Samskrita Vaangmaye Visvakosaah – S Jagannatha

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Samskrita Vaangmaye Visvakosaah‘ by Sanskrit poet Sri. S. Jagannatha of Mysore is an introduction to the encyclopedic works in Sanskrit literature such as (Raja) Manasollasa of Somesvara, Sivatattvaratnakara of Keladi Basavaraja and Laghusabdasarvasva of Paravastu Venkatarangacharya. The present edition of this book is a revised version of author’s monograph on this subject published by Sri Raghavendra Mutt in Mantralaya in 1909.

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Samskrita Vaangmaye Visvakosaah – S Jagannatha — 14 Comments

  1. Is any Sanskrit book with linga,vibhakti,samasa relating to Vishnu Sahasranama available? Also,is any Sanskrit to Sanskrit dictionary available in pdf format? Dhanyavad .I am a beginner,but I don’t wish to learn Sanskrit through English.

  2. काव्यप्रकाश (१६ टीकायों के साथ): ज्यात्सना मोहन। पार्ट_१,४,६ चाहिए सर।

    • We can help only in the case of old publications, which are not copyrighted. Jyotsna Mohan’s edition is a recent publication. You may access it from you University library.

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