Samskrita Vyavahara Sahasri – 1000 Sanskrit Sentences – Malayalam

Malayalam transliteration & translation of one thousand Sanskrit sentences that will be much useful to those who wish to learn to speak in Sanskrit. This booklet is translation of a Sanskrit English booklet published by Samskrita Bharati, Bangalore.

This booklet contains hundreds of sentences and words that are frequently used in different places and contexts such as school, market, kitchen, movie house, office, etc, etc




Samskrita Vyavahara Sahasri – 1000 Sanskrit Sentences – Malayalam — 39 Comments

  1. Here is the closest translation that I can find for you.

    കിന്ദ്രേദ് സ്പിരിട്സ്

  2. Dear Amity Gardner

    kanivu niranja hridayangal കനിവു നിറഞ്ഞ ഹൃദയങ്ങള്‍

    Dear Srisukumaran

    What you given is transliteration in Malayalam script, and what Amity wanted “is” (not a bad grammar, as she still needs it) translation. !!

  3. Does anyone know where to get a translation from English or Dutch to Sanskrit (Sanskriet) ?

    I want to translate : ” I love you, you will be forever in my mind”

    • Claire,

      Here is the Sanskrit translation for the sentence, ” I love you, you will be forever in my mind” अहं त्वां स्निह्यामि। त्वं मम मनसि सदा भविष्यसि।



    • If you take the meaning of each word, pum ksheeram means male milk. But it does not make any sense. I searched in Sanskrit dictionaries and could not find this word. Is this very important to you?

  4. Hi,
    Can you translate the following in Sanskrit. . .







    The light which is thy fairest form, I see it, I am that what He is.

    Alani Rose

    The person in the sun.

    • Sohum is a Sanskrit word that means “I am He”, i.e. I am God or the Self.

      All other words are in English or some European language and are highly technical. I could try to translate them into Sanskrit, if you give me their meaning in simple English.

    • The Person in the Sun can be translated into Sanskrit variously as given below.

      आतपस्थः पुरुषः A man standing in Sun (under the Sun).
      आदितेयः पुरुषः A man in the Sun
      सूर्यमण्डलवर्ती पुरुषः A man in the Solar Orb

      I hope this helps

  5. can anyone translate i love you into vedic sanskrit for me i am trying to learn sanskrit….. and if anyone could tell me where to get an english to vedic sanskrit dictionary that would really is weird i am from india and i still dont know vedic sanskrit [ prob. should have looked for this sort of thing then. i also have a name many people of the vedic religion dont approve of.

  6. Malayalam for ‘moon’ is ‘chandran’. (root: Sanskrit). The perfect Malayalam word is ‘ambili’ or more precisely ‘ampili’.

    ‘Chandrika’ or ‘kaumudi’is ‘moonlight’. But both these words are, like many words of Malayalam, from Sanskrit. The perfect Malayalam word for ‘moonlight’ is of Tamil origin: ‘Nilaavu’.

  7. Namaste,

    I am new to Sanskrit.I am going to Sambashanam classes near by my place.I have a doubt.

    How can I say in sanskrit :mother hugs her son.


    • Roopa, You may say, जननी सुतं आश्लिषति। or माता पुत्रं आश्लिषति।

  8. Namaste,


    I have to create a small conversation with my son in Sanskrit.I have to record 2 – 5 min video.I want some ideas.


  9. Namaste,

    Can we say for
    what teacher taught in school?

    Sa: Kim Kim PAtayati (or) Sa: Kim Kim PAtitavati

    Can you please let me know.



    • The word Gayatri has several meanings.
      1. Name of a famous mantra chanted by Brahmins during Sandhyavandanam
      2. Name of a Vedic meter.
      3. Name of a Goddess. Synonym of Durga
      4. A mantra that protects one who chants it (gaayantam trayata iti gaayatri).

  10. namasthe…

    i like to know about ancient sanskrit.
    and why sanskrit pronounciation gives us peace..?
    is it related with the lines of LALITHA SAHASRANAMAM (81,82,83 LINES)…?

  11. padangalude nishpathi lalithamayi kandu pidikkan pattunna ethenkilum pusthakam nirdesikkamo?
    eg. ‘rujanthi ithi roga:’

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