Download Free Sanskrit Books from Digital Library of India

The Digital Library of India initiative has scanned and placed online, over 5,30,000 books on various subjects. They are available free of cost from the website of Digital Library of India and its mirror sites –, and where these books can be viewed as scanned images. Digital Library of India has recently launched a new site where books can be directly downloaded in PDF format.

More than 50,000 books touch upon Indology, Sanskrit literature and Hindu religious texts, including the Vedas and other scriptures. A lot of them are rare and not available elsewhere and come from University libraries like the TTD/RSVP Sanskrit university at Tirupati, Sringeri Math etc. You can directly get neatly formatted Adobe PDF books using the software, DLI Downloader hosted at

3rd Dec 2017: It seems DLI has shut down its old website and transferred all books to

All books are now available as PDF files. Those who prefer to have DJVU, TIFF, etc have that option too.


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  1. This blog is a terrific resource for anyone who wants to learn or work with Sanskrit. Thank you for putting this up. It has really helped me tremendously. Keep up the good work.

    • Surjeet,

      You may follow the instructions given below.

      1. Visit the blog and download the software “DLI Downloader”.
      2. Install it in your computer. Pl read the instructions given at the blog and also the manual carefully.
      3. Now, you may go to Digital Library of India – or
      4. Search for the books by selecting your desired language, title, author’s name, etc.
      5. Now, you may download with the DLI Downloader any book of your choice by copying and pasting the bar code.

      I hope this info is sufficient for your purpose.

      • I tried downloading a few sanskrit books with DLI downloader…but it was downloading it in the .tif (image) format instead of pdf and also it is downloading every single page separately. Please suggest me a way out.
        thank you

        • Vijaya Krishna Rani,

          DLI downloader downloads each pages as a TIFF image and then converts them into a single PDF in the end. Did you wait till the download was complete? If so, you would have seen this. The PDF is added to the destination folder of your choice. Please refer to the help file for details.

          I am using a batch-download software to download the images and use Adobe Acrobat Pro to convert them into a single PDF. The DLI Server is containing only scanned images of each page of the book. So, there is no other way. When you use a software such as DLI Downloader, it does all the work. That is the only difference.

        • Is there an edition of Kumarasa bhavan which has more than the normal 1-8 cantos only? I remember seeing one possibly published by Nirnayasagar press.

    • This is an excellent option to the lovers of sanskrit whether they are beginners / learners/scholars & can be utilised for further development on all spheres of life enabling our country the strongest.
      May this blog grow evergreen.

    • Sharat Bhat,

      Chandogya Brahmana is available at DLI (Digital Library of India) which has a very vast collection of Sanskrit books. Only problem is that the titles are wrongly spelt by the data entry workers. The meta data of the book is:
      chhaandoogyabraahmand-amuu., 2990100072904. shrii durgaamoohanabhat’t’aachaaryaind-a. 1958. sanskrit. LANGUAGE. LINGUISTICS. LITERATURE. 256 pgs.

      You could download it using DLI Downloader (which could be located through Google search). Please write to me if you find it difficulty to get the book the DLI.

  2. I am looking for e-sanskrit books sites for
    downloading of ancient sanskrit astrologic
    classics. Please help
    many thanks

    • Balasubramanian,

      The best and largest source is DLI (Digital Library of India). There are lots of astrology books at too. If you know the titles, you may search these two sites and download books to your content. You could make use of DLI Downloader for downloading books from DLI.

  3. सुप्रभातम्,
    मान्यवर मै संस्कृत अघ्ययन कर रहा हूँ। मुझे हिन्दी से संस्कृत वाक्य रुपांतरण करने के लिये मुझे अभ्यास पुस्तिका को जोकि उत्तर सहित हो,कोई लिंक बताऐं।

  4. Dadhiram,

    You might find these books at DLI – You will have to search there and after you locate the books, you could download them using DLI Downloader. DLI Downloader is a free software for downloading books from DLI (Digital Library of India. This software can be downloaded from

    • Venugopal,

      Vedas and most of the Vedic literature is not yet available on the internet for free use. Only the following are available online.

      1. Krishna Yajurveda – yajurveda malayalam
      2. Upanishads with Sankara Bhashya –

      Malayalam translations of the Vedas are available in print. One that I remember immediately is “Chaturveda Samhita” published by Arshanadam Publishers contains all 4 Vedas with Malayalam translation by Acharya Narendra Bhushan. You may contact them at the following address.

      Arshanadam Publishers
      P.O. Box 28 Changannur 689 121 Kerala Ph. 0479-2452636, 9446314343

  5. DLI downloader can’t be used in mobiles. I am using Samsung galaxy ace plus set. I am very much interested in studying indian spiritual sanskrit books with english/kannada translation

    • Dr Krishnamoorthy,

      We can read DLI books by using mobile phones too. I have not tried it. But, I am pretty sure that it must be possible if you install a TIFF viewer in your handset. Have you tried Alok Shukla’s software at

      If that too does not work, you can try a batch-download manager like IDM or Mozilla Firefox add on like ‘batch download’ or ‘down them all’.

      Another site with a large collection of Hindu scriptures is There we download ebooks in mobi and other ebook formats.

  6. Is there any software to download books from Digital library of India for android?that link u suggested didn’t give that.

  7. can anybody help me from where i can download free this रसरत्नाकरम्_{रसायन खंडम्} book. Pls help..

  8. namaste thank you very much for your link
    one more thing is the hanumannataka which edited by daamodara mishra has 14 ankaas and the mahanataka by madusoodana mishra has 9 ankaas
    so if you have a link about hanumannataka in sanskrit pls send me
    once again thank u very much bhoyo bhoyaha dhanyavaaadaahaa

  9. sir, please help me find the book sahitya darpan by vishwanath in sanskrit.I want to download it.


    i WISH INTRODUCE as sahitya acharya from
    R.S.VIDYAPEEDA .TIRUPPATHI. I USED TO FREE LOAD sNSKRIT BOOKS.OFLATE I found the free sanskrit sites are more contaminated polluted by MEDIA FIRE meanminded commercial webdwellers. please see
    that SANSKRIT LANGUAGE IS THE HOLIEST LANGUAGE.Commercial meanminded money minded rascals should not be let to spoil
    sanskrit language sanctity.please join me to condemn such nonsense to take place in our website.


    B.Balakrishnaha.Coimbatore.Tamil nadu.

  11. Terrafic Job.. plz help me on getting books like , Pracheen bharat ke ithias, Books related to River ,,,”Nadi”.

  12. नमस्कार
    मै संस्कृत की PDF मे उत्तर मध्यमा द्वितीय वर्ष की सभी पुस्तके चाहता हूँ
    कृपया आप मुझे बताइए

  13. namaskar sir,
    sir may hindu pooja se realted book chata ho or koi new artical jo hamaare pooja se related ho.
    iske liya kon site ha?sastri ke sylabas ki book ke naam ebook kya avilable ha?
    kya email update bhi uplabad ha?
    batane ki kripa kare
    my email

  14. Om tat Sat Om,
    hum sanskrit me MAHABHARAT padne ke lie betapp hoon. par mujhe bilkul nehi aata. please somebody help me…

  15. Respected Sir / Madam,
    Thank you for this great jobh.
    Please help me find Mahavakya Ratnavali of Baba Shri Shri Tailanga Swami.
    With regards.

    • Dear Moloy Babu, If stil you havn`t got Maha Bakya Ratnavali by Mahatma Trailanga Swami, you can contact with me in my mobile 09830035715 or by mail.
      I have xerox copy

      Jay Guru
      Amar Nath Poddar

    • Mishraji,

      Your question is not clear. There are thousands on books on Karmakanda and Tantra. Please provide names of the books, if you are a scholar. Or if you are only starting to read such books, you can begin with introductory texts like ‘Kyon’ by Madhavacharya Sastri or “Catechism of Hinduism” by Srisa Chandra Vasu. I will try to help you if you provide details.

  16. i want some book about manuscriptology(english version).
    1)the origin and development of alphaber:b.l.ulmann.
    2)the origin of writing: h.j.martin

  17. I am happy that several books can be perused without going to a library.
    I am interested in three books:-
    1. Vasudeva Samhita
    2. Pranava Kalpatharu
    3. Ghanta SwaduRachana

    I will be greatly obliged if somebody can guide me to some site where it is available

    • Anjali,

      I am not sure if Satapatha Brahmana with Hindi tika is completely available on the internet. Parts of it are available at Digital Library of India. You can download them using DLI Downloadaer.

  18. Namaste
    I am searching for W.Caland’s books on Vaikhanasa Gruhya sutram and Smartha sutram.Published by Asiatic society of Bengal

    Kindly help us Thank you.

  19. श्रीयुत,
    नमो नमः
    भवतां कार्यमेतदतीव महत्त्वपूर्णमस्ति . भारतीयसंस्कृतिसन्स्कृत्योः समुद्धरणाय महद्यत्नः प्रशन्सनीयः.
    भगवतीं वीणाधारिणीं प्रति विशेषेण प्रार्थे प्रदानायैतादृशीं शक्तिं महति भवद्कृते .
    पुनः पुनः धन्यवादः .

  20. Dear sir/madam

    i am looking for historical sanskrit novel”Shivarajvijaya”by Ambicadatta Vyasha in Hindi translation.Would you help me?
    waiting for your response.

    • Yograj,

      Several editions of Sivarajavijayam is available at Digital Library of India. Links are given below. One of them has Hindi translation of a few chapters. Last two links are of editions with complete Hindi translation. But, their scan quality is very poor.

      Shivaraj Vijay Etihasik Upnyas., 99999990077599. Vyas, Srimadmbhikadatt. 1956. sanskrit. Literature. 752 pgs.
      Shivaraj Vijay Etihasik Upnyas., 99999990303602. Vyas, Srimadmbhikadatt. 1956. sanskrit. Literature. 752 pgs.
      shivaraj_vijay., 2020010007634. p.jetendriya_charya. 1952. sanskrit. NULL. 608 pgs.
      Shivraj vijay., 99999990248886. Bhagwan Das. 0. sanskrit. Sanskrit Sahitay. 662 pgs.
      Shivraj Vijay (1940)., 99999990822299. Shastri Pandit Shri Ramjipanney.. 1940. sanskrit. . 649 pgs.
      Shivrajvijay Gadhkavyam., 99999990077441. XXXX. 1960. sanskrit. Literature. 593 pgs.
      Shivrajvijay Gadhkavyam., 99999990303444. XXXX. 1960. sanskrit. Literature. 593 pgs.
      Shivraj Vijay (1950)., 99999990822300. sastri Pandit Sri Ramjipanney.. 1950. sanskrit. . 122 pgs.
      Shivraj Vijay Aalochana Bhag., 99999990076629. Pant, Sridhar Prasad. 1958. hindi. Literature. 398 pgs.
      Shivraj Vijay Aalochana Bhag., 99999990302632. Pant, Sridhar Prasad. 1958. hindi. Literature. 398 pgs.
      Shivraj Vijay Komudi., 99999990294388. Divnarayan. 1956. hindi. History. 292 pgs.
      Shivraj Vijay Part- I., 99999990294662. Pt. Shri Ramji . 1872. sanskrit. Literature. 341 pgs.
      Shivraj Vijay Part- III., 99999990294663. Pt. Shri Ramji . 1872. sanskrit. Literature. 434 pgs.
      Sivraj-Vijay-1., 99999990310597. Pandit Shree Ramji. 1946. hindi. Literature. 224 pgs.
      Sivraj-Vijay-2., 99999990310596. Pandit Shree Ramji. 1946. hindi. Literature. 302 pgs.

    • Anjali,

      This sloka is included as 194th verse in Subhashita Ratna Sandoha of Amitagati published by Nirnayasagar Press in 1903 as Kavyamala no. 82. You can download it from Kavyamala collection available in this site.

  21. thanks for the great source of sanskrit literature. please tellme from where i can get the pdf of “gaytri rehasya bhasha” and “rasraj mahodadi (pancho bhag)”

    • Bharat,

      I think ‘Gayatri Rahasya Bhasha’ is copyrighted. I could not find it anywhere on the internet for free download. Some parts of Rasa Raja Mahodadhi’ are available at DLI. Please search there.

  22. namskar muje avadha vihari tripathi rachit brehad vakahadachakr namki pustak sanskrit slok sahit sanskri harthme chahiye krupiya pdf kahase dawoonlod hogi vo bataye.

  23. i am pavankumar from davangere.i am purohith astrologer.sanskrit sahithya done in sadvidya sangeevini samskrutha mahapatashala srimath sringeri.i want old sanskrit books of astrology and tantrik

  24. Respected sir, i want Hridayabodhika of Shri das pandita, a commentary of Ashtanghridaya (Vaghbhata). The book is publised in 3 parts from Kerala. The 1st part is now unavailable which has published in 1940 by Director of Ayurveda, work under university manuscripts libraray. 2nd part available, edited by dr. P. K. Narayan Pillai and publised by Trivandrum Sanskrit Series No 155 and 3rd part universy of kerala edited by K.Raghvan Pillai in 1962. I want 1st part for Research on Commentary so plz help me. My contact Number 08855968982

    • Sir,

      I could not locate volume 1 of Ashtangahridaya with Hridayabodhika vyakhya. I will keep looking for it and let you know if find it.

  25. नमस्कार श्रीमान मे पी एच डी करना चाहता हूँ संस्कृत साहित्य से आचार्य तथा नेट एम फिल उत्तीर्ण हूँ कोई संस्कृत साहित्य की नई रचना बताओ जिस पर शोध कर सकूँ ब भवदीय -किशन गोपाल मीना

  26. नमस्कार मैं ज्योतिषी नौटियाल , मैं आपके द्वारा जताक्पध्ती प्राप्त करना चाहता हु अप्का

    • श्री नाटियाल,

      नमस्कार, “जातकपद्धति” डिजिटल लायब्ररि आफ इंडिया में उपलब्ध है। उसका बारकोड 2020010005454 है. डी. एल. आय. डौणलोडर नामक सोफ्टवेयर द्वारा आप उस पुस्तक डाऊणलोड कर सकते हैं। नीचे दिये गये वेबसायट पर वह सोफ्टवेयर उपलब्ध है।

  27. I want the rare books of phalitajyotish and siddhantajyotisha. if do you know about these books pls mail me the webadress

  28. mamonamah,,aham AAGAMA SASTRASYA ITIHASAH tatha SAIVA AAGAMA bisaye pathitum icchami,,krpata marhadarshanam kurvantu…..Durga Prasad

  29. please help me find the books (in English) that expressed gender roles through sanskrit proverbs, maxims and popular sayings.

  30. अह‌‌‍ं नेपालदेशीयः । अहं सामवेदस्य ताण्ड्यमहाब्राह्मणम् (पञ्चविंशब्राह्मणम्) सति सम्भवे सायणाचार्यविरचितभाष्यसहितं पठितुमिच्छामि । अस्य कृते किं कर्तव्यं स्यादिति अपेक्ष्यते ।

    • Rishi Ram Regmi,

      Tandya Mahabrahmana with Sayana Bhahsya published by Asiatic Society in 1870 & 1874 in 2 volumes is available at Digital Library of India. It can be download in pdf format using DLI Downloader which can be freely downloaded from

      Barcode, etc of the books at DLI are given below.

      Tandya Mahabrahmanam vol. 1., 4990010209032. Vedantavagisa, Anandachandra, ed.. 1870. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 964 pgs.
      Tandya Mahabrahmanam vol. 2., 4990010209033. Vedantavagisa, Anandachandra, ed.. 1874. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 900 pgs.

  31. hello .. I need परमेश्वरकृत वाक्यप्रदीपिका of अष्टांगहृदयम्. please help me. pdf or book also do.. please send me link or address where I can get it.. please

    • As per Ashtanga Hridayam with Vakya Pradipika was published in 1950 (?) by N.S. Mooss from Kottayam, Kerala. Its soft copy could not be found anywhere on the internet. I have no idea if this edition is still in print. But you can access copies of this edition from libraries. It is available in several libraries in US & UK as per

  32. नमस्ते श्रीमन् !

    कथं प्रापणीया भृगुसंहिता खलु ? ममान्तरजालनिर्देशं प्रतिलिखतु यथाशीघ्रं कृपया |

  33. I am looking for any book on english which deals or studies on any sanskrit poet like kalidasa etc and whose hindi translation has not been made. Originally written in english about sanskrit literature easily available in the market or enternet.

  34. Dear Sir,
    I wanted to learn SANSKRIT, but I do not know any thing about, Please guide me.

    • Prakash,

      Samskrita Bharati’s courses are ideal for beginners. There is a 10 days’ Sambhashana course in which the participants are taught preliminaries of Sanskrit conversation. Then there is Gita Sopanam course in which Sanskrit is taught using Bhagavad Gita.You van visit Samskrita Bharati website and find out their nearest teacher centre for further details.

  35. Dear sir,
    I am preparing UGC NET exam for Sanskrit Traditional Subject(code73) but I do not find the suitable syllabus books
    3. navyanyayadarshan
    4. sankhyayoga
    7. madhvavedant
    8. dharmashastra
    9. sahityam
    10. puranetihas
    11. aagam
    12. advetyavedant
    Is there any book for the Net Exam which has above subject.
    Thank You

  36. सादर प्रणाम महोदय
    मुझे गोपथ ब्राह्मण और सत्पथ ब्राह्मण ग्रन्थ संस्कृत रूपांतरित हिंदी पुस्तक की आवश्यकता है यदि मिल जाय तो आप का आभारी रहूँगा ।

    • Vishnu Dev,

      Gopath Brahman and Satapath Brahman with Hindi commentary are available at Digital Library of India. Details are given below.
      Atharvavedasya Gopathbramhanam., 5990010118728. Pundit Badriprasad sharma. 1924. hindi. Literature. 708 pgs.
      Satapatha Brahmanam Vol-I., 99999990320710. Upadhyaya,Ganga Prasad. 1970. sanskrit. Devotional. 966 pgs.
      Satapatha Brahmanam Vol-II., 99999990292518. Upadhyaya,Ganga Prasad. 1969. sanskrit. Devotional. 931 pgs.
      Satapatha Brahmanam Vol-II., 99999990320709. Upadhyaya,Ganga Prasad. 1969. sanskrit. Devotional. 931 pgs.
      Satapatha Brahmanam Vol-III., 99999990292520. Upadhyaya,Ganga Prasad. 1970. sanskrit. Devotional. 854 pgs.

  37. May I know where I can get the original texts of saririka shastra – palmistry book. I am trying some research in this field.
    I would also like to know where are the original texts of palmistry preserved and if their digital prints are available online. Please let me know, I would be very grateful to you.
    Thank you

    • Deepak,

      I am not an expert in this subject. So, I can only give you some pointers and links.

      The fundamental text of Sariraka Sastra is Skanda Sariraka. Sastra is Skanda Sariraka. with Commentary edited by Sambasiva Sastri is available at Digital Library of India
      The Skandasaririka., 5990010121732. K Sambasiva Shastri. 1941. sanskrit. Literature. 270 pgs.

      There are some chapters dealing with Samudrika Sastra in Brihat Samhita of Varahamihira & Lal Kitab.

      You may also find some useful information in “History of Indian Literature – Jyotish Sastra” by David Pingree

  38. Sadarnamste ji
    Mera aap Se nivedan hai ki mai Sanshkrit ka nibandh sangrah book donalod karna chAhta hu .
    kripya jaldi kar dene maham kripa kare , mai sada aap ka abhari rahuga .

    • Dattarayan,

      You can download ‘Prabandha Parijata’ by Acharya Ramachandra Mishra from the Digital Library of India ( Barcode of the book and other details are given below.
      Prabandha Parijata., 99999990024188. Achariya Ramacharandar . 1976. Sanskrit. Literature. 175 pgs.

  39. श्रीमान जी
    मुझे एन्ड्रॉइड के लिये DLI DOWNLOADER सॉफ्टवेयर बताइये
    मुझे ईमेल से भी सुचित करें

  40. can anybody help me that, from where I can download free this “kakshputimat by nagarjun”ayurvedic book plz help me

    • Puranm Chand Pancharia,

      The title of the book is not clear. Could you give it in Devanagari script or in IAST? If possible its catalogue entry from worldcat or similar site.

  41. Dear Sir, Namaste,

    I need the following books (preferably published by Sri Balamanorama Press, Madras) .. They are available in DLI site.. but every time I try to download it show an error msg.. If you are having the follwg books in pdf form pls send me :

    1. Malavikagnimithram 2. Chandralokam 3. Champu Ramayanam



    • Sivan,

      I understand your difficulty. But, it is not practically possible for me to download books for others and then share those books with them.

      When DLI Downloader gives error message, you can try other methods to download books from Digital Library of India. One such method is to use an addon for Mozilla Firefox, named ‘Downthemall‘. A tutorial for this addon is available at

  42. Dear Sir,

    Thanks and Sorry..! I was thinking there was only one app or method to download DLI books.. I downloaded from PR Labs.. from which I could not download the books.. From your site I came to know about that Munish Chandel app.. (downloader tool) and am able to download in seconds.. Thanks again..


  43. hi i am looking for durga saptashati (chandi patha, devi mahatmyam)
    “satpa bhasyam” for durga saptashati – which means….
    7 peoples bhasyam(in hindi or sanskrit – not so clear) for durga saptashati in one book

    that was an out of print bookand i have seen it earlier, but forgotten the name for the pudlishers etc.

  44. Namaste sir,
    I am in 2nd year mechanical engineering and along with it i now desire to learn Sanskrit but dont have that much of time to attend regular course class if there are any in my area (Nashik), so it would be very helpful if you suggest me some free online way to learn, so that i could learn according to my time adjustments.
    i could have found by googling but there are many plenty of them &
    i want to learn from on which i could trust along with videos/audio to avoid any Mispronouncing, an ideal way, as there can be errors depending on their expertise in language, typing, pronounsation , etc

    • Vasu Patel,

      I haven’t heard of any free online courses for learning Sanskrit. Samskrita Bharati’s courses are ideal for beginners. They have centres and teachers all over India. You can contact the centre of Samskrita Bharati nearest to your house. For details visit

    • Ghanapathiji,

      Srimadbhagavatam Veeraraghaviya Commentary in Granth script in 3 volumes is available at Digital library of India. Details are given below.

      Bhagavatha 1 to 4th chapter with Veeraghaviya commentary., 1990020084638. Vyasa,Veda Maharshi. 1886. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 566 pgs.
      Bhagavatha 10th to 12th chapter with Veeraghaviya commentary., 1990020084872. Vyasa,Veda Maharshi. 1886. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 640 pgs.
      Bhagavatha 5th to 9th chapter with Veeraghaviya commentary., 1990020084871. Vyasa,Veda Maharshi. 1886. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 528 pgs.

          • Namo namah. Punarapi shramo deeyte.mama tab asti ‘HP slate 7’ tatra bhavadukta reetyaa downloader naavatarati.tatra gtirasyi vaa?.shramaaya kshamam yache!.

          • Ghanapathiji,

            I use only Microsoft Windows. So, I have no idea about other operating systems. Still, I think you can download all images of any book from DLI using batch download softwares like IDM, FDM, etc. and then bind them into PDF. DLI servers are usually slow on weekends and faster during week days. I am traveling now, otherwise I could have downloaded and shared these books with you.

  45. hello sir,
    pls could you provide me (1) katyayani tantra (2) krishna yamala tantra

    Either i can buy them(if could tell me publishers) or probably u may send me in pdf format.Text in hindi language would be good bcoz in english language translation changes sometimes.

    Note:- i dont know any publisher or authors of above books.

    thanks in advance for giving ur valuable time

    • Yogeshwar,

      Both the books seem to be not yet printed. Regarding Katyayani Tantra, it is clearly said in the book “Hindu Tantric & Sakta Literatrue” that Katyayani Tantra is still not printed. doesn’t have any entry related to Krishna Yamala Tantra. So, that too might be not printed. If you have access to good manuscripts libraries, you can try there.

  46. hi i need samgyna prakaranam and paribhasha prakaranam of siddantha kowmudi with elaborated text to understand easily please help, which ever is the best book

  47. sri maan ji,
    mujhe “aadhunik siddh rasendra vigyan” granth chahiye kya aap uski koi link bata sakte hai jaha se me use download kar saku…

    • Satyanarayan Rath,

      Sparks from the Vedic Fire by VS Agarwal is available at Digital Library of India.
      Sparks form Vedic fire., 1990020047862. Agrawal, Vasudeva S. 1962. english. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 156 pgs.
      Sparks from the vedic fire., 1990010087988. V S Agrawala. 0. sanskrit. LANGUAGE.LINGUISTICS.LITERATURE. 143 pgs.

  48. I am studying in archaeology. I am interested about puranas. Would u give me the link of shunya purana of ramai pandit. It will be a great fevor for me.

  49. Namaskaaraah.Daivaat adyaiva drushtah bhavathaam sandeshah dt 06 12 2014.krupayaa download krutwaa share kurvanthu.yena dhanyo bhaveyam.

  50. महोदय, मुझे पंचदशी डाउनलोड की लिंक बतायेें ।
    लवलेशानन्द सरस्वती

    • Srinivas,

      Are you looking for Ananda Kanda Champu or the rasavadagrantha named ‘Anandakandam’? Both are available at Digital Library of India.
      aanand kand champu., 1990160083577. misra mitra. 1931. sanskrit. litreture. 283 pgs.
      Anandkandam., 5990010121401. . 1952. sanskrit. Literature. 817 pgs.

  51. Sir,
    I am interested in Samhita related to astrology and Arghkand. I have Bruhat Samhita Of Varah mihir and Bhadrabahu Samhita. Can you please give a list of samhitas which are related to Astrology and Arghkand.

  52. Dear sir,
    I want to download the following books.Can you provid e me the required link?pls sir
    [1]mantra mahodadhi of Mahidhara by sudhakar malviya.pdf part1
    [2]sarva karm anushthan prakash III by Ramesh chandra shrma(Mayuresh Prakashan)

    • Rajesh,

      Both books are copyrighted. Please do not make any request for copyrighted books. This blog deals with only the books in open domain.

    • Mehul,

      Vayu Purana with Hindi Translation by Rampratap Tripathi is available at Digital Library of India. Link is given below.
      WAYUPURAN., 5990010098179. RAMPRATAP TRIPATHI SASTRI. 1909. sanskrit. LITAITUCHER. 1127 pgs.

  53. I request you to please send me all four veda’s in kannada or i need the translation software from sanskrit to kannada. Please provide me link to download the s/w or the translated kannada vedas

  54. Sir,
    namaskar, i listen so many lecture of sri rajiv dixit.from their i want to read books which he mentioned just like ASTANGH SANGREH/HIRDEH. i also want to read ayurveda granths but i donot know sanskrit. is it possible that those books are in hindi or english, please advise me. i will be very thankfullto you. Or i can purchase these books. one more book is patanjali granth. thanks.

  55. adarniya svamiji
    Sathpatha brahman … [suklayayajurveda madhyandini shakha] sanskrit and hindi could you pls share link or copy

  56. नमांसि.. अहमत्र डा.सुनील : संस्कृतप्रवाचक :.
    कृपया मोबिल् द्वारा कथं डी एल ऐ पुस्तकानि स्विकुर्म: संसूचयतु

    • Sunil,

      I don’t have any experience in this field. You may correspond with Shri. Munish Chandel (, the developer of DLI Downloader. He might be able to guide you in this matter.

    • Gayatri Sharma, Sanskrit Natak Samiksha is available at Digital Library of India
      SANSKRIT NATAK SAMIKSHA., 1990010087676. INDRA PAL SINGH INDRA. 1960. hindi. Literture(Hindi ). 259 pgs.

  57. i want sankrit hindi shabdkosh of aapte,hindi sanskrit shabdkosh,sanskrit-english shabdkosh and english-sanskrrit shabdkosh.can you send please?

  58. i need some books of sanskrit
    1 hanumat dutam
    2.sondraya shashtra
    3.dhrav drayva sangrah
    please help anyone. i have ma final exam on 7 aprail and books are not available in market .
    so please help me

  59. Mahatman, krpaya mahyang adho likhitani pustakani pradasyanti Dhanya krita krityahang bhabishyami…Namani yatha–Tariniparijat, Matsyasuktam, ganeshvimarsini tantra, Kaladarsa, Mansatattva vivek, Varahitantra, Sadhusankalinitantra, Kailashtantra… Namaste

  60. sir, I m interested in authentic book related to shabar mantrasor Shabari vidya and Sri vidya sadhana where can I get it.And e- book if any. thanking You………….Pandit

    • Pandit, Some books related to Sabara Mantra are available at SCRIBD.COM. You can find them by searching on Google.

  61. sir i requet u to plzz a few lines on metro in sanskrit ……………………..(description)…….plzzz………………..

    • Deepali,

      I saw your comment. But, I could not understand whether you meant metro rail or metro city. Nor was I prepared to write something at short notice. Moreover, it is not a good practice to request others to write essays for one’s use.


  62. Mahashay, aapne bahut hi mahan karya kiya hai. Meri iksha hai ki Bharat ke prachin advitiya gyan ko surakshchhit rakha jaye aur isko vidyarthiyon ko padhaya bhi jaye. Yadi aapko apatti na ho to mujhhe apna email id de dein jisse apke samparka me rah sakun aur apni vichardhara se apko awagat kara sakun

  63. or if you can guide how to search and where to search. I have tried translators but Hindi to Sanskrit or English to Sanskrit do not work. Have searched on net too but no success so far. Request you to help me in this regard.


  64. sir…i want to ravan sanhita hindi pdf and surya sangrah…can u send mi link ……where can i downlode this pdf ..pls pls ..tell mi…pranam

  65. sir, please send me tarini parijat publice in sampurnananda sans.visvavidyalsya and saktisangam Tantra 4th vol pub.on G,o,s.baroda it is my request. your faithfully. M.s.mishra kolkata W.B.

  66. Respected Sir/ Madam, I want Sashilekha Commentary (Teeka) of Indu on Ashtang “Hridayam”. Ashtang “Sangraha’s” Indu teeka available in market. Hridayam teeka of Indu published by Vaidya Sarthy series Kerala in 5 part, but the book/copies not available online or in libraries.

    • Shweta,

      You can download Vastuvidya, manushyalaya chandrika and Mayamatam published in Trivandrum Sanskrit Series from
      Samarangana Sutradhara and prasada mandanam are available at Digital Library of India. Details given below.

      Samaranganasutradhara Vol-I., 99999990319950. Bhojdeva,King. 1924. sanskrit. Devotional. 318 pgs.
      Samaranganasutradhara Vol-II., 99999990313879. Bhattacharyya,B.. 1925. hindi. Autobiography. 343 pgs.
      Prasad mandan., 99999990233975. Jain, bhagwandas. 1963. sanskrit. Vaidik sahitya. 280 pgs.
      prasadamandanam., 2020010006915. sutra_dharamandana. 1947. sanskrit. NULL. 70 pgs.

      • Thankyou so much for you inputs.
        Finally found a website where actually queries are resolved.

        I have also read about that,
        Maanasar and Brihitsamhita are also helpful for Vaastu. Any inputs?

        • Shweta, It is true that Manasara deals with Vastu. Parts of Brihatsamhita might be helpful. There are also Yukikalpataru by Bhoja, Rajavallabha and Viswakarmavastusastra. You will find all the above at Digital Library of India.

          • Thankyou. Hats off to your passion for Sanskrit literature.

            I am trying to download all the books you mentioned but I am not able to.

  67. महोदय
    मुझे महाभारत का शान्ति पर्व भण्डारकर प्रकाशन पुणे वाला चाहिए कृपया मेरी सहायता करें

    • Amit Semwal,

      BORI edition of Mahabharata Santi Parva was published in 4 volumes. Volumes 2 and 4 are available at and volumes 1 and 3 at Digital Library of India. Details given below.
      volume 1 – The Mahabharata Vol-13., 99999990003145. V.S.Sukthankar. 1961. sanskrit. Vaidik Sahitya. 726 pgs.
      volume 2 –
      volume 3 – the_santiparvan_part_3., 2020010008804. shripad_krishna_belvalkar. 1954. sanskrit. NULL. 880 pgs.
      volume 4 –

      • बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद महोदय इस सहायतार्थ मै आजीवन आपका ऋणी रहूँगा
        संस्कृत या हिन्दी में मानव मूल्य से सम्बन्धित यदि कोई पुस्तक है तो कृपया मार्गदर्शन करने की कृपा करें धन्यवाद

  68. Respected Sir, my request help me reading of saktisangamtantra chinnamasta khanda,[G.O.S-166]mamsatattva vivek, matshyasuktam, varahi tantram,kaaladarsah if print. your faithfully M.S.Mishra. 1/2/43/1,K.G.Bose Sarani Kolkata-700085 . ph-9433325888

  69. sir, my request ,Mamsa tattva vivek[Sarasvati bhavan granthamala] saktisangam tantra part4[Gaokwed oriental 166at 1978 AD] sharddhasagar[ moghe] please help me.

  70. I need sri sanaischarakrita sri lakshminarasimha stotra as per bhavishyotarapurana ( rakshobhuvanamahatmyam ). Plz. help me.

  71. Hello Sir/Maám,

    In my last post, on my request you have mentioned a bunch of books on Vastu. I have tried downloading but I was successful in downloading only one of the mentioned list. The book is obviously in Sanskrit. To be honest I am lost as how to interpret the wordings of the book, as I have never learnt Sanskrit before. Learning Sanskrit and Vastu at same time is confusing.
    Can you please help me find the mentioned books on Vastu in English.
    I am looking for the older post where you have mentioned the list but I cant find it, may be the post has been deleted.
    Please Help.

  72. i want essay on these three topics

    1 influence of Sanskrit on the development of cultural heritage of India….
    2. role of education in disseminating values among students…..
    3. importance of inter religion dialogues for peace

    can u plz help me…??

    • Sorry book title spelling mistake its VAJRODAN based on ayurveda and also help search of all ayurveda book with hindi translation pdf file on all web site address.
      Thank you for reply

    • डॉ नारायण दत्त श्रीमालीजी ने इस बुक के बारेमे लिखा हे सुवर्ण तन्त्रम में और बोहत ही दुर्लभ ग्रन्थ हे
      कहा जाता हे की या इसकी मूल कॉपी उसे नेपाल से मिली थी मूल तिबत भाषा में से कोई धर्मेंद्र आचार्य ने इसका अनुवाद हिंदी में किया किया था ऐसा मेने सुना हे बुक पब्लिश होने के बाद वापस लेली गई थी क्यों की इसमें सुवर्ण निर्माण पारस मणि कायाकल्प आदि प्रकरण थे ऐसा पढ़ा हे

    • Kritan Thaker, You may check the following books at Digital Library of India (
      mahakala samhita, guhyakali khanda., 99999990041710. gopinath. 1971. sanskrit. tribes, india. 368 pgs.
      mahakala samhita, guhyakali khanda pt.2., 99999990041588. jha, kishorea nath. 1977. english. tribes, india. 650 pgs.

  73. श्रीमान जी नमस्कार
    मान्यवर जी मै ज्योतिष की सूर्यजातक नामक पुस्तक download करना चाहता हूँ ।कृपया मुझे link भेजने का कष्ट करे।

  74. Shankarjee, Pranamante Nivedanam Mahyam Sarava Kalpam, Kaladarsah,Kapil Pancharatram, Narayanvali Prativadi Siddhanta dadatu.

  75. बहुत बहुत आभार जो आप इतने अच्छे काम को अंजाम दे रहे हे

  76. सर क्रपया तंत्र जेसे दतात्रेय उड्डीशन के पीडीएफ की लिंक भेजे ओर हमारा माग्रदरशन करे हिन्दी व संस्कृत. दोनो मे हो तो बढिया होगा

  77. Sir first we all Sanskrit readers are very much gratefully thank you. You are doing a grate job.
    Sir i want neelkantha dixit book . Where i will get books.

    • Mallesh, I have not heard about this book. If you know the exact title of the book, you may buy hard copy of the book from Devi Book Stall, Kodungallur or from religious book sellers at Guruvayur.

      • Mujhe India ki purani kitabe chahiye in any format jinme Mahatmao ki baaten jaise how I control mind
        Home remedies
        About Magic
        Panch tatva control
        Ye ho to please reply me thank you

  78. I need the book of Raghava Yadaviyam, with English translation. I am not getting in bookstore. May i know where it is available? Need it badly.

    • Shailendra, What do you mean by Sankrit Bharti Bhag 4? If it is a publication of Samskrita Bharati, all their books are under copyright. Please do not ask for copyrighted books. You can buy Samskrita Bharati books from their office directly or via post.

  79. Sir. Plz plz plz i want long essay on pollution and importance of sanskrit language in sanskrit plzplzplzplzplz help meh……,!!!!!! ??????????

  80. नमस्कार सर मुझे ध्वन्यालोक टिका बालप्रिया और दीपशिखा टीका की लींक

  81. Sahitya darpan,kavya prakash, kavyadarsh, kavyalankaar, rasgangadhar, kavyamimamsa, ye granth samskrit teeka hindi vyakhya sahit link bhejne ka kripa kariye

  82. Kuch maine download kiye the unme hindi nhi tha mujhe samskrit hindi sahit chahiye tha try karta hu dhanyavad

  83. Sir ! How are you? I hope you are fine there. 🙂 thanks, last time you helped me a lot to find chitrakavya texts. Thanks again!

    This time I want pdf book of Rajavallabha the text on vastu – shilpa. If it is available then inform me.
    With love, Anand. 🙂

  84. dear sir
    please let me know about pdf books of learning sanskrit to be enabled to talk in sanskrit and write it correctly. the books should be simple volumes . in nepal we don’t have such resources!

    • Not immediately. I am not sure all volumes of this series are there on the internet. If you are looking any particular title and are not able to find it, let me know. I will try to help you.

  85. Namaste,

    Can someone please upload श्रीमद्भागवत अन्वितार्थ प्रकाशिका edited by रामतेजपाण्देयः and published by Choukhambha? Any older version of the book other than that published by Choukhambha would also be fine. This is a commentary on Srimad Bhagavatam by Ganga Sahay.

    KC Shastry

  86. Dear sir,

    commendable work done for our ancient heritage by all those who formed this website. My sincere thanks to all of them. visited this website for the first time today. Can u guide me on finding any link or any other information towards making and use of Surya and other Yantras with complete vedic information. Not able to find it anywhere as market is filled with misleading information with little or nil vedic influence

  87. Sir, i want kavya prakash, dhvanyalokha, dasarupakama in sanskrit hindi pdf format, published by chaukhama, please help me,

  88. Sir, can I have any information regarding Vrikshayurved? I want to download the books, journals and article on this topic .plz help.I visited the link from above conversation provided by u to read online but I want to download .

    • Pritiranjan, Some Sanskrit texts like Vrikshayurveda were published for first time only in recent years. Though there is no copy right for the ancient Sanskrit texts, their print editions published recently are under copyright. So, texts such as Vrikshayurveda are not available on the internet, unless the publishers decide to dedicate it to public domain. You will have to access them from public libraries or purchase their copies.

  89. Give me a link to Kumarasambhavam, mallinatha suri’s commentary in Telugu script with vedam venkataraya sastri’s preface.

    • I can’t read Telugu. So, it is not possible for me to help you. There are several scans of Kumarasambhavam in Telugu at You will have to locate the edition with preface by Vedam Venkataraya Sastri.

  90. Sir, i want kavya prakash, dhvanyalokha, dasarupakama in sanskrit hindi pdf format, published by chaukhama, please help me, i said before but u dont give response. Sorry, please help me.

    • Kushapal Singh, I have not seen this book anywhere on the internet. You may have to purchase it or access a copy from libraries.

    • Giving below a list of Sanskrit texts on Rajatantra (Polity).

      1) Brihaspati Sutra published in Punjab Sanskrit Series
      2) Arthasastra of Chanakya (Kautilya)
      3) Sukra Niti & Sukra Niti Sara
      4) Kamandakiya Niti Sara
      5) Bhupalamandanam of Narada published from SV University, Tirupati
      6) Hariharachaturangam published by GOML, Madras
      7) Rajaniti Ratnakara of Chandesvara edited by KP Jayaswal published in 1936
      8) Yuktikalpataru of Bhoja
      9) Dharmasastras like Manusmriti
      10) Rajadahrma Kandas in Nibandhas

  91. Hello sir,
    Plz batayen ki ye sanskrit roopak ki books kana se Pratt karen?
    Karnsundari Lalitvigrahraj Parthparkram Mohrajparajay Hammirmardanam parijatharan Adbhut-panger Balmartandvijay Shivajicharit Pratapvijay Chhatrapati-samrajyam Bhartvijay Veerprithviraj Gandhivijay Deshdeep Vangiyapratap

  92. Please let me know if there are any books or notes available on internet for free download or study on UGC NET SANSKRIT Code 25. How shall I get them?

  93. Namaste ji,
    Hume batane ki kripa kare ki pt.chaturtilal sharma krit anushthan prakash ka hindi tika aur patanjal yog sutra par bhoj vritti ka hindi bhasha tika kaha par milega.

  94. Hello sir
    I want to read अभिनवकाव्यालड़्कारसूत्रम् by रमाकान्त पाण्डे plz muje link bta dijiye

    • प्रोफ. रमाकान्त पाण्डे रचित व्याख्यासहित अभिनवकाव्यालड़्कारसूत्रम् सन २००९ में ही प्रकाशित हुआ है। हाल ही में प्रकाशित पुस्तकें आम तौर पर इंटरनेट पर उपलब्ध नहीं होते हैं।

    • सायणाचर्य- विरचित भाष्य- समेता हिन्द्यनुवाद-टिप्पण्यादि- सन्विता च कृष्णयजुर्वेदीय- तैत्तिरीयसंहिता was published by श्रीलालबहादुरशास्त्रीकेन्द्रीयसंस्कृतविद्यापीठम्‌, New Delhi in 1981.

  95. In the internet Agastya Samhita is referred that gives the method of making battery. I have searched the net and a few libraries and book publishers of Varanasi but that book is not available. The available books with the name Agastya Samhita are related to 1. Ayurveda and 2. Ramayana. Is there any other Agastya Samhita available?

  96. Hi
    Please advise me where i can find full version of Original Indian/hindu Vasthu Shastra in English. How many Volumes / Chapters are there.
    Does it available free.
    How much i have to pay for get soft copy of Hard copy.
    Thank you

    • FYI, This is an e-books site. We don’t sell books.

      Vastu Sastra is not a single book, there are a number texts like Mayamatam, Manasara, Brihatsamhita, Kasyapasilpa, etc. etc. A list of Vastu texts is available here.

  97. Hello sir
    Mohrajparajay(yashpalkrit)prtik natak ki sanskrit hindi vyakhyasahit book mujhe he pata hai but mujhe uplands nahi ho pa rahi hai PLZ share link sir plz

  98. I want to download part I and II of ” The first book of Sanskrit” by Shri Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar. Wherfe can I get it ?

    • Are you sure that ‘First of Sanskrit’ has 2 parts? What is the source of this information. I have seen RG Bhandarkar’s First Book of Sanskrit and Seocnd Book of Sanskrit.

  99. सरस्वती पुराण,
    ये पुस्तक उपलब्ध है..????

  100. This facility to download ancient Indian Sciences is very nice. I have got many books and the deep longing to read them from many years is fulfilled.
    But there are still many books such as Shiv sutras, Pratyabhidhnya sutras which i have not yet found.

  101. शंभुप्रसाद देसाई लिखित
    “सौराष्ट्र का इतिहास”
    हो सके तो उपलब्ध करवादीजिये
    आदरणीय सर

  102. Namaskaram,suprabhatam

    Kya app hume bata sakte hai valmiki ramayan ke upar nagesh ji ka ramabhirami tika ka koi granth.
    Kripaya koi download link bataneki kripa kare.

    • Suman Banerjee, I have not come across Hindi translations of Sringaraprakasa. English translation by Dr V Raghavan is available online.

  103. Please send me a links to :
    1. Bhartrahari Nitishatak, Shrangarshatak, Vairagyashatak with commentaries.
    2. Amarushataka with commentaies.
    3. Meghadoot by Kalidas with commentaries.

    Whatever you people have done in salvaging these old treatises is absolutely incredible. Congratulations on that.

    Vasant Keny

  104. वंश भास्कर का
    १ ओर ९वा खंड की लिंक चाहिये,
    हो सके तो उपलब्ध करवा दीजये
    लिंक के जरिये.

  105. sir,apko namaskar. Dr.Jyotsana Mohan Ji ka edited “Kavya-prakash””pustak ka Download link kripa karke batayenge sir.

  106. OK sir.But kuch tika ke download link dijiye
    २.कमलाकरी टीका-कमलाकर भट्ट:
    ३.संकेत टीका-रुचक:
    ४.सुधासागर टीका–भीमसेन:
    ५.काव्यादर्श टीका–सोमेश्वर:
    ७.सारबोधिनी-श्रीवत्सलाञ्छन: I need commentaries.So please sir

    • Giving below links to the tikas available on the internet.
      1. & 3 – Balachittanuranjani of Sarasvatitirtha and Sanketa of Ruchaka are available in Sukthankar’s edition which has only the 10th Ullasa.
      4. Sudhasagara of Bhimasena –
      5. Kavyadarsa Tika (also known as Sanketa) of Somesvara published by RORI in 2 parts
      Part 1 –
      Part 2 –
      6. Dipika of Jayanta is not available.
      Dipika of Chandidasa –

      BTW, Kavyaprakasa edited by Goparaju Rama, published by Ganganath Jha Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth,Allahabad contains Balachittanuranjani and Sarabodhini. You can try to access this edition from University library.

      • sir,kavyaprakash ka “viveka” commentary of shridhara iss tika ka download link mujhko dijiye kripa karke sir.

          • sir,
            १..”शृंगारप्रकाशः”of भोजराज,का संस्कृत टीका तथा अनुवाद समेत कइ संस्करण का download link बोलिये स्यार।

            २..महाभारतम्(सम्पूर्ण)–हरिदास सिद्धान्तवागीश भट्टाचार्यः
            ३..शिशुपालवधम्-बल्लभदेव टीका
            ४..नैषधीयचरितम्-साहित्यविद्याधरी टीका
            ५..नैषधीयचरितम्-दीपिका टीका
            ६..शिशुपालवधम्-भरतमल्लिकस्य टीका

          • Please let me know if you have already searched for these books at It is not fair to expect me to spend time in searching books. You can seek my help only when you are unable to locate the books even after searching at and other internet sources of Sanskrt books.

          • I could find only the tikas of Vallabhadeva and Tarunavachaspati. Links are given below. Most other commentaries are not yet published. I have given my comments against each title.

            १..”शृंगारप्रकाशः”of भोजराज,का संस्कृत टीका तथा अनुवाद समेत कइ संस्करण
            No Commentaries as per New Catalogus Catalogorum. I have not seen any translations either. Hope you are aware of Dr. V. Raghavan’s critical study of Sringaraprakasa.
            २..महाभारतम्(सम्पूर्ण)–हरिदास सिद्धान्तवागीश भट्टाचार्यः
            I am helpless with regard to Bengali books
            ३..शिशुपालवधम्-बल्लभदेव टीका –
            ४..नैषधीयचरितम्-साहित्यविद्याधरी टीका
            It seems this commentary is not yet published NCC doesn’t have any publication details
            ५..नैषधीयचरितम्-दीपिका टीका
            NCC doesn’t have any details on Dipika, there is a mention about Aksharadipika by Sridhara, but that too is not published.
            ६..शिशुपालवधम्-भरतमल्लिकस्य टीका
            Not published till 2007 as per New Catalogus Catalogorum
            ७..काव्यादर्शः-तरुणवाचस्पति –

  107. Sir, believe me I have searched lot of times but except “ballabhadeva’s commentary” I did not get a single book.But this PDF is not so good to read.So really I need your kind help sir.please help me?????

  108. where can i find
    1- दूतघटोत्कचः (Dutaghatotkacha)
    2- kautaliya’s arthashastram
    3- gramgitamritam (by shridhar bhaskar warnekar)
    4- krushi shastram
    5- vastu shastram

  109. अत्र जालपुटे संस्कृत-पाठ्य-पुस्तकस्य (कक्ष्या 6 तः 12 पर्यन्तम्) सर्वेषां पाठानाम् आलेख-पीपीटी-श्रव्य-दृश्यश्रव्यरूपेण अनुशिक्षणसामग्री उपलब्धा अस्ति । संस्कृतगीतानां श्रव्यरूपं चलचित्ररूपं च अपि उपलब्धम् अस्ति । भवन्तः जालपुटमाध्यमेन मोबाईल-एप-माध्यमेन च सर्वं पठितुं शक्नुवन्ति । अधः अस्माकं जालपुट-संकेतः प्रदत्तः अस्ति । जालपुट-संकेत-द्वारा भवन्तः अस्माकं सोशल-मीडिया-संसाधन-माध्यमेन (facebook/twitter/whatsapp etc.) संस्कृतक्षेत्रेण सम्बद्धं सर्वविधान् विषयान् / सूचनाः वा ज्ञातुं शक्नुवन्ति । वयं यथासामर्थ्यं भवतां साहाय्यं करिष्यामः ।
    Website :-
    Mobile Application :-
    Facebook :-
    Twitter :-
    whatsapps :-

  110. सर हम रसगंगाधर की गुरुमर्मप्रकाशिका और सांकेत टीका पढ़ना चाहते हैं कृपया उपलब्ध कराने का कष्ट करें..

  111. सर मुजे
    श्री विजसेनसुरी रचित
    रेवंतगिरी रास

  112. जय माताजी सर
    जयसिंह सूरी रचित हम्मीर मर्द मर्दन

  113. Pandit AkhilAnand Sharma विरचित दयानंद दिग्विजय महाकाव्य हमको चाहिए प्लीज हेल्प

  114. ओमानन्द तीर्थ (ले.) रचित

      • Dear Sir,
        I have made the sanskrit – English translation of Shivraj Vijay Ch 1 for my students. In case anybody needs it I will email. Thank you.

    • As per the New Catalogus Catalogorum vol 13 published in 1991, prayogasara (tantragrantha) or its commentaries are not yet published. They are preserved in various manuscripts libraries in Kerala, Madras, etc. There is a chance that some of them were published after 1991. I could not find any info in this regard on the internet.

  115. आपका सदैव आभार ,,
    मुजे बृहद शिल्पशास्त्र चाहिए,,

    मिलसता है..?

    • नमस्ते, बृहत शिल्पशास्त्र के बारे मे मैं ने अभी तक सुना नहीं। यदि आप को इस ग्रन्थ के बिब्लिओग्रफिक विशदांश पता है तो, प्रदान करें।

  116. I am looking for chandrasekhara Bharath is Sanskrit commentary on vivekhachudamani. If I can get the publisher details I can buy the book

  117. Dear Sir,
    I have made the sanskrit – English translation of Shivraj Vijay Ch 1 for my students. In case anybody needs it I will email. Thank you.

  118. प्रणाम ?..
    मुनिराज श्री जयंतविजयजी लिखित “ब्राम्हणवाडा ” ग्रँथ हो सके तो प्राप्त करवा दीजिये….
    जय माताजी?

    • Krishnadas Akademi, Varanasi has published Virasimahavaloka with Hindi commentary by Radhakrishna Parashar. You may either purchase its copy from book stalls or try to access it from college/university library.

  119. आदरणीय श्री?
    भारत, गुजरात की वाव (बावळी) StepWells के विषय मे कोई पुस्तक होतो,, कृपा कीजिये?

  120. Praram,
    Kripaya hume nimna likhit pustak prapth karvadigiye.

    Hinti anuvad sahit saravali namak jyotish granth.
    Hindi anuvad sahit jatak tattvam namak jyotish granth.
    Hindi anuvad sahit jyotish tattva prakash namak granth.
    Hindi anuvad sahit mantreswara”s phaladeepika namak granth.
    Hindi anuvad sahit virsimhvalokah namak granth.
    Hindi anuvad sahit brighu samhita yogavali namak granth.

  121. आदरणीय श्री?

    “अर्बुदमंडल ग्रँथ” क्रिपया होसके तो जानकरि दीजिये या फिर प्राप्त करवा दीजिये..

  122. Namaskar ji
    Muje hindi anuwath sahith ram gita pdf free download ka koei link batha ne ki kirpaya kare

  123. Kindly know me the place where the pracheen हस्तलिखित भृगुसंहिता or रावनसंहिता is available. 9651796038

  124. Sir,
    Can you help me find Rasaratnakara , Rasarnava and Rasa samucchaya English translations please. I tried DLI and previous links on rasaratnakara but its not working.

  125. कृपया आप किसी के पास प्रस्तुत ग्रन्थ है तो बताइए !
    १) बृहद्गौतमीय तन्त्र (गौतमीय तन्त्र से कोइ संबन्ध नहि है !)
    २) गोविन्द वृन्दावनम् (दो पटल (Chapter) वाला नहिं है… इससे भी ज्यादा पटल हैं !)
    ३) राधा तन्त्र
    ४) गौरी तन्त्र (रुद्रयामले)
    ५) सिद्ध तन्त्र (रुद्रयामले)
    ६) गौतमीय तन्त्र (महातंत्र)
    (भागीरथ झा, रामजी मालवीय, एस.एन.खंडेलवाल, वामन शास्त्री, श्रीसतीशचन्द्रमुखोपाध्याय, रघुनाथ मंदिर जम्मू का पांडुलिपि आदि से दूसरा कोई गौतमीय/गौतम तंत्र का पांडुलिपि वा अन्य प्रति है तो..)
    ७) शिवधर्म पुराण

    • I assume that you have already searched at and Muktabodha Digital Library. Some of these books may be available there.
      Sivadharma Purana is available with Chowkhaba Sanskrit Series Office.

      • धन्यवाद !
        कृपया कौशिकी संहिता के पुस्तक के बारे में आपको पता है तो बताईए । किसी प्रकाशन ने छापा है या नहिं ?
        कौशिकी संहिता जिस में भागवत का माहात्म्य भि है ।

  126. प्रणाम sir,
    मुझे कौशिकी संहिता सहित श्रीमद् भागवत pdf download करने के लिए कोई link बताने की कृपा करे.

  127. प्रणाम sir,

    Sir आजकल मै श्रीमद् भागवत का विस्तृतरुप से अध्ययन कर रहा हूँ.मुझे पता चला कि श्रीमद् भागवत के किसी किसी ग्रन्थ मे काैैैशिक संहिता का भी ऊल्लेख किया गया है.यदि आप को ईस विषय मे जानकारी है तो कृपया मेरी मदद किजिए.कौशिक संहिता सहित श्रीमद् भागवत download करने के लिए मुझे कोई download link बता दीजिए.

    • Sir सम्भव है तो हिन्दी अनुवाद मे अथवा संस्कृत मे उपलब्ध करवा दीजिएगा.

  128. मान्यवर मुझे शिशुपालवध पर मल्लिनाथ जी की टीका सर्वड्कषा चाहिए शोध कार्य के लिए

  129. नमस्कार जी।
    मैं नवीन शर्मा कर्मठगुरू की भाषा टीका पढ़ना का इच्छुक हूँ।कृपया link या पुस्तक सेंड करे।

  130. Mai do free pdf download karna chahta hu. Pt.shiva dutta mishra dwara likhit ram rahasya aur shiv rahasya.
    Mai apani taraph se pura kosish kar chuka hu.koj kar haar maan chuka kuch kigiye. Ji.

  131. नमस्कार
    ब्रह्मवैवर्त पुराण के उपर संस्कृत टीका है तो कृपया उपलब्ध करवा दीजिए ।

  132. I want to know ,the availability of rawan sanhita written in Sanskrit language। If it is available then inform me on 9450482328

  133. नमस्कार !

    कौशिकी संहिता के विषय में आप कुछ जानकारी दे सकते हैं ? अथवा हो सके तो उपलब्ध करवा दीजिए PDF के रुप में ।

  134. Sir,

    Mujhe Gita Dharma press dwara Prakasit swami vidhyananda ji ki Adhyatma ramayan Hindi bhashya 3 no bhag ka koi link bata dijiye.

  135. Plz sir ugc net ki padhai me kam ane vali sanskrit ki sabhi kitabe ho to madad kiji a. b e or bhejiae reference b ook ho to bhi or vyakaran ka bhi sahity ho to bhejiaega

    • Milan, I don’t know which books are being used for UGC Net. If you can tell me the book titles, I will try to help you.

  136. मुझे छंदों मंजिरी पुस्तक की आवश्यकता है कृपया पुस्तक देने का कष्ट करें

  137. मान्यवर सुप्रभात,
    कृपया श्रीमद्भागवत महापुराण पर श्रीधरी टीका हिंदी अनुवाद सहित कहाँ से डाउनलोड के लिए मिलेगी, लिंक देने की कृपा करें.

    • I have not come across translations of Sridhari tika on the internet. Chaukhamba has published Hindi Translation of Sridhari Tika. You can either purchase it from them or access it from some public libraries.

  138. Can you please provide me link to download following books :-

    1.Brihad Anuvad Chandrika by Chakradhar Nautiyal “Hansa” ShastriBhasha
    2.Vigyan evam Bhasha Shastra by Kapildev Dwivedi
    3.Sanskrit Sahitya ka Itihaas by Umashankar Sharma “Rishi.”
    4.Sanskrit Kavi Darshan by Bhola Shankar Vyas
    5. M.R Kale books
    Dasakumaracaritam -Dandin
    Sivarajyodayam-S.B. Varnekar

    Svapnavasavadattam- Bhasa
    Abhijnanasakuntalam- Kalidasa
    Mrcchakatikam- Sudraka
    Mudraraksasam- Visakhadatta
    Uttararamacaritam- Bhavabhuti
    Ratnavali- Sriharshavardhana
    Venisamharam- Bhattanarayana

    6.Shukanasopadesh-varnanam by Dr. Rajendra Kumar

    • Please help me find first 4 books mentioned …. It will be really helpful.
      If not found Please reply I will stop searching ….