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Meghaduta (literally meaning “cloud messenger”) is a lyric poem written by Kalidasa, considered to be one of the greatest Sanskrit poets in India. A short poem of only 111 stanzas, it is one of Kalidasa`s most illustrious works.

Meghaduta is separated into two parts – Purvamegha (Previous cloud) and Uttaramegha (Consequent cloud). According to the story, Kubera, treasurer to the Gods, possesses a band of celestial attendees working for him, named the Yakshas. One of these Yakshas was so besotted and preoccupied with his wife that he absolutely disregarded his duties. As a consequence, he was cursed and banished into the thickness of earthly woods. Wholly demoralised, he kept thinking about his wife and felt her absence terribly. His wife also kept reminiscing about him all day and all night.

Then one day, monsoons started to splash upon earth. The Yaksha saw a rain cloud pass by and requested it to carry a message to his wife, then languishing on Mount Kailash in the Himalayas. The Yaksha then commences to describe the route the cloud should be taking in the northward direction. The description is so enamouring and so pictorial, that one can actually experience the scenes are flashing in front of the eyes in a vision. The Yaksha makes the route seem as bewitching as possible, so that the cloud takes his message to his wife, in the city of Alaka (according to Hindu mythology, Alaka sometimes also referred to as Alakapuri, is a mythical city in the Himalayas.).

The emotions portrayed by Kalidasa in his lyric poem Meghaduta are extremely exquisite, giving rise to the poem first being translated into English by Horace Hayman Wilson in 1813.


Meghasandesa with Dakshinavartanatha’s Tika – TG Sastri, 1919
Meghaduta with Sanjivani Vyakhya Skt 1894
Kalidasa’s Meghaduta with Skt Commentary & English Translation – KB Pathak, 1916
Meghasandesha with Vallabhadeva’s Commentary, 1911
The Meghaduta or Cloud messenger – English Translation by HH Wilson, 1814
The Meghaduta or Cloud messenger – English Translation by Col. HA Ouvry, 1868


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  1. S says:

    Very nice, thank you! Minor comment: despite the filename, the first link contains actually not the commentary of Mallinatha but that of Dakshinavartanatha. It seems a PDF of this one: http://www.archive.org/details/MeghadutaWithTheCommentaryOfDaksinavartanatha
    (In the preface, MM T. Ganapati Shastri says that this text has more beautiful readings that that used by Mallinatha.)

  2. Aleix says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful e-book source.

  3. […] pieces of classical Indian poetry: Meghdoot (Meghaduta) by Kalidasa. Here is a plot summary from Sanskrit e-books: Meghaduta is separated into two parts – Purvamegha (Previous cloud) and Uttaramegha (Consequent […]

  4. satya pal says:

    thank you .aap ki jai ho .


    it is excellent book to read .meghasandeash.nicely discribed the cloudes of the sky .carrying few ran drops.beautiful explanation .

  6. BK SINHA says:

    Realy I don’t have word to say the excellent job done by u by providing e book “meghdoot” can we hope e-book meghdoot in hindi version

    • bharateeya says:


      Several editions of Meghaduta with Hindi translation and commentary are aavailable at Digital Library of India. Giving the links below:

      Meghadut (1954)., 99999990822086. Agrwal Vasudevsharn.. 1954. hindi. . 261 pgs.
      meghaduta., 5990010116955. . 1922. hindi. Literature. 92 pgs.
      Meghdoot Ka hindi gadya., 5990010115459. Mahabeer Prasad. 1924. hindi. literature. 63 pgs.
      Meghdoot Kalidas ., 99999990028286. Mishra Keshvprasad. 0. Hindi. Philosophy. 95 pgs.
      Meghdoot Raja laxman Singh Anubadit., 5990010115460. Syamsunder Dass. 1925. hindi. literature. 102 pgs.

      You can download the books in PDF format, using DLI Downloader which is available at http://dli-downloader.blogspot.in/2013/04/fast-dli-downloader-tool-to-download.html

  7. meghana says:

    sir when i try to download swapnavasavadatta or meghaduta I always get a message saying “this will harm your computer”.so,i am not able to download them. please send me the kumarasambhava’s next part(from 8th canto)if possible .


    • bharateeya says:


      There are 6 download links for Meghaduta in this post. So, please be specific in your comment, regarding which link causes problem. I can help you only if I know which edition you are looking for. Regarding Kumarasambhavam, if you had meant M R Kale’s edition, I am not sure if the remaining sargas were published. I could not find it anywhere on the internet or catalogue sites.

    • Hemant says:

      Plj tell the meghaduta as a social commentary

  8. ‘Megh-doot’ paath in a famous Bengali film (‘Satyanweshi’) brought me here.
    Was looking for the original Sanskrit shloka of ‘Meghdoot’!

  9. Rajib Sharma says:

    I am a beginner pursuant of these great works. Please guide me through this journey & suggest works i should read.

  10. GADHAVI RAMESH says:

    there are any book in sanskrit that tell about science in simple way?

  11. pabitra tarai says:

    awsome poem…….the most romantic poem …

  12. Dwitikrishna Panda says:

    I want to up load meghadoot in oriya.can I?

    • bharateeya says:


      If you have got a soft copy of Meghaduta in Oriya and wish to upload it to the internet, I would recommend that you upload it to archive.org. It is not a commercial site. Anyone will be able to download it from there and the file will remain there always. Only condition is that the file should not be copyrighted.

  13. harish kumar kabilan says:

    Thank you

  14. surojit das says:

    Class 10th Sanskrit book download Bengali language

  15. We Indian are forgating such rich and beautiful language

  16. abhimanyu sahoo says:

    it realy a beauty full poet i compelty read it

  17. ANAND KHATRI says:

    I am impressed with the e books available on the net. Thank you for the needful.

  18. ROHIT DAS says:

    nice book …excelent

  19. vishal says:

    Can you find meghdoot written by C d Deshmukh.
    Please forward the link of it.

  20. Deepa says:

    Please give a short note on poet Kalidasa in sanskrit

  21. l am interested to know about the philosophical concept of Meghadutam of kalidasa

  22. rvgopal says:

    It is my fortune that I have come across such an excellent source of sanskrit books

  23. Shrikant khedkar says:

    Pleadse post Chandra Rajan’s work on Kalidasa. The bbok name is ‘The Loom of Time’.

    • bharateeya says:

      This is a recent publication and is not in open domain. You can either access it from a library or buy a copy from the publishers.

  24. Dr Ramachandra says:

    Many books are in Malayalam Tamil Telugu …etc of rare Ayurveda books … please help to get pdf downloads which are translated to English.. Hindi Kannada etc

  25. Krishna says:


    First of all a big hatsoff to the team.Thank you for the great collection.
    I am not able to download the documents, as the mediafire link says the item is deleted. Please help here.

    • bharateeya says:

      Krishna, I have replaced mediafire links of Meghaduta with archive.org links. You can download the ebooks now.

  26. Suman Banerjee. says:

    sir,kripa karke Dr.Jyotsana Mohan ji ka edited kavyaprakash ka Download link dijiye na sir.

  27. Ravi Shankar says:

    Megha Sandesha with translation by C. Shankara Rama Sastri. Please share this book if available. Thanks

  28. Amrutha. says:

    This a wonderful book the students who are studing require these kind of sources plz be publishing such kind of sources ….l loved it very much it was very beautifully described …..

  29. Amrutha. says:

    But i have a doubt from where did you get these informations?By reading it…or….

  30. Aditya Jha says:

    I need shlokas of meghdootam purvamegh explained in Sanskrit

  31. Navendu Rai says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am searching for Hindi translation of Meghdoot in poetry form. Last I read it around 40 years ago in my father’s collection. Perhaps it was translated by Raja Laxaman Das. You have given details and links of these books in one of the early responses in this post but with time it seems these links aren’t functional any more.
    May I request you to please provide link again.
    Thanks a lot

  32. suraj b y says:

    Is there a source with line by line transliteration+translation to English of Meghadutam. Please share if found.

  33. Sreelatha says:

    I need the sanskrit/Malayalam varnan of Ujjain in Meghadoot of Kalidasa

  34. Sreelatha says:

    I want the ujjain varnan in meghdoot in sanskrit in the form of prosemesa

  35. Sreelatha says:

    I want the ujjain varnan in meghdoot in sanskrit in the form of prose

  36. Sunil Kumar says:

    A very good English Translation. I was preparing for an assignment on Purvamegha of Meghduta and this translation helpled me a lot.

    Thanks and warm regards…
    Sunil Kumar
    Somaiya Vidya vihar University Sanksrit Vidya Peetham, Mumbai, India

  37. Koshik karmakar says:

    This is a very romantic poem it encourages the youths

  38. Navaneet says:

    Where can I find Meghaduta translated by Devadhar, C.R.?

  39. Krishna rao says:

    Meghadootham translated to Malayalam by parameswar Kavi

  40. Gowri shankar says:

    What is the name of the heroine that is the wife of yaksha??

  41. I want to have a copy if the book .Please let me know where I can order

  42. I want to read english version of uttara megha

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