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Sanskrit Sanskrit Dictionaries – Sabdakalpadruma & Vachaspatyam

Sarva-darsana-sangraha of Madhavacharya

History of Classical Sanskrit Literature – M Krishnamachariar

Dasakumaracharitam of Dandi – Sanskrit text with English Notes by M. R. Kale

First Book of Sanskrit – R. G. Bhandarkar

Second Book of Sanskrit – R. G. Bhandarkar

Thirukkural – Sanskrit Translation

Arthashastra of Chanakya – English Translation

Swapnavasavadattam of Bhasa – English Translation

Samskrita Vyavahara Sahasri – 1000 Sanskrit Sentences – Malayalam

Stories from Panchatantra – Sanskrit text with English translation

Speak Sanskrit the Easy Way

Raghava Yadaviyam with English Translation

Upanishad Vakya Kosa – A Concordance of the Principal Upanishads & Bhagavadgita

Nyayavali – Sanskrit Maxims & Proverbs – With English Translation and Notes

Amara Kosa – the Sanskrit Thesaurus with notes & index

Sanskrit English Dictionary Widget

Mudrarakshasa of Visakhadatta – Sanskrit Drama with English translation

Brihad Dhatu Rupavali

Sabdamanjari – A compilation of Sanskrit sabdarupas

Niti Sara – A collection of subhashitas – Sanskrit English

Yaksha Prashna – Sanskrit text with English Translation

Vidura Niti – Sanskrit text with English Translatlion

Samskrita Vakya Prabodha – Exercises for Sanskrit Conversation – Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Dasakumara Charitam of Dandi – Egnlish Translation

Mrichchakatika of Sukdraka – English Translation

Malavikagnimitram of Kalidasa – English Translation

Abhijnana Sakuntala of Kalidasa – English Translatlion

Panchatantra – Egnlish Translation by Authur W Rider

Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi – English Translation – JR Ballantyne

A Sanskrit Reader by Charles Rockwell Lanman

First Lessons in Sanskrit Grammar – JR Ballantyne

A Sanskrit Primer by ED Perry

Sanskrit English Dictionary – V S Apte

Subhashita Ratna Bhandagara – Kashinath Sharma

A Handful of Popular Maxims: ( Volumes 1 to 3 ) (A Collection of Sanskrit Wisdom Sayings)

Prasnottara Ratna Malika of Sankaracharya Sanskrit English

300 Subhashitas with English meaning

Sanskrit Daily Conversation (संस्कृत व्यवहार साहस्री)

977 Responses to “EBOOKS DOWNLOAD”

  1. A well maintained site. May it become a ‘reference’ point for a-z in ‘Sanskrit’.

    All problems of mankind is because he is not ‘sanskritized’.

  2. devang says:

    Excellent collection! ” Yaksha Prasna” is a timeless treasure. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. rahul says:

    can some one Tell me where will I get
    free Ebook of The Complete Chanakya Neeti

    CAn Someone give me an link to it…Please

  4. karthik says:

    i appreciate the work of the site author. Excellent job!

  5. krishnan says:

    a very useful website for sanskrit learning.May the good work of the author continue to spread the study and usage of this wonderful language

  6. IndiaFirst says:

    Good site. Keep up the good work !
    Some likes are broken for scribd. Can this be please fixed ?

  7. Manidip Chakraborty says:

    Dear Sir,

    You are doing a fine job. My sincere thanks to you.

    Can you do me a favour by providing Charaka , shusruta samhita,
    Chakrapani Dutta’s books and Yoga mimamsa of Swami Kuvalayananda ji. (English translation of all)

    Huge thanks in advance.
    Waiting for your reply.

  8. srinivas says:

    thank you very useful resource…
    Hari Om

  9. n sastri says:


    samskiptam —- i have digital of many books i did my self scanning

    please email me

    • Dr n.a.murthy says:

      Kindly inform the scanned books.can I get a copy of ayurvedic books

      • bharateeya says:

        Almost all classical texts of Ayurveda are available at Digital Library of India (dli.ernet.in) and archive.org. If you are not able to find any particular text, let me know. I will try to help you find it.

  10. Dr NP Mishra says:

    Pathatu sanskritam , Badatu Sanskritam Bhavatu Sanskritam. This is the bet way to fight terrorism. Sanskrit modifies the morals of living. Can we think off to promote this language to most common by simple uasge of this language. Our greetings, invitations on marriage and birthday celebrations, our casual leave application for officials be all in Sanskrit. Like E-books literature, can we find a place from where the idea can be imbibed uppon. The Books available are really costlier than gold, these have rare availability in the market. Thanks a lot to the providers of this pius mission.

    • LTB says:

      Unfortunately, that ship sailed when Sanskrit lost by one vote in the constituent assembly. This is where Indonesia and Malaysia turned out smarter. Today, almost all political forces are vehemently opposed to any resurrection of Sanskrit and any reference to India’s cultural legacy. Everything is politicized and commoditized. Today, a return to Sanskrit cannot happen without a major revolution. Really think that will happen?

      • Smita Soni says:

        Thank you for maintaining the site and all efforts by the team. Glad to see the upswing in Sanskrit language.


  11. Pradip Mahajan says:

    this is very excellant site.Pl add some Famous sanskrut writers Drama & stories.

  12. Ayush says:

    very good & inspiring website.

  13. Ujjwol says:

    Thanks for this cool downloads

  14. abhishek says:

    pls send me the site from where i can download free vadas and upnisad manusmriti which is in sanskrit and translate in hindi

  15. Srihari says:

    Thanks a lot . You have got a very wonderful collection of books .

  16. Srihari says:

    and could you please upload books on alankaras and also vrittis

    if you find them . Thanks in advance

  17. Nihar says:

    Dear one,
    It has been a pleasant experience being on this site. Thankyou for all your support. Can you please help me download Nyaya kosa and mimamsa kosa or show me a link where can i find it?
    All the best and congratulations for such great work.

  18. sampath says:

    Very useful and well organised site. A real treasure for samskrit lovers. Many thanks.

  19. Arun says:

    hi is it possible to provide a better version of first book of sanskrit by RG bhandarkar, the second book is of better quality but the first book,the one digitzed by google books is hard to read.

  20. SHRINIVASAN, S. says:

    A wonderful site. I am pleased to find the ancient classics in this site which I was so far not able to read.
    May I request the site moderator to include the articles exppounding the life and works of our ancient maharishis like Athri, Brigu, Aangeerasa and the veda texts in english

  21. Shilpa Shambuling Shastry says:

    Very useful site…Let everybody learn sanskrit, and let this site help everybody to be aware of our vedic literature sanskrit..A great step..A suggestion from myside is to add Astrology related books also..Hope suggestion accepted..

  22. Brilliant and fantastic site. Thanks for your extraordinary service.

  23. vishal says:

    excellent site millions of thanks i want to ask shankara that why he left the scribd i have been much helped by his post there any thanks a lot again to all

  24. nidhi says:

    can u please upload ashtadhyayi of panini mahabhashya by patanjali translated in hindi or english


    Maharshi University of Managenent (MUM) has good collection of VEDIC LITERATURE IN SANSKRIT PDF.

  26. saee says:

    gr8 work…….i hopw u keep on the good work

    for all the sanskrit lovers.

  27. viswanatha sarma says:

    you have been done excellent work for converting the sanskrit books.
    I request you to please make the pdf of veda bhasya(saayanacharyas)
    4 vedas(Rig,Yajur,sama,Atharva)
    thanks for your good services .
    Telekapalle viswanatha Sarma

    • bharateeya says:


      Thank you for visiting my blog and guiding me. Most of these books are collected from various sources. I have created only a few of these. So, a part of the credit goes to those who digitized the books originally – DLI, archive.org, etc.

      I will surely try to upload Sayana Bhashya. As far as I know the ebooks (pdf) of Sayana Bhashya English Translation of Rig Veda are available at http://www.wilbourhall.org/

      I have not come across the Sayana Bhashya of other Vedas. I will keep looking for them.



    • Rahul Pandurang Shivkar says:

      If you have all Vedas books then please send it to rpshivkar@gmail.com

      • bharateeya says:

        Rahul, Vedic literature consisting of four Vedas, Upavedas and Vedangas is available online at http://vedicreserve.mum.edu/

        • Sayantan says:

          I want that in this site, Panini’s Ashtadhyayi, vardaraja’s siddhantakamudi(laghu, madhya, sara), patanjali’s mahabhsya,katyayana’s Vārttikakāra and vedic sanskrit grammar in simple hindi to be present in this site

          • bharateeya says:

            Sayantan, The website archive.org has hundreds of Sanskrit grammar books with English and Hindi commentaries. Please search there for the books you need. Let me know if you are unable to find a particular book, I will try to help you.

  28. Eduardo Salazar says:

    Excellent site.

    Very Helpful.

    Thanks a lot.

  29. LTB says:

    hello there, nice site. I was a bit surprised by your comments on Buddhists, Jainas and Brahmans commenting on Amarakosha- thing is though there were periods of hostility, in general, the lines were not so strictly drawn at that time, and it would not be anymore surprising than Shaivas and Vaishnavas both reading Kalidasa or other non-theological texts today. The very strict lines are a British imperialist creation.

  30. Alex Long says:

    Good morning,

    How to differentiate between Hindi and sanskrit? namaste

    • Achyut Vishwarupe,Nagpur says:

      There is no difference inSanskrit and Hindi Namaste,because the wors in a Sansktit one whivh has comein Hindias it is and it is Namhameaning (I) bow down(befor) Te meaning you.

  31. satya says:

    You are doing a great work bandhu,
    thank you very much

  32. M.V.Narasimhan says:

    Your site is very useful, especially people like me, who are in the process of Sankskrit (t;he deva Basha) If you can suggest a good grammar book . would be very thankful to you.

    • वेदप्रकाशजोषी says:

      if you little bit hindi and you want to learn vyakaranam then the best book is

      संस्कृत पठन पाठन की अनुभूत सरलतम विधि
      by brahmadaatta jijnyasu

      publishers are RAMLAL KAPOOR TRUST

      • लवलेशानन्द सरस्वती says:

        ॐ नमो नारायण,
        मुझे ये पुस्तक कहाँ से मिलेगी ।
        कृपया लिंक बताऐं । धन्यवाद।

      • Sharat Bhat says:

        Dear Joshiji

        The book is available in two volumes at Ramlal Kapoor Trust, Po: Revadi, Sonipat. Hariyana. You can get it by post. You can get both volumes within 200 rupees.

    • bharateeya says:



      You could begin with “A Practical Sanskrit Introductory” by Charles Wikner. It is available as pdf here

      Then you may try Ballantyne’s book on Grammar and Kale’s Grammar book



  33. S.Jagannatha says:

    This is the best way of popularising SamskRita. You made the download method extremely simple.Congratulations. I would like to have all the Sanskrit works of Sacchidanandendra Saraswathi (AdhatmaPrakashakaryalaya, Bangalore).

    • bharateeya says:



      More than twenty books by Sacchidanandendra Saraswathi in Sanskrit are available for download at http://www.adhyatmaprakasha.org/books_sanskrit.php

      You will have to install djvu plug-in to read these books, since all these books are in djvu format (it is a format similar to pdf, more compressed than pdf). You could download this plug-in from http://www.celartem.com/en/download/djvu.asp

      You could either read these books online or download them by going through the following steps.

      1. click the link of the book you want to download (from the Sanskrit books page link given above)
      2. When the book opens, right-click with the mouse, then click “file”, then click “save document as’ and then click “bundle”. The document will be saved to your computer.

      Pl let me know if you have any problem while doing this.



  34. DINESH says:



  35. DINESH says:

    author name swami shree krishnavaillabhacharyaji how many books he write

    please send me list

  36. prem singh bisht says:

    srimaan apko mera sadar namaskar,
    you r realy performing a excelent job.your collection is like a milestone in present when we all new genration forgetting our history n culture due to lack of sources.it surely provide us knowladge .

    sir if you can put garud puraan n other puran please provide here…..
    n please check some links like “PRASNOTTAR OF SHANKARACHARYA”
    thanks once again

  37. send me link for downloan bhojprabndh.

  38. DrH.GANESH says:

    superb site.
    downloaded arthasatra,viduraneeti etc and forwarded them to administrators known to me so that they have clarity in their actions.
    why only admisistrators?because their action not just affects them but a large section of population .eg a hospital administrators wrong action act adversely affect all patients of a hospital.
    very nice to come across a site i can recommend to one and all.
    keep the good work going.

  39. vijaybhaskarsharma says:

    you have taken a great project of collecting the sanskrit literature into one site.It will be helpful to everybody.I once again appreciate this site for
    providing valuable information to the needy.
    Thanking you,

  40. prasannakumar says:

    It is a ready reckoner to everyone.
    Thank you

  41. Jaichander says:

    Thanks a lot! I have found your site extremely useful!

  42. Sujith Babu says:

    Great Collection!
    Thank you.

  43. Ajit says:

    Your collection great! I’ve got what I’d needed long back!
    Thank You!

  44. Shailendrakumar says:

    This is very fantastic and knowledgable site. Hats off to you for maintaining such a brilliant site with plethora of information about sanskrit.

  45. Rahul Vashisth says:

    very good collection …. i think this language help us in destroy east west north n south difference in india… and keep hindu people united………..

    jai hind

  46. Nilesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can you recommend any books, site for learning sanskrit via Marathi or hindi books? As most of the sanskrit books I get use english as base language. Appreciate, if you recommend any sanskrit learning books for the users of marathi or hindi language.

  47. T.L.Narasimham says:

    A very good collections of wonderful books in sanskrit. A great service to sanskrit learners

  48. Marian says:

    Thank you for your effort! This is a great website!


  49. A well maintained site. May it become a ‘reference’ point for a-z in ‘Sanskrit’.
    thank you

  50. glad to see this great initiative of you. may sanskrit language reach more heights.

  51. Jitu Singh says:

    Really Well Maintained Site
    Useful For All Person


  52. Naresh says:

    Thank you for all your efforts in maintaining this site. It became a single point of reference for me to learn Sanskrit. May God bless you for all your efforts.

  53. k varaprasad acharya says:

    jai srirama this is varaprasad achrya inandrhapradesh
    i amvedic scolar can you help me ?
    i am serching wholin india to find(save)

    0yajur vedeeya maitrayanee shakha i have samhita book in sansdrit and old padapatha
    if you knowany literachar of this like drama patha and maitrayani pradadashkhya pz contactme regards to ypu alll

    • bharateeya says:


      Some volumes of Maitrayani Samhita are available at Digital Library of India, Bangalore site. But I could not find any book on krama patha or praatisakya.

  54. Shrirang says:

    once again will start the Sanskrit era that will never end.

  55. Rajesh says:


    I have found this site to be very interesting and useful which makes learning Sanskrit easy.

    I wish to use sanskrit subhashit which makes learning sanskrit more interesting.I would like to send your collection to many people with my unique software.I think this serve your and my purpose simultaneously.
    Expecting your positive reply.


    • bharateeya says:


      I am glad to know that you like this blog. Most of the ebooks posted here are in the public domain. So, you may use the materials for any legitimate purpose.

  56. Rajesh says:


    I thank you on behalf of my group of friends.Its individuals like you who are keeping this ancient language alive and I am proud to be associated with you.

    Thank you

  57. amulya wadhwa says:

    dear sir
    thak you for uploading such a wonderfull collection of sanskrit books . can u please help me with sanskrit books related to astrology and palmistry with english translation .
    thank you

    • bharateeya says:


      Thanks for your kind words of appreciation.
      Regarding Vedic astrology books with English translation:
      1. You could download English translations of Astrological books from various sites such as http://www.astrojyoti.com
      2. http://www.scribd.com has many ebooks on Astrology with English translation. You will have to register to be able to download the books. You may check out this folder for example,

      3. There are plenty of books on Astrology at http://www.archive.org and also at digital library of India. Just search with the names and you will get plenty of files corresponding to that name. Downloading books from archive.org is very easy. To learn to download books from digitial library of India, first download the software, DLI Downloader and read the instructions given at http://www.dlidownloader.blogspot.com/

      I do not plan to post Astrology books here. This blog is meant for books that help one to learn Sanskrit, Sanskrit grammar, Kavyas, etc. Still, I will be ready help you in case you need any help to learn to download books from other sites.

  58. sridhar J says:


    great works, i lost myself in this webpage really great work, this has definitely impact on me, can you please help me in clarifying my doubts on puranas and other works

    with namaskaras

  59. Ramya says:

    Could you pls send the link of free ebook download on ‘Duta Kavya’

  60. Ramya says:

    I meant all the relevant articles and books on Duta kavya.

  61. Ramya says:

    Could someone help out in getting the ebook on studies of nayaka -Nayaki,written by Raghavan?


  62. Saurabh says:

    Dear Sir

    I am thankful to you for remarkable work done by you in organizing Sanskrit books in a elegant manner.
    You have rendered a big service to the learners.

    I wish to request you if you can kindly point me link for English to Sanskrit Dictionary in pdf or some other printable format.

    Kind Regards

  63. smita says:

    Thank you very much for the invaluable treasure you have shared. May your efforts in future be as successful as before.

  64. this is developing into a treasury for knowledge. In my life of official transfers over the past three decades or more, I used to acquire lots and lots of book but most of them are stacked in distant place now. I have used the books from this wordpress blog too many times and like a typical and compulsive bibliomaniac that I am, I never leave any books here without unloading. And I try to read them also..though many may be second or third read. May Krishna bless the owner of the blog, this blog, wordpress and all those participate here. God’s godd work.

  65. Daniel says:

    Anyone knows where to find “The Sanskrit Manual”?

  66. jyoti says:

    this is to the best of our society to save our ancient cultural (sanskrit language) . i’ve known about sanskrit language

    • Kessen (Kishan) says:

      Hi. It’s Kessen here. Should you wish to have hundreds of more ebooks of Sanskrit, please do visit Digital Library of India. I download all my sanskrits books from there. Thanks

  67. nandu says:

    thanks for sharing some of the invaluable treasures that this magnificient language possesses…..good work….all the best…..

  68. VASTUDARSHAN says:

    This is a good method of propagating Sanskrit among humanity

  69. Chandrakant Bhat says:

    Whether “Sarvadarshana Sangraha by Sayana Madhavacharya” book available. If so please give me the details of source.

  70. Shubhangi says:

    First of all congratulations & best wishes for your Great work.
    I am persuing my Ph.D.. I am in search of some references regarding “Tantrabhushana” concept which means the particular topic is decorating or highly essential in the specific treatise. Could you extend your helping hands for this work or guidance?
    also do you know any sanskrit book on ‘Chhandrashastra’ translated in hindi or english which can be downloaded?

  71. Atul Verma says:

    Thank you very much that you have uploaded these stuffs these all are really appreciating things and very helpfull for students

  72. AJIT says:

    I want to have Arthashastra of Kautilya, and if possible quotes of Tirukkural.

  73. Hi Bharateeya.

    Have been browsing your site. Good work.

    Would you have ebook where Vayu Purana (Sanskrit text and Hindi or English translation) is available.

    • bharateeya says:

      Anuraag Sanghi,

      Vayupuran with Sanskrit text and Hindi translation by Rampratap Tripathi is available at DLI. I give the link below. It is copyrighted (published in 1987). So, I cannot upload it to the internet. Please try to download it using DLI Downloader (available through Google search). Let me know if you are unable to download it.

      WAYUPURAN., 5990010098179. RAMPRATAP TRIPATHI SASTRI. 1909. sanskrit. LITAITUCHER. 1127 pgs.

  74. Namratha says:


    I don’t know how to thank you for creating this site……….U r doing a great job……..I need a help……..I have studied Sanskrit as a first language for about 7+ years. Many times I was rewarded for scoring out of out marks during academic. However I still can’t talk in Sanskrit……..Speaking Sanskrit is like my dream…….But from where to start how to start…….Even I am doing my MA in Sanskrit from KSOU……

    I want to converse in sanskrit. Plz help me.


    • bharateeya says:


      You might have heard about “Samskritabharati”, an organisation that is working for spreading of Sanskrit learning in India and abroad. They conduct various courses for those who are interested in learning to speak Sanskrit. They have lots of centres and teachers all major cities including Bangalore and Mumbai. Their contact details are available at http://www.samskritabharati.in/

    • a.p.kulkarni says:

      चि.नम्रता ,

      नमोनमः ।

      त्वं संस्कृतेन संभाषणं कर्तुं प्रारम्भं कुरु। लघु वाक्यं तद अस्तु ।शब्द दवयेन -शब्द त्रायेन ,लेखनं ,उच्चारणं स्वगतं करणीयं ।अहं का अस्मि ? अहं नम्रता अस्मि। अहं किं पठामि ? अहं संस्कृतं पठामि ।अहं कदा संस्कृतं पठामि ? अहं प्रति दिनं पठामि ।अहं प्रत्यक्षं भाषणं न करोमि । मम लज्जा भवति ।मम भाषणे प्रमादःभवेत् इति भयं ।प्रारम्भे स्खलनं भवतु नाम।चिन्ता मास्तु ।बालकः मातृ -भाषायां आजन्मात शुद्धं न वदति ।श्रवणं कृत्वा एव शनैः शनैः तस्य भाषा कौशलम् भवति। अतः भवति तत्कालं मम एकं पत्रं लिखतु ।मम इ -मेल संकेतः अस्ति – apkulkarni1944@gmail.com

    • Rashtriya sanskrit Sansthan (Deemed University Under MHRD, GOI) provides DVDs & books to learn Sanskrit Your self. these are very helpful to beginners. and also running Sanskrit classes for like you, so you may contact
      Rashtriya sanskrit Sansthan’s Sringeri Campus
      (Sringeri, Karnataka) on tel & fax no 08265 251763, email.principal_rgc@hotmail.com.
      Head Quarter (New Delhi)
      on 011-28524993 Extn 214&215
      visit http://www.sanskrit.nic.in

  75. pawan kumar says:

    dear sir

    u r doing a great service. please keep it going.

    do u have any books on agama sastra (temple architecture), preferrably in sanskrit and english

  76. T.Aswathanarayana Rao says:

    it is a wonderful collection of sanskrit books, in fact it is a boon to all sanskrit learners as also lovers of this wonderful divine language.
    with all the best wishes
    Prof. T. Aswathanarayana Rao

  77. wonderful work.Very very very great Collection of rare Sanskrit books. congratulations & best wishes

    Dr. T Mahendar

  78. Krishnaprasad says:

    Thanks for the wonderful uploads
    do you have this “A dictionary of Sanskrit grammar (Gaekwald’s oriental series)
    by Kashinath Vasudev Abhyankar”
    please share if you have i will be very much thankful to you

  79. Krishnaprasad says:

    sorry I found just now in some russian site http://www.twirpx.com

  80. Krishnaprasad says:

    Any way share the link it will be useful for others too
    thank you very much

  81. Krishnaprasad says:

    Where can I find (to downloadbuy) the following books
    1. Kichaka Vadha by Nitivarman
    2.Anekarthasangraha of hemachandra with the commentary anekarthakairavakarakaumudi
    3.Abhidhana chintamani of hemachandra with his own commentary
    4.Subhashita sudha nidhi by Sayanacharya
    5.Udara Kavya by mallinatha

  82. Krishnaprasad says:

    Anekarthan sangho nam kosh., 99999990244840. Hemchandracharya. 1929. sanskrit. Dictionary. 211 pgs.

    Anekartha sangraha., 5990010116703. . 1929. hindi. Literature. 204 pgs.

    these book contains only MOOLA but I need with the commentary

  83. Sankar says:


    The download link for the ebook,

    Sanskrit Daily Conversation (संस्कृत व्यवहार साहस्री)

    is not opening. Request to update the link.

    • bharateeya says:


      I checked the download links just now. There is no problem. Please try to download once again and let me know if you are not able to download the ebook.

  84. vishal says:

    good for me

  85. Jitendra Kundu says:

    Sudham bicharam sudham karmam cha. Mama aho bhagymaham paridarshayami sudha websitem snskruta pustakm samanwittam.

    aparam cha priya suhrunme sakhe Bharateeya tubhyam sadhu karmam.Adyapi sanskrute ruchi na bartate.Twam atra mulyaban sanskruta pustakam asannibesit.
    paramtu aham Chanakya biracitam sara sangraham pathaitoomichhami. Sutarang dayapurabkam twam tat pustakam uploadm kuru.
    Tubhyam bandhabah

    • blogadmin says:

      Jitendra Kunduji,

      Only the following works of Chanakya are available on the internet.
      1. Chanakya Rajanitisastram
      2. Chanakya Sutrani
      3. Arthasastram

      All three have been uploaded to this blog. You may locate them by making use of the search facility available on the blog. I am not aware of Sarasangraha of Chanakya. I will remember to write to you if I come across it in future.

  86. previn kumar says:

    Great job. Please accept best wishes and we pray Almighty to give you all the strength to continue to serve the human society without an iota of ego.

  87. Radhe Govinda dasa says:

    Jaya! All glories to your valuable contribution to the world of Sanskrit lovers! 🙂

  88. Harshit Shrivastava says:

    Sir, I am unable to download english translation of Laghu Siddhant Kaumudi by J.R. Ballantyne. The link is broken. Can you please re-upload it?

    • blogadmin says:


      In this case also, you need to “right-click” on the download link and then “save link as” if you are using firefox browser and “save target as” if you are using IE. I checked the link just now. It is working.

  89. sujatha says:

    Your service is commendable.
    The download link for the ebook “Sanskrit Daily Conversation (संस्कृत व्यवहार साहस्री)” is not going to that link. Request help.
    It is going to ‘ sanskritebooks blog moves to a new site.’ Please help.
    Could you kindly send the link to my e-mail, please?
    Thanks in anticipation,

    • bharateeya says:


      Link to संस्कृत व्यवहार साहस्री is working. I checked it just now.

      In fact this is the new site. Earlier the blog was at wordpress where it got deleted one year back. This is the new home of Sanskrit Ebooks.

  90. Sai says:

    Could anybody tell me where i could get a soft copy of “Yuktikalpataru 1917 edition” written by Sri Bhoja Maharaja! as soon as possible!

    • bharateeya says:


      Yuktikalpataru 1917 edition is available at DLI (Digital Library of India). I am giving below the link to the relevant page.
      Yukttikalpataru., 2030020016447. . 1917. Sanskrit. LANGUAGE. LINGUISTICS. LITERATURE. 288 pgs.

      You will have to use DLI Downloader or some similar software to download the images in PDF format. DLI Downloader is a free software. You could get its link through Google search. Let me know if you face any problem.

    • bharateeya says:


      Yuktikalpataru 1917 edition is available at DLI (Digital Library of India). I am giving below the link to the relevant page.
      Yukttikalpataru., 2030020016447. . 1917. Sanskrit. LANGUAGE. LINGUISTICS. LITERATURE. 288 pgs.

      You will have to use DLI Downloader or some similar software to download the images in PDF format. DLI Downloader is a free software. You could get its link through Google search. Let me know if you face any problem.

  91. parvathy Subramanian says:

    Dear Shankara,
    do you have any idea about Kruthantha mala-whatt it is about and where it is available?

    Kindly guide me.


    • bharateeya says:

      I am not a scholar. I will give you a brief idea about Kridanta. They are verbal derivatives like past & present participles in English. Eg: कृतम्, कृतवान्, कर्तव्यम्, करणीयम्, कुर्वन्, etc. Kridanta Rupa Mala contains an exhaustive list of all kridanta forms of almost of all verbs of Sanskrit. Kridanta Rupa Mala was published in 5 parts. It is copyrighted. So, I would not like to give its link here.

      • damodara says:

        IT is in opendomain.even archives has it. So no problem to give it

        • bharateeya says:

          Just because someone posts a book on the internet, it doesn’t mean that it is in open domain. Some persons don’t mind violating copy right laws. Or they might have received permission from the author or publisher to share the book on the internet.

  92. Dhaval Patel says:

    “Download Free Sanskrit E-Books”
    on right upper most corner. This word ‘Free’ just that word should be removed i think so thats it.

  93. Shubhangi says:

    Namaste !
    can you tell me whether english transalation of Prashastapada Bhashya on Vaisheshik darshan is available in digital or printed form?

  94. safal sharma says:

    dear sir,
    have anyone related to this site has the book of aarya samhita? if you have any information or have this ebook plz send me the site….i will be very thankful….

  95. Newton says:

    thats good stuff
    but im in need for a book or a content on “vanya jeevanam”or wild life in sanskrit

  96. Tushar says:

    Hi, very useful site…
    I want to know where would I get all our vedic literature(ved,Shad Darshan, Shadang,Upved,Mahabharat, Ramayan and other precious books)translated in Hindi or Marathi?
    And one more suggestion we all like,love Sanskrut so why shouldn’t we try to converse in Sanskrut…& @Admin plz provide the facility to type in Devanagari so it will be easier…
    Thank you very Much.

    • bharateeya says:


      You could try the following sites.
      1. dli.gov.in (Digital Library of India)
      2. archive.org (internet archive)

      You could download books directly as PDF files from archive.org whereas you will need to install a free software named “DLI Downloadae” for downloading books from Digital Library of India. A very good software to download books from Digital Library of India is available at http://www.aupasana.com/software/dli

  97. Loveleshanand Sarswati says:

    मुझे क्या निम्न लिखित पुस्तकें मुफ्त में मिल सकतीं हैं ।
    अलंकार सार मंजरी ।
    न्यायसिद्धांत मुक्तावलि।
    गध्दविविधा ।
    नाट्य युग।
    संस्कृत नाटक एवं नाटककार।
    संस्कृत सुन्दर कांड।
    मुहावरे ,निबंध आदि ।
    उपरोक्त पुस्तकें मुफ्त प्राप्त कराने की कृपा करें ।
    Loveleshanand Sarswati

  98. Atul Dwivedi says:


  99. Legato says:

    Wonderful! I love reading sanskrit, and since I prefer to read in devanagari, this will be a great resource for me! One question though: do you think that you would be able to help me find a devanagari version of the kama sutra? Or is it under copyright in sanskrit? I’m really just after a specific section, but or would still be a great addition to my digital library!

    • bharateeya says:


      There are the following versions of this book available at DLI – Digital Library of India (http://www.dli.gov.in/). At least one of them is in Sanskrit. You could download books from DLI using DLI Viewer available at http://www.aupasana.com/software/dli

      kama sutra., 99999990041566. . 1982. english. tribes, india. 264 pgs.
      The Kama Sutra of Vatsayana., 2990150060207. Gambers, H.S. 1900. english. PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY. 312 pgs.
      The Kama Sutra of Vatsayana., 2990150064525. Gambers, H.S. 1900. english. PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY. 312 pgs.

  100. pv gopalakrishna says:


    • bharateeya says:


      English translation of Aswalayana Grihya Sutra is available at http://merki.lv/vedas/Grihya%20Sutras%20%28eng%29.pdf

      I assume that you are looking for Grihya Sutra. DLI (Digital Library of India – dli.gov.in) has several editions of both Grihya and Srauta Sutras. Some entries of this text at DLI are given below. You could download books from DLI using DLI Viewer which is available at http://www.aupasana.com/software/dli

      Ashrvalayanasutraprayogadipika., 5990010101841. Manchana, Charyam, Bhatta. . sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 198 pgs.
      Ashwalayan-Shroutasutra., 4990010223149. Chattopadhayay, Amarkumar, ed.. 2002. bengali. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 830 pgs.
      Ashwalayana Grihya Sutra with commentary of Devaswamin and Narayana vol.1,Adhyaya 1., 1990020047731. Ravi Tirtha ,Swami. 1944. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 248 pgs.
      Ashwalayana Grihya Sutra with commentary of Devaswamin and Narayana vol.1,Adhyaya 1., 1990020047732. Ravi Tirtha ,Swami. 1944. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 248 pgs.
      Asvalayanagrihyasutra., 5990010101842. Haradattacharya. . sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 268 pgs.
      Narayanakrutavrutti Sametham Aswalayan Gruham Sutram., 5010010007264. . 1936. sanskrit. . 279 pgs.
      studies in the srautasutras of asvalayana and apastamba., 5990010124705. BHABANI PRASAD. . sanskrit. literature. 198 pgs.
      The Srauta Sutra Of Aswalayana., 4990010095995. Aswalayana. 1864. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 968 pgs.
      The Srauta Sutra Of Aswalayana., 4990010212856. Aswalayana. 1864. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 968 pgs.

  101. eBook download says:

    have anyone related to this site has the book of aarya samhita? if you have any information or have this ebook plz send me the site….i will be very thankful….

  102. Loveleshanand Sarswati says:

    Respected Sir
    It is my humble request to you.
    For the book
    न्याय सिध्दांत मुक्तावली
    please find the. Link and. Send it to. Me soon
    sorry for puncutation Errors

  103. Madhu Kapoor says:

    Many thanks for Yaksaprasna.
    How Can i get MImamsaSutra with Sabara bhasya 1.1.5

  104. K R Indira says:

    where can I get Kamasutra original text in sanskrit?
    K R Indira

  105. Mrs. Mohana Moorthy says:

    Namaskarams. I am a 72 year old student of sanskrit. I have काव्यप्रकाशः as a paper to write. I have the book edited with the Nagesvari Commentary by Sri Harisankara Sharma. I have also downloaded the book with english translation from archives.org. As I have missed quite a few classes and as I am not able to follow the text, given my limited knowledge of sanskrit, I wonder if you can recommend some site or book which would make understanding a bit more easier. You have a wonderful collection of books and I wish I had seen it earlier. Thanks a lot Mohana Moorthy

    • bharateeya says:

      Mrs Moorthy,

      You will find various editions of Kavyaprakasha with commentaries in Sanskrit, English & Hindi at DLI (Digital Library of India) – dli.gov.in
      You could download books from DLI using a free software named DLI Downloader which is available at aupasana.com

      sanskritdocuments.org & sanskritworld.in may have some materials on Kavyaprakasha. If you have any doubt regarding the matters discussed in Kavyaprakasha you could seek help from scholarly members of groups like Samskrita Google Group.

      • Mrs. Mohana Moorthy says:

        Thanks a lot for your swift reply. I shall do as you say, get my doubts cleared by the Samskrita Group.

        Mohana Moorthy

  106. Seshadri R says:

    Excellent collection of rare books and instant response to subscribers’ queries. Where can I get the PDF version of Kumarasambhavam? Google search landed me into a scanned version, that too only if a subscription fee is paid.

  107. Leumej says:

    i am not getting the sanskrit school books i want

    • bharateeya says:


      We can provide on those Sanskrit books which are in open domain. It is illegal to share copyrighted books.

  108. Hemant Joshi says:

    Thanks a ton for uploading and making available the Sanskrit texts. All praise to you guys for such a good work.

  109. Hemant Joshi says:

    Can you please help with getting Vedas in ebook format which has Hindi / English translation ?


  110. Ranjeet Kumar says:

    मुझे क्या निम्न लिखित पुस्तकें Hindi में मुफ्त में मिल सकतीं हैं ।

    न्यायसिद्धांत मुक्तावलि।
    Chaturi Bhed
    Shaiv Samudrik
    Samudrik Kungika
    Sanket Nidhi
    Manushya Jatak
    Lal Kitab se Rog Niwaran
    Mantra Maharnav
    Tantra Mharnav
    Yantra Mharnav
    Ravan Sanhita
    Adbhut Sagar-Bhoumashray
    आदि ।
    उपरोक्त पुस्तकें मुफ्त प्राप्त कराने की कृपा करें ।
    साधुवाद Om

    • bharateeya says:

      Ranjeet Kumar,

      As the name of this blog indicates, its goal is to make available open domain books in Sanskrit literature. Books on other subjects are beyond the scope of this blog.

      You will find many of these books at the following sites. Please write to me if you find any difficulty in downloading books from DLI.

      Digital Library of India – http://www.dli.gov.in/
      Internet Archive – http://archive.org/details/texts

  111. tushar says:

    I would like to read swapnavasavdatta and meghdoot..i m actually want it in Marathi / hindi language..can anyone guide me ??

  112. Dattu says:

    Thanks for the books upload.

  113. Lax says:


    I want to read purans published by Venkateshwara press
    would u please tell me from where i can get it downloaded

  114. Murthy says:

    Dear Sir


    I am looking for sanskrit dictionary(meaning of sanskrit words for example: JAGAT – Jayate Gachate iti Gagat) but in TELUGU.

    Can you help me Sir

    Kind Regards

    • bharateeya says:


      I do not know Telugu. So, I am not in a position to help you in this. If you search at Digital Library of India (dli.gov.in), you might find some good Sanskrit dictionary printed in Telugu script.

  115. divya says:

    It is very useful to every students and for every humanbeings

  116. parasu says:

    sir can i get online pdf the book NIRUKTAM commentry od Durgachary

  117. rashmi says:

    sir, where can i find kadambari written by banabhatta

  118. Ch.Nitish Chandra says:

    Can I get an english translation of the book “Sangeeta Ratnakara”?
    (Actually, Iam a starter in sanskrit so, I want this book in english.

    Thank you,

  119. Ch.Nitish Chandra says:

    Can you please upload the book “Devavanipravesika” by robert goldman if the book is in the public domain.
    It would be of great help to me in learning sanskrit grammar
    Thank you,

  120. Ch.Nitish Chandra says:

    Can you please help me in finding “ganita sara samgraha”?
    I wish to know the understanding of indian gaints regarding mathematics.

    Thank you,

    • bharateeya says:

      Ch. Nitish Chandra,

      Ganita Sara Sangraha 1912 edition is available at Digital Library of India. Links are given below. You could read them online or download them using DLI Viewer available at aupasana.com

      The Ganita sara sangraha., 5990010098508. M.Rangacarya. 1912. sanskrit. Literature. 523 pgs.
      The Ganita-Sara-Sangraha Of Mahaviracarya., 4990010095586. Mahabiracharjya. 1912. english. NATURAL SCIENCES. 530 pgs.
      The Ganita-Sara-Sangraha Of Mahaviracarya., 4990010217808. Mahabiracharjya. 1912. english. NATURAL SCIENCES. 530 pgs.

  121. Ch.Nitish Chandra says:

    First of all thank you for searching this, and now I face one more problem.
    I cannot download any book from dli website even with the DLID 0.23 . So, can you please post the link here,

    Thank you.

    • bharateeya says:

      Nitish Chandra,

      Do not give up so easily. If one software doesn’t work, there are others. Why don’t you try DLI Viewer (aupasana.com) mentioned in my comment? I think you did not read the comment properly. Otherwise, there are various other batch downloaders like IDM which can be used easily to download books from DLI.

  122. Harshit Shrivastava says:

    Sir, in the above comments, you have replied to Daniel by providing him the link of the book “Sanskrit Manual” by Monier Williams. The link is not working ! I request you to please correct it.

    • bharateeya says:


      I checked the link to Sanskrit Manual just now. It is working. You may try again, preferably using another PC (I am not sure if your anti-virus is blocking the webpage).

  123. Ramaswamy says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am looking for Nigama Parimalam, authrored by Srimad Nigamantha Desikan.

    Thanks and Best regards

  124. C. Srivardhan says:

    Please send entire copy of Srinacharya Subhashitams

  125. Neelesh says:

    Respected Sir

    Do u have Mahakaal samhita (Ghuyakali khanda all the 3 parts )and Nigam Kalplata ?? if u have please upload them

    Thanks and Regards

  126. K Bhaskaran says:

    A very useful website for those who want to know our ancient treasures in Sanskrit. Can I request you to upload Rudra Bhashya of Abhinava Sankara with commentaries, if any available?

    Thanks a lot and regards
    K Bhaskaran

  127. VINODH says:

    where i can find moola mantras of all gods in malayalam

  128. ramanath says:

    Hello sir, Can I get the book named “aparaajita prucha” by bhoja maharaj? Please upload it.

  129. Vidya nadig says:

    Hello Sir, can I have the Prashnottara pustakam of Kuvalayananda (of Appayya Dixit), Sahitya Darpana (of Vishwanatha) and Abhishekanatakam (of Kalidasa) for the exam purpose. And also Hidi Teeka of Abhishekanatakam

  130. sridhar sharma says:

    iam studying in madras sanskrit college the books are very useful to me thanks for you:-)

  131. Madhusudhan says:

    ||HARI OM||
    Can i get sanskrit books with kannada translations plz give me the suggestion and i thank you for this great useful website

    • bharateeya says:


      I do not know Kannada and so, I have never searched for Kannada books. There are hundreds of Kannada books at DLI. You can try searching there.

  132. satyaveer says:

    hello sir .
    i am very keenly interested to read ,learn,write sanskrit ,recommend some very basic books which should contains
    1- very basics of grammer with excercises.
    2-can be downloaded from your sit
    3-more and more pratical and finally make be liable to read and learn lots of from them

  133. sushil says:

    ||HARI OM||

    Is there any book by which i can learn sanskrit through hindi?

    Book should be hindi to sankrit(not anything in english).

  134. Prabal Saxena says:

    Stellar work !!! Take a bow.
    I had find Amarkosh From here…
    Can U help me finding these Books.Kalidas ka bharat,Visvamitr aur nadiyaantapobhoomi,Sanskrit sahitya ka ithias.

    • bharateeya says:


      You will find some of these books at Digital Library of India – new1.dli.ernet.in. You can download them using DLI downloader which is available at http://code.google.com/p/dli-downloader/downloads/list
      Giving below the links that I could find at DLI. You will find more if you search for some time.

      kalidas ka bharat bhag 1., 99999990276577. upadhyay , bhagwat saran. 1954. hindi. hindi sahitye. 355 pgs.
      kalidas ka bharat bhag 2., 99999990276576. upadhyay , bhagwat saran. 1955. hindi. history. 251 pgs.
      Sanskrit sahitya ka itihas., 99999990003260. Upadyay, Baldev. 1948. sanskrit. Sanskrit Sahitya. 427 pgs.
      Tapo Bhomi Uttrakhand ., 99999990282186. . 1952. hindi. History. 117 pgs.
      Tapo bhumi., 1990010088676. jaynandra kumar. 1957. hindi. LITERATURE. 220 pgs.

  135. Prabal Saxena says:

    Visvamitr aur nadiyaan ,tapobhoomi,Sanskrit sahitya ka ithias.

  136. sudhir mishra says:

    i need this book shivarkarmani dipika , stuti kusumaanjali (jagadhar bhatt)written by appaya dikshita hindi or english traslation .
    plz eamil mme the pdf i wud be glad
    shiv shiva

  137. sudip haldar says:

    can i get vedic selections by kitish chandra chatterji?please help me.

  138. Utkarsh says:

    Hello bharateeya
    Great collection. Congratulations on your efforts and success and wish you more in the future.

    A request: I couldn’t find Hitopdesha in Sanskrit text. Can you please look for it?

  139. Neelesh says:

    Respected Sir

    Please upload few books on Tantra Shastra.It will be very helpful

  140. vyasji says:

    nice one

  141. Madhusudhan says:

    ||HARI OM||


    Can you post books related to astrology written by SRI VARAHA MIHIRACHARYA

  142. Mukesh patel says:

    Namste guruji,

    im not able to download parts of VYAVAHARIK SANSKRUTAM. Pls do something

  143. Bharateeya says:

    Mukesh Patel,

    I checked the links of Vyavaharika Samskrutam. The links are working without any problem. Please check your PC settings.

    • Mukesh patel says:

      Actually im downloading through mobile. 1st part was downloaded after many trial. But these two parts are reluctant to be downloaded. Im using vodafone mobile connect. Other links are working very well.

  144. Mukesh patel says:

    Actually im downloading through mobile. 1st part was downloaded after many trial. But these two parts are reluctant to be downloaded. Im using vodafone mobile connect. Other links are working very well.

  145. naveen says:

    can you help me on the book mathanmaya peethanmaya

  146. Salil Nayak says:

    I was trying to dowload the first and second books on Samskrit with their keys. One of them didn’t work. Are all the link fine?

    • bharateeya says:


      I checked the links now. They are working. In case you haven’t noticed, there are alternate links for first and second books of Sanskrit.

  147. Vignesh Kannan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can you upload Adbhut Ramayan in Hindi

  148. Mukesh patel says:

    Namste guruji,

    where can i find SHABDA DHATU RUPAWALI e-book?

  149. Mukesh patel says:

    And which book is there to tell the ling(puling/striling/naptsankling)of all possible nouns? Guruji?

  150. Mukesh patel says:

    And thanks for this site has expanded my library of e-books.

  151. Vignesh Kannan says:

    Dear Sir, Can u help me the books battikavyam, uttara ramacharitam in Hindi

    • bharateeya says:

      Vighnesh Kannan,

      Both Bhatti Kavya and Uttara Rama Charita with Hindi commentary are available at Digital Library of India – http://www.new1.dli.ernet.in/

      bhattikavya_of_bhatti_(1934)_ac_434., 99999990262114. NULL. 0. hindi. NULL. 512 pgs.
      Uttaramcharitam of Bhavabhuti., 99999990302577. Kane, P. V.. 1945. hindi. Literature. 470 pgs.
      uttararaamacharitamuu., 5010010077248. bhavabhuti. 1906. Hindi. LANGUAGE. LINGUISTICS. LITERATURE. 186 pgs.
      Uttararamacharitam_(1966)AC_6318., 99999990831079. . 0. Hindi. . 498 pgs.
      Uttarramcharitam., 99999990076561. Jha, Tarinisha. 1963. hindi. Literature. 513 pgs.

      You can download them in PDF format using a free software named DLI Downloader which is available at http://dli-downloader.blogspot.in/2013/04/fast-dli-downloader-tool-to-download.html

  152. sudip haldar says:

    respected sir,
    i want some manuscriptology related books.plz help me!

  153. sudip haldar says:

    respected sir,
    pranam. How could i download books from scrib.com. Can u help me the book mahabhashya by ksitish chandra chaterjee.and one more thing some sanskrit manuscript related website .plz sir reply me as soon as possible. i am looking forward for your answer. you are not answering my previous msgs.

    • bharateeya says:

      Sudip Haldar,

      I saw your comment about books on manuscriptology. I have no knowledge about this subject. Nor could I locate Mahabhashya edited by Kshitish Chandra Chatterji.

      I will send you an email regarding scribd.

  154. Rajam Sundar says:

    Aatmiya bhando, Namaste! I am happy about the link and you are doing a great work. Is there any site for Raghuvamsam and kadambari which is also atranslation of tamil language along with Sanskrit version? Please let me know. Dhanyavada:

  155. sudip haldar says:

    respected sir,
    thank you sir.i hope better luck next time.

  156. sudip haldar says:

    Respected sir,
    i want some books/article about traditional vedic interpretation and history of indian writing systems.

    • bharateeya says:

      Sudip Haldar,

      I don’t mind helping you finding books in open domain. But, you will have to provide titles of the books and not their subject. I am not an expert in all subjects. So, please provide title of the book you are looking for.

  157. saket bihari says:

    respected sir ,
    i am looking for the original sanskrit text of grihyasutra ( asvalayan , sankhayayan , pareskar and khadir grihyasutra ) , please help me .

  158. sudip haldar says:

    respected sir,
    sorry sir i have no idea about this! that’s why i requested you.

  159. sudip haldar says:

    respected sir,
    i am looking for this particular book “introduction to aniruddha’s commentary to the original parts of vedantin madhava’s commentary on samkhya sutras by r.garbe.

    • bharateeya says:

      Sudip Haldar,

      You can check the following books at Digital library of India.

      samkhya pravacana bhasya., 99999990040279. garbe, richard. 1895. english. sanskrit literature. 216 pgs.

      The Samkhya Sutra Vritti., 4990010202604. Garbe, Richard, ed.. 1888. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 360 pgs.

  160. sudip haldar says:

    respected sir,
    how could i download these books:history of vedic literature by ramchandra mishra,another one by dahal.

  161. Prashant says:


    Do you have a link to a reference book for Sanskrit names please.


  162. sudip haldar says:

    how could i download books from scribd.com.

  163. mukesh patel says:

    Namami guruji.
    Can i get RITU-SAMHAR BY KALIDAS in sanskrit pdf download?

  164. Mukesh patel says:

    Thank you sir for above link. One more favour sir. Can i get astang-hridayam by vagbhat in sanskrit?

  165. mukesh patel says:

    But sir this link doesnt working on my mobile.

  166. samruddhi says:

    can i get me n mine sanskrit book class 10 online

  167. sudip haldar says:


    • bharateeya says:

      Sudip Haldar,

      Katre’s edition of Ashtadhyayi is not in open domain. It is not found anywhere on the internet for free download.

  168. sudip haldar says:

    respected sir,can i get siksha samgraha in sanskrit & how could i download books from scribd.com with free of cost. plz help me. i am looking forward for your answers.

    • bharateeya says:

      Sudip Haldar,

      I could not locate ‘Sikshasangraha’. I will let you know if I find it later. Regarding scribd, I know of only one way to download books, i.e. to upload some new document in exchange. If you want to correspond more with me, please use the ‘contact’ page on this site.

  169. sudip haldar says:

    respected sir,
    thanks a lot. & what about ashtadhyayi by s.m katre. and do you have any idea about bharatiya bidyot parisad. please reply me as soon as possible. i am looking forward for your answer.

  170. sudip haldar says:

    respected sir,
    sorry! maine aapka reply thik tarha sey follow nehi kiya!

  171. sudip haldar says:

    Respected sir,
    Thank You Sir.

  172. sudip haldar says:

    Respected Sir,
    PRANAM. I want this topic from scribd.com, but i can’t download it,please help me.Title:problems and prospects in manuscript by Dr. JSRA Prasad.(SUB TITLE:problems and issues in manuscripts:with special reference to sanskrit.)

    • bharateeya says:


      As per scribd rules, you can download documents if you upload some original document in exchange for them. So, if you upload one or two books to scribd.com, you will be allowed to download books in exchange for them. Please try it.

  173. Suresh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am looking book name , ” Amulya Ratnakaram ” in telgue books
    Please share book and Thanks foryour looking for your support


    • bharateeya says:


      I do not know Telugu. So, I have no idea about this book. Nor could I find a book with this title at DLI. This blog is about Sanskrit books in public domains. So, please keep that in mind while you ask for books.

  174. jigensh says:


  175. Vinod Malshe says:

    Dear Sirs
    I am looking for the remaining part of a subhashit that I remember only half. Can you or any other learned person help me?
    दीर्घ दन्ता : क्वचित मूर्खा: खल्वाटो निर्धना: क्वचित

    • bharateeya says:

      Vinod Maishe,

      The same subhashita is also seen with a minor variation.
      क्वचित् काणो भवेत्साधुः क्वचित् गानी पतिव्रता | विरलदन्तो क्वचिन्मूर्खो खल्वाटो निर्धनः क्वचित् ||

  176. Sharat Bhat says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can I get CHANDO-DARSANA- by Daivarata any where?

    Thank you.


  177. Durga Prasad Mishra says:


    • bharateeya says:

      Durga Prasad Mishra,

      I will try to help if you provide names of texts. It is difficult to know what is exactly needed when the comment is vague.

  178. Mukesh patel says:

    नमस्ते sir,
    मम समीपे शब्दरूपमंजरी पुस्तकम अस्ति किन्तु धातुरूपमंजरी नास्ति। कुत:प्राप्तुं अहम् शक्नोमि? सुचयतु कृपया।

  179. Mukesh patel says:

    Dli is available for android mobile?

  180. Balu says:

    I need help for my research on panchanan bhattacharya sastri of Bengal

    • bharateeya says:


      I can try to help you if I know what exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for works of Panchanan Bhattacharya Sastri or books on him? It would be easier for me if titles are provided.

    • Balu says:

      yes I am looking for works of Panchanan Bhattacharya Sastri. If u can then please help me…

  181. puttymohan says:

    Where can I get free download of Sangeetha Ratnakara by Shrangadeva with english transalation…..

  182. shrinidhi sagara says:

    namaste acharya,
    I wanted “kasika” of mahabhashya,published by ‘Shri Ram Lal Kapoor Trust'{pdf of this bk for download} I can’t find this bk…please help………

    • bharateeya says:

      Srinidhi Sagara,

      I think it is copyrighted and cannot be shared publicly. You may find it at SCRIBD.COM

      • shrinidhi sagara says:

        still I didn’t find kasika of ram lal kapoor trust in scribd.com
        please guide me giving key word for the search………

        • bharateeya says:

          Srinidhi Sagara,

          I thought it could be there at scribd. If not, you will have to get it from a library. If you are studying or teaching, you must be having access to good libraries. We can’t expect all books (that too copyrighted books) to be available on the internet.

  183. pealse give me panchatantra stories download on english and hindi my email id

    from jigar and thank you

  184. Anoop Verma says:

    Great web site. Thousand thanks to you, Webadmin.
    I downloaded the Sanskrit Grammar books with key and hope to learn Sanskrit again after leaving school. I was quite good in it during school days during 80s but with time had forgot a lot of things. Now the Bhagvadgita has got me rehooked to the language.
    God willing, I hope to be a better Sanskrit learner.

  185. r.kannan says:

    i want to download. please check and give direction to download.

  186. sab soni says:

    Dear sir,
    Your feedback answer is so good.i saw all feedback.i want to congrats you.
    I want to download all volume of rasashastra.
    please send me free download link.
    thank you
    sab soni

    • bharateeya says:

      Sab Soni,

      I will try to help you find the books, if you can provide names of the books you are looking for.

  187. Respected Admin and forum members,

    I am looking for two sanskrit Plays:

    1. Parijatapaharanam by umapathy dharudu.


    2. Sariputra Prakaranam by Aswaghoshudu.

    Please help me get this books.

  188. Nataraj Bhat says:

    pls tell me where can i get Bhrigu Samhita pdf….?

  189. Dhanushree says:

    where can i find rasa ratnakara of Nagarjuna?

  190. preeti says:

    hello sir

    where we can find the ebooks on ayurvedic medicine education like kriya shirr. if u have thet pls send me at preetimehta90@yahoo.com

    • bharateeya says:


      You question is not clear since there is some typo in the title of the book. You will find plenty of ayurveda books at archie.org and dli.gov.in
      If you are looking for any particular text and cannot find it, I will try to locate it. You must provide title of the book, author’s name, publisher, name of commentary, etc.

  191. omkar jangam says:

    namo namha guruji
    muze amarkosh ki kitab kaha mil sakti hai ? plz
    kya aap link bhej sakte ho kya ?

  192. mayank says:

    Respected guruji,
    kindly post link for “Durga Kalpadrum”


  193. mayank says:

    Namaskaar Guruji,

    kindly give link for “Durga Kalpadruma”


    • bharateeya says:


      I am not familiar with ‘Durga Kalpadruma’. If you can provide details, I will try to locate it.

  194. mayank says:

    Namaskar guruji,

    Name: sri DurgaKalpadruma
    publisher: Dvivedi jagnnath parshuram sharma. Surat

    Name: Durgopasna kalpdruma
    Publisher: sri Venketeshwar steam press. Mumbai


  195. smit patel says:

    Sir i want to be learn sankrit and its grammer through hindi…and also want to find our old mathematicians’ books like LILAVAT GANIT….

  196. उज्ज्वल says:

    साधुरयं सङ्ग्रहः। चोरचत्वारिंशीसदृशा एव अन्या अपि नातिपुरातन्यः पञ्चतन्त्रहितोपदेशप्रेरिताः कथा अभिलषामि। ताः कुतः प्राप्तुं शक्या इत्येन्मह्यं कथ्यतां कृपया।

    भवत्प्रत्युक्तिं प्रतीक्षमाणः

    • bharateeya says:


      There are 9 story books at the following link – https://archive.org/details/Sanskrit_Story_Collection

      Balanitikathamala – Nandalal 1921
      Chorachatvarimsi Katha (Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves) – GK Modak 1934
      Divyadrishti – Sanskrit story – Narayana Sastri Khiste 1936
      Dvatrimsat Puttalika Simhasanam – Jivananda Vidyasagara 1896
      Kapinamupavasah – DT Tatachariyar 1913
      Katha Kusuma – Pt Ambikadatta Vyasa 1887
      Katha Kutukam – Richard Schmidt 1898
      Nitipatham – Pandith Priyanath Vidyabhushan 1926
      Samskrita Katha Sangraha – DK Rajguru 1938

  197. Satish says:

    Hi sir,

    I was really very happy after downloading chanakya arthashastra
    Can you plz help me to find chanakya neeti shastra and any other books of chanakya in English or Sanskrit to English

    Thanks for your help

  198. pezhmaan says:


    i am looking for a good grammar book to start learning Sanskrit, please help me to find good one

  199. LSSIDDHANTHY says:

    swami namaskaram
    nenu chala kalamunundi “vratha nirnaya koumudi” ane grandhamu gurinchi vetukutunnanu

  200. acharyapradeepnarayanshukla says:

    sat sat naman and koti koti dhanyabad,idaneem samay samporan bharat varshe samskrat vishayak gyanam aavashyakam asti/dhanyabad,namo namha

  201. Dharnidhar Vemuri says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Can anyone send me Varnoddhara Tantra PDF file to my email address Dharnidhar.vemuri@gmail.com?

    Best Regards,

    • bharateeya says:


      Do you know if it has been published? I could not find any entry of this text at worldcat.org.

      • Dharnidhar Vemuri says:

        Yes Pranav, this is published. When you do a google search on “varnoddhara tantra”, you will see references to this at multiple places but I cannot find the book anywhere. Tantraraja Tantra has references to this in the document as well. Hope this information helps you.

        Thank you Pranav for responding to this.

        • bharateeya says:


          I am not Pranav, but Shankara. Many of our ancient scriptures are still in manuscript form. All are not available in print. When I searched for Varnoddhara Tantra on Google, I got only 4 results. If you look in Catalogus Catalogorum or manuscripts list at namami.org, you may find more details on this text.

          • Dharnidhar Vemuri says:

            Hello Sankara,

            Thank you very much for your response. I could not find much information on this book on this site. I have sent a note to the director requesting for the availability. Do you know of any other source that you would suggest? Any help around this is greatly appreciated.

            Thank you,

          • bharateeya says:


            The database at namami.org is perhapts the largest database of Indian manuscripts. It has data of 22 lakh manuscripts. It doesn’t show a text named varnoddhara tantra. That means varnoddhara tantra is a rare text, most probably an unpublished manuscript.

            The Sanskrit lexicon Sabdakalpadruma quotes from Varnoddhara Tantra in its entry for ‘ka’. Sabdakalpadruma was published from Calcutta in the last leg of 19th century. So, if you seek help of Tantra research centres or scholars from Calcutta, you may be able to get some information on this text. You may begin with Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture – http://www.sriramakrishna.org/

          • Dharnidhar Vemuri says:

            Hello Shankara,

            I cannot see a link to view the 22Lakh manuscripts on this at http://namami.org/manuscriptdatabase.htm. Is there a different URL to view them?

            Best Regards,

  202. pranav says:

    Hello, I’m looking for a book called rasaratnakar by nagarjuna. Please let me know where can I download it. Thank you.

  203. vilas rao says:

    sir i’m studying Ayurvadic i need some of Ayurvadic related books can u pls

  204. Dinesh Ubale says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am looking book called ” Yati dharma samuccaya”.
    If you found it so please reply me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  205. S.Kannan says:

    Dear Sirs,
    If Abhijnana Sakuntalam with Notes by Sri C.S.Sankara Rama Sastry is available in PDF ,I would like to have the downloading link .

    Thanks.Kind Regards.

  206. S.Kannan says:

    Dear Sirs,

    An ocean full of thanks to you. I have also downloaded this wonderful book today.
    Kind Regards,

  207. M L N Gowtham Sarma says:

    hi iam looking for “gopatha bramhana” of Atharva veda by jibananad vidyasagar, kolkata in this site the file is missing, in digital library there was a wrong file….

    please help me

  208. M L N Gowtham Sarma says:

    sir can u search the book “Taittireeya Krishna Yajur Veda Samhitha” of Ram lal kapoor trust, printed soft copy….. please

  209. eklavya says:

    can i connect you on facebook. i am one of the contributor on vedpuran website. you can find my name there as well

  210. Deepak Pangeni says:


    Could you please help me in getting copies of the books on Ayurveda like: Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Ashtangsangraha & Ashtanghriday samhita.

    Thanks & Kind Regards

    Deepak Pangeni

    • bharateeya says:

      Deepak Pangeni,

      Various editions of Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Ashtangahridaya are available at Digital Library of India. Please visit dli.gov.in and search.

  211. Sirs,

    I cannot thank you enough for the immense help you have done by way of this service of books. Your collection of Kavyamala is simply wonderful. My thanks and pranams.

  212. bharat says:

    sir plz i want jain subhashit sangrah book for phd study.plz give possibl

    good work for sanskrit premi

  213. उज्ज्वल राजपूत says:

    किं भवभूतिविरचितं मालतीमाधवं नाम नाटकं संस्कृते प्राप्यते जालस्थाने?

  214. M Gopala Krishna says:

    Excellent job…. We are expecting some more interesting and useful information / scripts in future.

  215. shadow says:

    Mujhe mahabharat ka hindi anubad kha milega kripya link de…dhaynabad

  216. उत्कर्ष राजपूत says:

    किं भविष्यपुराणं संस्कृते Unicode इति रूपे प्राप्यते अन्तर्जाले?

  217. Nikhil Tembkar says:

    How can I learn sanskrit in marathi ?? Is there any book in marathi for self study to learn sanskrit? thank you in advance

  218. Abhishek kumar oraon says:

    can you give me any Sanskrit story book name . In which story are include in Sanskrit..

    • bharateeya says:

      Abhishek, The following link has 7 Sanskrit story books – https://archive.org/details/Sanskrit_Story_Collection.

      Balanitikathamala – Nandalal 1921
      Chorachatvarimsi Katha (Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves) – GK Modak 1934
      Divyadrishti – Sanskrit story – Narayana Sastri Khiste 1936
      Dvatrimsat Puttalika Simhasanam – Jivananda Vidyasagara 1896
      Kapinamupavasah – DT Tatachariyar 1913
      Katha Kusuma – Pt Ambikadatta Vyasa 1887
      Katha Kutukam – Richard Schmidt 1898
      Nitipatham – Pandith Priyanath Vidyabhushan 1926
      Samskrita Katha Sangraha – DK Rajguru 1938

  219. bharat says:

    jain sanskrit subhashit sangrah books

  220. Nikita says:

    Can I get “sutbodh” ebook written by kalidas

  221. pallavi joshi says:

    Nice work. can you upload more marathi books on peshwai.

  222. Vignesh Kannan says:

    Namaste, Where we can download Valmiki ramayana gaudiya recension and northwestern recension. Please tell where can we buy these books.

  223. veeraraghavan says:

    please get me the siddhanta kaumudi with english meaning for ajantha pullinga prakaranam. i could not download the file from this website as it is available only upto sandhi prakaranam. please help me as it is one of the syllabus for the forthcoming exams.

  224. Udit Joshi says:

    I want the book yati vidhan …
    Plze get me the link of dis

  225. kksilvery says:

    I need degree 1st year Osmania University sanskrit any study material 🙂

  226. kksilvery says:

    On 30th march is my exam

  227. pandya bhavin says:

    there are no any vaidic books avalible in this site so please add some books related to vedas &
    otherwise give me other site where i download those books what i need
    for example – katyayan srautsutram & ashwalayan srautsutram
    so please help me
    i am waiting for your answer

  228. Naresh says:

    Are there any free ebook of English translation of Sarva Siddhanta Sangraha ? I think it is by Shankaracharya..

  229. pranav bhatt says:

    I want book of sradhakarm.(aurdhwdehik karma prakash)

  230. Jk Chandra sekhar says:

    Brihaddhaturupavali is not downloading.

  231. Vignesh Kannan says:

    Namaste, Please tell me where we can download Valmiki ramayan Gaudiya Paata or we please tell where we can buy this book in samskritham.

    Please tell me

  232. उत्कर्ष राजपूत says:

    पण्डितगुरुप्रसादशास्त्रिकृतया अभिनवराजलक्ष्म्या नाम टीकया विराजितं पञ्चतन्त्रं मुद्रितपुस्तकरूपे (printed) कुतः प्राप्तुं शक्यते।


  233. mukesh sharma says:

    sir i want to ask that from where i can download the aapstamb shraut sutra katyayan shraut sutra all sutra sahitya with hindi translation

    • bharateeya says:

      Mukesh Sharma,

      I have not come across Hindi translations of Apastamba or Katyayana Srauta Sutra on the internet. Vaidik Sutra Sahitya is very vast. Only a few of them have been published with Hindi translation or commentary. Digital Library of India has some of them. You can search and find them. I would have tried to help if it is only one or two books.

  234. R NATARAJAN says:

    Dear Sir, I want to download Venktesa Mahatmyam contained in Bhavishyottara purana. Pl advise whether it is available

    • bharateeya says:


      Venkatachala Mahatmyam compiled from 8 Puranas in 2 volumes in available at Digital Library of India. It might contain the Venkatachala Mahatmya from Bhavishyottara Purana. Its catalogue entry in given below. You can download the volumes in PDF format using DLI Downloader which is available at http://dli-downloader.blogspot.in/2013/04/fast-dli-downloader-tool-to-download.html

      Sri_Venkatachalam_Mahatmay_Vol_I., 9000000001252. Srimath Srinivasay Parasmay Brahmaney. 1959. SANSKRIT. NULL. 584 pgs.
      Sri_Venkatachalam_Mahatmay_Vol_II., 9000000001228. Shri Math Srinivasa Parasmay Brahman. 1960. SANSKRIT. NULL. 510 pgs.

  235. AKHILESH says:

    sir , I would like to learn sanskrit , i am a beginner and i hope u can suggest me with a good book or course … my native language is telugu (if it is of any use)

  236. monika says:

    Vyakaran shastra ki utpatti avm sampraday ” se related matter kaha milega

    • bharateeya says:

      Monika, In case you haven’t already read the following works, you may find them useful. The links are from Digital Library of India. Books can be either read online or downloaded in PDF format using DLI Downloader which is available at http://dli-downloader.blogspot.in/2013/04/fast-dli-downloader-tool-to-download.html

      Saskrit Vyakan Shastra Ka Itihas Vol-I., 99999990192936. Mimansak Yudhishthir. 0. english. NULL. 621 pgs.
      Vyakaran Shastra Ka Itihas., 99999990076626. XXXX. 1958. hindi. History. 386 pgs.
      Systems of Sanskrit Grammar., 5990010893932. Shripad Krishana belvalkar. 1915. english. Literature. 164 pgs.

  237. sjvallab says:

    Please suggest me where can I find brighu samhita English translation

  238. Venkat Bagaipally says:

    Great work….the resources as you provided this web site very useful for those who want learn and research on ancient Indian Philosophy…

    thank you…

  239. Venkat Bagaipally says:

    Great work….the resources as you provided this web site very useful for those who want learn and research on ancient Indian Philosophy…

    and also please upload Indo-islamic Cultural books in medieval times

    • bharateeya says:

      Venkat Bagaipally, Goal of this blog is to make available Sanskrit books which are in the open domain. So, we cannot cater to books on other subjects.

  240. Devi Baral says:

    I am looking for a Sanskrit e book with ” Samkhya sutra” with better explanation or comments in sanskrit. Where can I# download?

  241. Mrigankasekhar Mishra says:

    Pranama, Bhaban kripaya mahyam varahi tantram, matsyasuktam,sadhu sankalini tantram,Mamsatattva vivek, Kaladarsa,Santisarah etani pustakani yadi pradasyanti tarhi dhanya Bhabisyami.

    • mrigankasekhar mishra says:

      respected Sir my request varahi tantram. matshyasuktam, sadhusankalini tantram, mamsatattvaviveka, kaladarsha,santisara all book send me, your faithfully.M.S.Mishra. kolkata

  242. Vaaghul says:

    I need maniratna mala by adi sankaracharya..can u help me get it..???

  243. manoj says:

    I like snskrat

  244. om says:

    i need mahabharata shantiparv book in sanskrit to hindi publisher – pune prakashan mumbai. please give information about this book where can i download it with proper link.

  245. M L N Gowtham Sarma says:

    hi i need “bramhakarma samuchaya (hiranyakeseya) of nirnaya sagar press

    • bharateeya says:

      MLN Gowtham Sarma, Brahma Karma samuchchaya is available at Digital Library of India.

      Ath Rigvediyabrahmakarm Samucchaya., 99999990002734. Sharma, Vasudev. 1899. sanskrit. Vaidik Sahitya – Brahmakarma Sangrah. 910 pgs.
      Brahmanityakarmasamucaya., 1990030102930. Umashankar. 2007. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 203 pgs.
      Brihad Brahmanityakarmasamuchya., 99999990292701. Thaker, Yagya Durgashankar. 2019. sanskrit. Devotional. 513 pgs.

      • M L N Gowtham Sarma says:

        the first one is for rig veda ,
        and the second link was a forbidden one ,
        and the third one is for sulkla yajur veda…

        but i have requested you for hiranyakesheya (satyashadeya) bramhakarma smuchchaya of krishna yajur veda….

  246. Sanskrit_Student says:

    hi Bharateeya,

    Thanks for uploading the Bhavishya Mahapuranam of Venkateshwar press. I am looking for the one by Baburam Upadhyay with hindi commentary of Bhavisya Mahapuranam. I am searching but cannot find it at all. Please can you upload or locate the link for me please?

  247. Sanskrit_Student says:

    I have seen it on youtube but cannot find a scanned copy of that book.

    भविष्य पुराण
    Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation
    Introduction and translation by Baburam Upadhyay
    Set of 3 books
    2003 25 x 19 cm 2340 pages

  248. Sanskrit_Student says:

    It is printed by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad


    It has Sanskrit text with hindi translation. If anyone can upload the copy it would be of great help.

    • bharateeya says:

      It is copyrighted. First edition was published in 1981 only. You may either buy a copy or get it from a library.

  249. Sanskrit_Student says:

    Thanks Bharateeya,

    Can I buy a digital version? Or can I lend it from a digital library?
    If yes, please do let me know

  250. Sanskrit_Student says:

    Any idea?

    • bharateeya says:

      I have no idea about its digital version. It is very rare to find digital versions of recent editions of Hindi books.

  251. inti says:

    great site, very great forum to search for books on internet on sanskrit

    personally i would like to know if you came across the Kalika Purana and/os Skanda Purana, preferably with or in english translation somewhere on the web, because however much i browse find these nowhere. A affordable paper version would be nice too.


  252. Abhijit Haldankar says:

    Can I get Samrangan Sutradhar by Raja Bhoj on internet?

  253. inti says:

    NB http://www.kamakoti.org/kamakoti/details/skandapurana38.html
    has intersesting, although neccesarilly very condensed, essences of Skanda Purana chapters

  254. Pa Da says:

    I am looking for free download of The Sanskrit Language Walter Harding Maurer, Please someone send me a link to my email address: jupite1957@gmail.com
    Pa Darshan

  255. Veeresh.M says:

    Respected sir/madam,
    Can i get “Bruhasputha siddantha”
    ” Ashtaanga Hrudaya” and ” Aaryabhateeyam”

  256. bharateeya says:

    Arvind Arya, You can download Vedanta Sara with Hindi translation from https://archive.org/details/Vedantasara_With_Commentary_Of_Nrisimha_Saraswati_Hindi_Tika_Pt_Ramswarup_1900_Khemraj
    It contains a Sanskrit commentary by Nrisimha Sarasvati also.

  257. Dipankar Dutta says:

    Sir , really you are doing a wonderfull job . I have no words to thank you . It’s a precious site for me . I am looking for Suktas of Rg veda with Sayana vashya in sanskrit. If have any link then send me . I will be greatful to you .

  258. M L N Gowtham Sarma says:

    hi can u get me

    ishadi astothara satopanioshada, chowkhamba sanskrit book of 108 upanishats

  259. Dipankar Dutta says:

    Sir , I want to learn PADAPATHA , is there any book which can help me .

  260. M L N Gowtham Sarma says:

    can u please search “bodhayana bramhakarma samuchayam” for me

  261. Parvati Jayakumar says:

    Respected Sir/ Madam,

    Could you please help me by providing any site which gives information on sadachara. Thanking you for yoiur cooperation in advance

  262. G Mishra says:

    very informative and good website. I appreciate your efforts. I wish to download the Kadambari in sanskrit.. can you help me?

  263. krishnamurthy says:

    Hello everybody,

    wanted to know if any body has an english meaning of Mahaanyas slokhas of the upanishads.

  264. pavanakumarasarma says:

    hello everybody,
    i want षट्त्रिंशन्मतिसङ्ग्रहः book.. please help me

    • bharateeya says:

      Pavan Kumar Sarma, Could you provide name of author and publisher? This text is not listed in catalogue sites such as worldcat.org.

  265. Gangaram Nimase says:

    तत्वमसी महावाक्य पंचीकरण किवा महावाक्य पंचीकरण हे पुस्तक कुठे मिळेल

  266. Mrigankasekhar Mishra says:

    mahtman, Kripaya mahyam princess of wells sarasvati Bhavan text n0 20,2,11.45 pratham bhaga.nrisimhaPrasad -Pratisthasara,Deyam.

  267. Mrigankasekhar Mishra says:

    Mahatman,Kripaya mahyam princess of wells sarasvati bhavan text no-2,11, 20,17 pratisthasara dadatu.

  268. vasudha says:


    Keep up the good work!

    May your collection grow and help us who need reference into the Sanskrit works.

  269. M L N Gowtham Sarma says:


    • bharateeya says:

      Sarmaji, Digital Library of India has the following titles related to Brahma Karma. I could not locate Baudhayana Brahma Karma Samuchchaya.

      Ath Rigvediyabrahmakarm Samucchaya., 99999990002734. Sharma, Vasudev. 1899. sanskrit. Vaidik Sahitya – Brahmakarma Sangrah. 910 pgs.
      Brahmanityakarmasamucaya., 1990030102930. Umashankar. 2007. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 203 pgs.
      Brihad Brahmanityakarmasamuchya., 99999990292701. Thaker, Yagya Durgashankar. 2019. sanskrit. Devotional. 513 pgs.

  270. m muthyam goud says:

    iam first time in theis field idont
    know please help me learn more thanks for ebooks dowloadig

  271. iam very intrested for sanskrit basha writing learning speeking i allso air sanskrit news lessons regular

  272. sanskrit basha throw in telugu basha

  273. magur sishupala vadam very intrested this program in ttd svbc continu watch regular now this program stop

  274. anagha says:

    Respected sir,
    I am searching Sanskrit research papers to understand how to write research paper can you help me….. Do you know about any site?





  276. srinu says:

    sir i serached ur website for atibala and mahabala books……

    not found for this books……..

  277. anagha says:

    Respected sir,
    I was searching काव्यालंकार of भामह can you please tell me where can I get this. Plz help me.

  278. anil says:

    Sir , I want to dashkumar charit ,purab tithika writer dandi sanskrit book, is there any book which can help me .

  279. I wrote some books in samskritham for my own pleasure. I came across this blog recently. can i post my books here? the books are
    1. SrikaaLahastiisvarasatakam ( samskritham translation to a famous telugu book by poet dhurjati of 16 th century.
    2. daasarathisatakam ( samskritham translation to a famous telugu book by kancerla gopanna or bhadraacala ramadasu of 17 th century.
    3. paandavodyogamu ( drama -6 acts – samskritham translation to a popular telugu drama by duo poets tirupathi venkatakavulu of 20 th century.
    4. pandavavijayamu ( drama- 8 acts . as above
    5. satyaharischandram ( samskritham drama- 5 acts. not translation. composed by me.
    problem is that all are typed in telugu fonts !

  280. Sandip says:

    Sir, Would you like to suggest me any book which can help me to learn speak and write Sanskrit through Bengali language.

  281. Mahesh desai says:

    How to download Sanskrit vyavhar sahashrisanskrit conversation

  282. Ravikiran says:

    I want Banabhatta’s ‘Kaadambari’. Upload please.

  283. M.Vinoth says:

    Namaste. I am searching for MalatiMadhavam (मालतीमाधवम्)with commentary except Jagaddhara and Tripurari. Could any one suggest me for the book?

  284. M L N GOWTHAM SHARMA says:

    any of these books please….

    1 Atharvaveda–Padapathanukramani(S), Ed. By Vishva Bandhu (1954).
    2 Atharvaveda–Rsi-devata–Chandonukramanika (S),Ed. By Vishva Bandhu
    3 The Atharvaveda: A Literary Study(H). A Comperhensive Study of the
    Atharvaveda from the various literary points of view, such as Alamkara, Rasa,Dhvani, etc. (Pp.308), by Matri Datta Trivedi(1973).

  285. Pramod says:

    Can i get d link of Bhojaraja’s Champu Ramayana please?

  286. shastriacharya says:

    Sir I didn’t get the RUDRAPARTAP YASHOBHUSHNAM by VIDYANATH Ji. If you have the reference or link that provide me I would be very grateful to you forever. With thanks.
    A sanskrit lover.
    Shastriacharya jasvinder Singh.

  287. Prof. Vinayak Anant Kelkar says:

    From which site I can download Manusmruti?

  288. Udayana says:

    From which site I can download
    Anekartha Sahitya Sangraha : Ed : Muni Chatura Vijaya, Sri Jaina Praacheena Sahityoddhara Granthavalii, 1935

    • bharateeya says:

      Anekartha Sahitya Sangraha Part 1 is available at Digital Library of India (http://dli.gov.in/).
      Anekarth Sahitya Sangrah ., 4990010031382. Suri, Somprabh. 1935. sanskrit. Devotional. 301 pgs.

  289. Pritiranjan Majhi says:

    plz help me to find out the literary works of asvaghosa and bhasyas if possible.

    • bharateeya says:

      Majhi, I like helping Sanskrit scholars and students to locate Sanskrit books available on the internet. But, it would be nice if you search the internet before asking for my help. There are plenty of scans of Asvaghosha’s works at Digital Library of India and archive.org. Giving below entries from DLI (http://dli.gov.in/). If you are looking for any other title or edition and you can’t find it on the internet, let me know.

      asvaghosa., 99999990226633. law, bimala churn. 1946. english. NULL. 106 pgs.
      Asvaghosa., 4990010017208. Bhattacharya,Dr.Biswanath . 1976. sanskrit. Biography. 470 pgs.
      Asvaghosa., 99999990333133. Law, Bimala Churn. 1946. english. Philosophy. 120 pgs.
      Asvaghosa., 5990010900838. Bimala Churn Law. 1946. english. Literature. 102 pgs.
      Buddha_charitra_of_asvagahosha.., 1999990073494. Cowell, E. B.. 1893. sanskrit. Literature. 190 pgs.
      saundarananda_kavya_of_arya_bhadanta_asvaghosa., 2020010007536. haraprasad_shastri. 1939. sanskrit. NULL. 212 pgs.
      The Buddha Kartika Of Asvaghosha., 5010010077809. E.B.Cowell. 1893. multilingual. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 200 pgs.
      The Buddha-Karita of Asvaghosha., 5990010904122. E. B. Cowell. 1893. english. Null. 195 pgs.
      The Saundarananda Of Asvaghosa., 99999990293186. Johnston,E.H.. 1960. sanskrit. Devotional. 181 pgs.
      The Saundarananda Of Asvaghosa., 99999990321377. Johnston,E.H.. 1960. sanskrit. Devotional. 181 pgs.
      The Saundarananda of Asvaghosa., 5990010903479. E H Johnston. 0. english. Literature. 186 pgs.
      The Sundarananda Of Asvaghosa., 5010010078305. E.H.Johnston. 1928. Sanskrit. LANGUAGE. LINGUISTICS. LITERATURE. 186 pgs.
      The vajrasuci of asvaghosa., 99999990292266. Mukhopadhyay,Sujitkumar. 1949. sanskrit. Devotional. 74 pgs.
      The vajrasuci of asvaghosa., 99999990320457. Mukhopadhyay,Sujitkumar. 1949. sanskrit. Devotional. 74 pgs.
      TheSaundarananda of Asvaghosa., 99999990880009. Johnston, E,.H. 1928. sanskrit. LANGUAGE. LINGUISTICS. LITERATURE. 192 pgs.
      buddhacharita., 99999990011616. asvaghosa. 0. english. buddhism. 246 pgs.
      Buddhist Mahayana Texts pt. 1- 2., 4990010224424. Asvaghosha. 1894. english. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 476 pgs.
      Fo-Sho-Hing-Tsan-King., 4990010209639. Bodhisattva, Asvaghosha. 1897. english. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 426 pgs.
      fo-sho-hing-tsan-king a life of buddha., 99999990039936. bodhisattva, asvaghosha. 1883. english. buddhism . 460 pgs.
      fo-sho-hing-tsan-king a life of buddha., 99999990838593. bodhisattva, asvaghosha. 1883. english. buddhism . 460 pgs.
      Saundaranadam kavaya.., 1999990073522. Asvaghasa.. 1910. sanskrit. Literature. 168 pgs.
      The Buddha-Karita., 4990010004320. Asvaghosha. 1894. english. History.Biography.Geography. 420 pgs.
      The Buddha-karita Or Life Of Buddha., 4990010196072. Asvaghosha. 1894. english. RELIGION IN LITERATURE-POETRY. 422 pgs.

  290. Sheetal says:

    I want yogratnakar book downloaded .. From where I would get it ??

  291. Rayon Chakravorty says:

    I need the grihyasutras in bengali.
    would you please help me?

  292. Rayon Chakraborty says:

    thanks for yor reply.
    but i need pdf files in bengali.
    please help me.

    • bharateeya says:

      Rayon, I don’t know Bengali. Nor do I have any information on Bengali editions of Sanskrit books. I am helpless in this matter.

  293. Rayon Chakravorty says:

    thans for reply.
    we most of bengalis perform ‘achamana ‘
    saying “om vishnu ” and drinking water three times.I want to know is there any reference of saying “om vishnu ” before drinking water while performing “achamana “??
    I have heard that boudhayana grihyasutra 2/14/8 and lattyana grihyasutra 2nd chapter,5th kathaka,6th mandala,8 no sutra say about
    “om vishnu “.
    I have neighter boudhayan grihyasutra nor lattyana grihyasutra to check those reference.
    so can you provide the sloka from (boudhayana grihyasutra 2/14/8 with English translation)or (lattyana grihyasutra 2/5/6/8 with English translation)??

  294. विनय पालीवाल says:

    अति उत्तम

  295. ASHOK SHARMA says:


    • bharateeya says:

      Please search first at Digital Library of India (http://dli.gov.in/) for any Sanskrit book. You may write here only if you are not able to find a book. DLI has several editions of Rachananuvad Kaumudi.

      Praod- Rachananuvadakaomudi., 99999990070989. Dr. Kapil Deva Divvedi. 1954. sanskrit. Literature. 462 pgs.
      Prarambhik Rachana Anuvadh Koamudi., 4990010028855. Muni Kapil. 1978. sanskrit. Literature. 167 pgs.
      Praudh-Rachnanuvad Kaumudi., 99999990003040. Dr. Kapil Divedi. 1961. sanskrit. Sanskrit Sahitya. 439 pgs.
      Proidh Rachananuvadkoimudi., 99999990076607. Devadhar, C. R.. 1960. hindi. Literature. 455 pgs.
      Proidh Rachananuvadkoimudi., 99999990302610. Devadhar, C. R.. 1960. hindi. Literature. 455 pgs.
      Prorh rachananuvad kaumudi., 1990010092918. KAPIL DEV. 1961. hindi. LITERATURE. 430 pgs.
      Rachnanuvaad – Kaumudi., 5990010114444. Dr. Kapildev Dwivedi ‘Acharya’. 1942. hindi. LANGUAGE. LINGUISTICS. LITERATURE. 237 pgs.
      Rachnanuvaad Kaumudi., 5990010098905. K D Dwivedi. 0. sanskrit. LANGUAGE.LINGUISTICS.LITERATURE. 268 pgs.

  296. Arun says:

    I want Caraka samhita book all volumes in english or telugu to download.
    Please let me know where i can download it.
    Thank you for your kind support.

    • bharateeya says:

      Arun, Please search at Digital Library of India (http://dli.gov.in/) and archive.org. Various editions of Charaka Samhita are available at these sites. If you are not able to locate any part of it, let me know. I will try to help you.

  297. Devang RAVAL says:

    Bhrigu samhita merath ke bhaag mil sakege online.
    Thank you.

  298. Anoop says:

    Pranamam, I am searching for a long time; for Sanskrit with english translations of Tantraloka of Abhinavagupta and Mantra Maharnava.. I have hundreds of tantric texts including Tantrasara and Mantramahodhadhi but not the two I mentioned above.. Hope you have them.. Please guide me..

  299. M L N GOWTHAM SHARMA says:

    1 “atharva vede santhi pusti karmani” dr. mayamalaveya, varanasi 1967
    2 “karmaja bhava vyadi daivee chiktsa” pandit kesavdeva ji, sastry atharva prakashak, new delhi 1977
    please find these books…
    thank u

  300. Radhey Syam says:

    sir i want books related to jyotish , karmkand ,vedic ,grammar including most popular books

  301. Gowri P. says:

    Namaste Sir,

    I need ‘Subhashita Suradruma’. Where shall I find?

  302. raghavendra says:


  303. raghavendra says:

    this is what i was looking for , for some time …………..THANK YOU SIR

  304. Nishant says:

    How can I download pdf of solutions and translations of new deep manika 3 of class 8th

  305. rishabh says:

    i need varahi kavch
    and manter

  306. Abhinish Kale says:

    Namaste All

    I wish to have Dr. Tulsiram Sharma’s Rig and Atharva veda pdf soft copy. If not his, any other writer who has authentic translations of English, no fabrications, along-with Sanskrit original texts and their meanings.

    Similarly, i am also looking out for 108 Upanishads having the same structure which i mentioned above. Kindly help me in tracing these. My email id is kaleabhinish@yahoo.co.in.

    Thanking in advance

    Abhinish Kale


  307. Anil Vora says:

    You people are doing a superb selfless service for the propagation of SANSKRIT literature.Please create facility paying on-line donation on your site.MANY MANY thanks for the service.

    Anil Vora

  308. madan says:

    sir i m looking for rasgangadhar vishveshwari teeka ….

    • bharateeya says:

      Madan, Please provide name of publisher and year of publication. I could not find any information on such an edition at worldcat site.

  309. Dhiraj Khimani says:

    Sir I am looking for 3 e-books (pdf)in hindi & Sanskrit language .
    3.shridharmukhkhulosini by govindacharya.
    Can you help me by sending link…I need it..
    Hope your positive response

  310. Abhishek Kumar Bidua says:

    Thanks for answering the questions and providing the useful links for our ancient books.

  311. Gopalakrishna Hangari says:

    Hari Om namaste, I am looking for Panditaraajeeyam(By Dr.Ramakanta Shukla)
    can any one help me to find this Drama?

  312. mona says:

    hello sir , i am not able to find the link to hitopadesh stories with english translation please help me out.

  313. amar says:

    now i need sanskrit sudha part 2 book marina publications

    • bharateeya says:

      Amar, Recently published books are protected by copyright. You will have to buy such books from the publishers/book shops or get them from libraries.

  314. T V Ram Kumar says:

    Can You please upload the purushottama mahatyam from skanda puran. Very very sincere request if it is translated in english

  315. arti saroj says:

    plz batayen ki aadhunik sanskrit natak ki hindi tikasahit book kaise prapt karen ya phir download karen plzzzzzz….

    • bharateeya says:

      Arti Saroj, If you give specific titles of the Sanskrit dramas you require, I will be able to guide you better.

  316. kasthourirangane says:

    may i get the Samskritha Vakini Book immeditaly

    • bharateeya says:

      Kasthouri, I have not heard of ‘Samskrita Vakini’. Can you provide more details like names of author, publisher, etc.?

  317. Vignesh Kannan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to read Tattva Sangraha Ramayana. Can you please tell me where I download or else please tell me where I can buy it.

    Vignesh Kannan.

    • bharateeya says:

      Vignesh Kannan, Tattvasangraharamayana was published in 2006 by Oriental Research Institute, Sri Venkatesvara University, Tirupati as per the catalogue entry at http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/228633875
      Since it is a recent publication it may not be available for download. You may have to buy it from the publishers or access it from public libraries.

      • Vignesh Kannan says:

        Dear Sir, Thank you for the valuable reply. Can you please provide me the details to reach the publisher to buy the book.

  318. Krishan Gopal says:

    Sir can you send me the link from where I can download manual chakram and durgacharan padhati


    Karmaja bhava vyadhi daivee chikitsa
    By kesava sastry on atharva veda book please

    • bharateeya says:

      Sarmaji, Recently published books are not usually available for download. Is this book free from copyright?


        This is very old book sir

        • bharateeya says:


          Atharvavediya Karmaja Vyadhi Nirodha by Kesavadeva Sastri was published in 1975. It is available in Digital Library of India collection. Link is given below.

          • M L N GOWTHAM SHARMA says:

            i have this book (Atharvavediya Karmaja Vyadhi Nirodha by Kesavadeva Sastri) sir…
            the book i requested was a second book by keshava sastri ji on atharva veda…
            i had searched all around and couldn’t find this book. please help if it is available on any other sources.
            thank u

  320. M L N GOWTHAM SHARMA says:

    Can you help me with this following books?
    1 “atharva prayascittani” by julius von negelein
    2 “kaushika paddati” on kaushika gruhya sutra of atharva veda written by kesava
    3 atharva vediya mantra vidya by priyaratna aarsh 1999
    4 kausikasutra darilabhashya edited by H.R. diwakar poona 1972( tilak maharashtra vidyapetha)
    5 atharva veda sayana bhasya by vishwabandhu 1 to 4 parts and appendix


    Atharva Veda Mantra Samhita please

  322. Aswini Kumar Mishra says:

    plz send the link for downloading the vedas & the Upanisads


    Can you help me in finding “darila bhashya of kaushika gruya sutra”?
    Thank you for previous books

  324. Aniket Ghivalikar says:

    Namaskar, need Aadya Shri Shankaracharya Gita Bhashya translated in Marathi. please provide if it is.


    Can you find me a book ” VEDA VIKRUTHI LAKSHNA SANGRAHAH” By Dr. G. V. Devasthali, Pune
    Thank you

  326. Manish Kumar says:

    वृक्षा योग्य where I found

  327. Ganesh Sharma says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am looking for Devavanipravesika: An Introduction to the Sanskrit Language 3rd (third) Edition by Robert P. Goldman published by U C Regents (1999).

    • bharateeya says:

      Please do not request for copyrighted books. This blog aims to share only those Sanskrit books which are in open domain.


    Can anyone help me finding “siksha sangrahah”


    Can you find “galitha pradepa” by lakshmidhara suri

  330. Safal Sharma says:

    I want to read laghusiddhantkaumudi with Hindi translation. Can you provide this book with Hindi translation so I can easily understand the grammar of this book. It will be very helpful to me.


    Can anyone gave an idea of “mula yajurveda samhita” by bramharshi devavrata” printed by banares hindu University sanskrit series volume 3

    • bharateeya says:

      Sarmaji, I guess you already know about it. Maharshi Daivarata was a disciple of Ganapati Muni, who in turn was a devotee of Ramana Maharshi. It is said that Maharshi Daivarata used to receive revelations of Veda Mantras i.e. he used to chant hitherto unheard of Vedic mantras while he was in trance. Ganapati Muni compiled and got them published under different titles. Mula Yajurveda Samhita is one among such books. Most of his works are available online at SCRIBD and archive.org.
      Link to Mula Yajurveda Samhita – https://www.scribd.com/document/194471604/Mula-Yajurveda-Samhita-Vol-VIII-BHU

      • M L N GOWTHAM SHARMA says:

        thank you for ur valuable information sir. actually i dont know this much about this work because a have gone through it any just heard the title and tested my luck here. thank you once again.
        by the way… you replied that “Galitha pradepa of lakshmidhara suri” is available with sampornanda university for my last post, i Checked the publication list and couldn’t find any.
        and for now i couldn’t find “mula Yajur veda samhitha” archive.org
        can you give me that link?
        thank you

        • bharateeya says:

          Sarmaji, I have given link to Mula Yajurveda Samhita at SCRIBD. This book is not there at archive.org.
          Regarding Galitapradipa, it was published by Varanaseya Samskrita Visvavidyalaya in 1956. This institution is now known as Sampurnananda Sanskrit University. I don’t whether this book is still available in print. You may try to access it from nearest public library. Giving below link to its publication details.

          • M L N GOWTHAM SHARMA says:

            Thank you
            i got Mula yajurveda samhita from scribd. galitapradepa was outof print

          • bharateeya says:

            Sarmaji, I will also look for it in libraries and let you know if I find it.


    Good afternoon sir
    Have you any idea of a book named “jata paribhasha”
    If yes let me know

  333. Sagar says:

    Any have link of Paraskar grihya sutra in hindi or any links pls send

  334. Surya Mani Tripathi says:

    I want to down load some pdf version of great Poet Kalidas like Kumar shambhav, Meghdootam, Abhigyanshakumtalam for my child for educational purpose. Can you provide the same. I tried different links on this site but nothing is coming.

    Thanks and regards’

  335. KRISHNA RAO says:

    Copy of vikramorvasheeyam please.

  336. pankaj kumar says:

    plz i need 13 plays of bhasya in hindi language..anyone u can send me this id(pankajjdev43@gmail.com)

  337. Shivadutt Pandey says:

    Namaskar bharateeya
    Hume aisa koi download link bataiye jo sri mad bhagavad puran par kisi bhi tika ka bhasanuvad kiya hai ( jaise sri dhari tika ka bhasanuvad ya kisi aur tika ka bhasanuvad )

  338. rahul singh says:

    dear sir,
    do you have a copy of mathamnaya mahanushasanam ? if you can arrange it from some where please send to my email. rs19309@gmail.com

  339. 6 to 12 class materials available this site :- https://www.samskrittutorial.in
    sanskrit class 7 materials(videos/pdf/script) available app (application )
    6 to 12 class app also available play store, search on samskrit promotion or samskrit tutorial.




  341. Ishita says:

    Can you provide the links for the english translated version of Sahitya Darpana by Vishwanatha Kaviraja?

  342. Bikesh says:

    Sir, Can I have a link of Krishi Parashar in Hindi ? and other vedic agricultre books ?

  343. अमित सेमवाल says:

    मान्यवर प्रणाम संस्कृत में मानव मूल्य से सम्बन्धित पुस्तक मिल सकती है क्या।

    • bharateeya says:

      Amit Semwal, You will find several Ph.D. theses on ‘Values in Sanskrit Literature’ at Shodhganga Site – http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/
      Giving below names of some of the theses on this subject.

      Rashtriya Mulyasikshanamadhye Mahabharatache Yogdan – Aparna Vamdev Joshi 2016
      Srimad Bhagavata Me Varnit Samajik Mulyon Ka Adhyayan – Antima Srivastava 1998
      Nature of Values in the Valmiki Ramayana – Nirmala Nayak 1985
      Values of Life Reflected in Kalidasa – Kanaklata Devi 1984
      Concept of Human Values in Manu Smriti – Sanatan Kalita 2008



    मै सौराष्ट्र विश्वविद्यालय में PH.D. कर रहा हूँ | मेरा विषय है आपस्तम्बगृह्यसूत्र, अतः मुझे हिंदी भाषांतर के साथ कोई पुस्तक मिल सकती है | कोई लिंक मिल जाये तो मैं DOWNLOAD भी कर लूँगा |


  345. chetan patel says:

    can i get the book maalika

  346. PK says:


    Very good website for Sanskrit books and literature. I would like to know if you have books on Sanskrit grammar. I know you have a section dedicated for that but the books are very old published around 1890 – 1920. Not to mention that they are not useful, however, looking for something later. I had learned Sanskrit in my school days and am looking to teach to my daughter. We had grammar books in Devanagari script and I am looking for same. It should teach about Sandhi, Samas, Vibhakati etc.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

  347. Shivadutt Pandey says:

    Namaste ji,

    Hume mahamandaleshwar swami vidhyanand ji ki gita gaurav bhashya aur dvadash upanishad vyakhya ki pustak ka download link bataneki kripa kare.

  348. prachi kadu says:

    Can you please help me with Prithivi Sukta- hymn to earth ( Atharava Vedas) in sanskrit..in form of pdf copy or book( with reference of writer and publisher)

    yours hopefully.

  349. B Somasheakra says:

    1. Balaramayana of P.S.Ananthanarayana Shashtri
    Ed: T.K.Ramachandra Aiyar, Pub: R.S.Vadhyar & Sons, Palghat 1987
    2. Kumarasambhavam V Canto – Dr.M.Shivakumaraswamy, Pub: Prasaranga BUB
    3. Kumarasambhavam – M.R.Kale
    4. Kumarasambhavam V Canto – Dr.K.Narappa, Prasaranga BUB
    5. Samskrita sahithya sameekshe (Kannada) – Dr.M.Sivakumaraswamy
    6. History of Sanskrit Literature – S.Rangachar.
    7. History of Sanskrit Literature – M.Winternitz
    8. Short History of Sanskrit Literature – T.K.Ramachandra Aiyar

    Hello Good Morning. I need any of this book for I year B Com, Can you please sugest me.

  350. Avinash Kansagara says:


    Metre in Sanskrit

    i try to find out this book online but i can’t got it.
    Place sir help me..

  351. Avinash Kansagara says:

    Thanks sir….
    If any information about rampanivad please send me….
    Once again thanks

  352. Krishnan S says:

    Sir, Namastey. please let me know where can I get the SANSKRIT version of the books written by Sri Krishna Premi Maharaj (Sri Sri Anna).



    मै सौराष्ट्र विश्वविद्यालय में PH.D. कर रहा हूँ | मेरा विषय है आपस्तम्बगृह्यसूत्र, अतः मुझे हिंदी भाषांतर के साथ कोई पुस्तक मिल सकती है | कोई लिंक मिल जाये तो मैं DOWNLOAD भी कर लूँगा |






  355. sushant says:

    sir can i get online pdf the book NIRUKTAM by Yaskacharya.

  356. vinod m n says:

    Can you give praudhamanorama?

  357. Ravi kumar says:

    sar mujhe harishchandraupakhyan book chahiye

  358. Saurabh kulkqrni says:

    Sir i want dwadasha darshana sopanavali pdf …plz send me the link….

  359. subash says:

    How can get nyayarakshamani of appayya deekshit….. PDF document

  360. shrikrishna bhat says:

    please lead me to find books by shounaka rishi viz-rigvidhana-shounakeeyam. parishishta’grihapooja etc.


    I want the sanskrit book TATTWA SARAYANA by SAGE VASISTHA.. Please help me to get the book…

    • bharateeya says:

      It seems Tattvasarayana also known as Gurujnanavasishtha is not available online. As per worldcat site, this text was edited and published by Otto Schrader in 1906 in Madras. You may try to locate it in major University libraries.

  362. Ram says:


    Any possibility of getting Sivarakamani Deepika Vol 2 and more?

    Thanks for your help.


    can you help me with any vydika sandhyavandana for vaishyas?

  364. Balaji says:

    Thanks for your contribution?

    Can you please help me to get book –
    1) Garuda Puranam with 100 chapter “Shatadhyayi” (or) shatadhyayi alone as well.

    2) Sri Ranga Mahatmya

  365. Sir, good evening, can you help me to give some link of philosophical books of vyakaran shastra…

  366. K A Sankaran says:

    I am looking for dhyaana slokas of hindustani ragas.Could you kindly help?

  367. Raghu veer says:

    Sir please keep digi bharatham link for 8 th class

  368. Very good websites giving tools for learning Sanskrit

  369. Ashish tiwari says:

    can i get bhakatmala book from khemraj prakashan written by maharaja raghuraj raj singh judev rewa naresh


    Sir plz give me pdf books of “Rajnitililamritom” author “Dipok ghosh”….plz sir its very urjent plz

  371. Suman Banerjee says:

    sir वक्रोक्तिजीवितम् Hindi translation ka koi link please..

  372. bharateeya says:

    Giving below link to Vakrotijivitam with Hindi translation.

    • Suman Banerjee says: