन्नाथकविना विरचितं लघुकाव्यम्। Gogitam is a small poem in Sanskrit, based on Govina hadu, story of cow and tiger in Kannada and authored by S.Jagannatha, Maisuru. Original … Continue reading

Gandhavali (गन्धावली), An anthology of Sanskrit poetry – S Jagannatha

Sanskrit poet and writer S. Jagannatha is indeed familiar to visitors of this blog. His books ‘Astavystam‘, ‘Dve Mukhe‘ and ‘Abhanakajagannatha’ were posted to this blog sometime back. It is our good fortune that the author thought it fit to … Continue reading