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Kumarasambhava is a legendary Sanskrit poem written by Mahakavi Kalidasa. It is one of the most foremost and substantial examples of `Kavya` poetry. Kumarasambhava literally stands for “Birth of the War-god”, i.e. Kartikeya, Shiva`s first son.

Kumarasambhava essentially talks about the courtship of Lord Shiva and Parvati. The bulk of chapters have enormous details about the love and romance between Shiva and Parvati. It is stated that a powerful demon named Tarakasura was blessed with the boon that only the child of Lord Shiva could vanquish him and no other. Likewise, Shiva had cut short the desire for love through passionate meditation. Due to Parvati`s brilliant efforts and after much penance, she won the love of Lord Shiva.

After sometime, Shiva and Parvati were blessed with a son whom they named Kartikeya. He grew up and slew the demon Tarakasur and re-established peace and glory of Lord Indra and the divine world.

It is said that Kalidasa had left home to attain worldly knowledge and turn the ‘enlightened one’. On his return, his wife asked, “Asti Kashchit Vagvisheshah”, standing for, “Have you attained any palpable knowledge that should make me give you a special welcome?” Kalidasa gave her a fitting reply and spanning a period of few years, he wrote three great epics based on three letters spoken by his wife. From “Asti” he produced “Kumarasambhava”; from “Kaschit” he penned “Meghaduta” and from “Vagvisheshah” he wrote “Raghuvansha”.


Kumarasambhava Cantos I-VII – Sanskrit Commentary, English Translation & Notes – MR Kale

Kumarasambhavam – Eng Translation by RTH Griffith

Kumarasambhavam with Mallinatha’s Sanskrit Commentary

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  1. Great ! I was looking for it.

  2. ramu says:

    Another of great “Kumar” Shankara’s Kumarasambhavam. !!

  3. bach says:

    Hi, I am looking for “mrichakatika”. Can you help me out?

  4. vamsi says:

    iam studing in vedicuniversity so,i want some books as like as kumara sambhava,etc…

  5. Mathangi says:

    I studied the 7th canto of this amazing epic in college.

    I am looking for a Sanskrit ebook. I hope to find it on DLI. Thanks for the informative article.

  6. siva says:

    hey friends iam studying 9th std i need 6th canto kumarasambhava sloka with english meaning pls anyone help urgent

  7. ghanshyam lal bharadwaj says:

    can anybody tell me some more good sanskrot sites

  8. manvi agarwal says:

    hey, i want a good matter on the great poet kalidasa in sanskrit can u please help me, its urgent
    with regards

  9. Sir, are there more cantos than VII available through the first link?

  10. naveen says:

    Kumarasambhavam – Eng Translation by RTH Griffith was not downloading please post the file plz……………..

  11. xpertran says:

    Apropos Kalidasa’s enlightenment, the story goes as follows : Kalidasa was a goat/shepherd and was to begin with an illiterate and had a different name. Goddess Kali appeared before him and after a dialogue wrote out on his tongue :
    “Asthi Kaschith Vaak Viseshaha” in Sanskrit after which Kalidasa became a “littérateur extraordinaire”. He then also assumed the name of ‘Kalidasa’ and became a Royal Poet in King Bhoja Raja’s court, who himself was a great sanskrit poet/author.

  12. arun says:

    I am looking for ganesh and kartikeya marriage story in sanskrit.

  13. Rajam Sundar says:

    Hi! It is great. the text is useful. Is there the prose order of the text. pl. let me know thanks

  14. priya kaushik says:

    I want a poem or song which is in sanskrit… can u plz provide me tht

  15. Pampa says:

    Can anybody provide me the Himalaya Vandana of Kalidasa’s Kumarsambhavam? I’m frantically looking for it.Pls. help.

  16. Kashinath Nyaupane says:

    I need raghuvamsa and kumarasambhava of Kalidasa
    Kashinath Nyaupane,
    Nepal Sanskrit university,
    Kathmandu , Nepal.

  17. aarshya says:

    I need a poem written in Sanskrit

  18. Rohit says:

    Sir where can i download/get these books in hindi for free?

    • meena says:

      i need kumarasambavam sanskrit to telugu traslation

      • bharateeya says:


        Various editions of Kumarasambhava in Telugu with translation are available at DLI (Digital Library of India).

        kumara_sambavamu_samskrutandra_tikasahitamu., 2020010005894. sri kalidasu. 1948. telugu. NULL. 178 pgs.
        Kumara_Sambhavamu., 2020010001713. kalidas. 1918. TELUGU. literature. 330 pgs.
        Nannechoda Devakrutha Kumara Sambavamu., 2020120001003. J.Mrutunjaya Rao. 1994. telugu. POERTY. 762 pgs.
        Nannechoda Devakrutha Kumara Sambavamu., 2020120035038. J.Mrutunjaya Rao. 1994. telugu. POERTY. 762 pgs.
        Sri Andhra Kumar Sambhavamu-Part-1., 2020120035568. A.Somanadha Raya. 1914. telugu. -. 117 pgs.
        sri_kumara_sambavamu., 2020010007898. mahakavi kalidasaparaneetamu. 1943. telugu. NULL. 318 pgs.

        I do not know Telugu. So, I cannot help you much in this matter. For guidance to download books from DLI, visit http://sanskritdocuments.org/scannedbooks/

  19. sudip haldar says:


  20. Poornima Divate says:

    i would like to read kumarsambhavam with english translation

    • bharateeya says:

      Poornima Divate,

      Link to Kumarasambhavam with English translation by MR Kale is already provided above. So, I do not understand your comment.

    • K. V. Ananthanarayanan says:

      I’m interested to read Kumar sambavam of original kalidasas in English meaning.

  21. lavanya says:

    can i find kumara sambhavam in telugu

    • bharateeya says:


      Giving below link to Kumarasambhava in Telugu available at Digital Library of India
      sri_kumara_sambavamu., 2020010007898. mahakavi kalidasaparaneetamu. 1943. telugu. NULL. 318 pgs.

  22. nakummihir says:

    i need kumar-Sambhavam in sanskrit on internet help me.

    i need information of kavi kalidas in sanskrit

  23. Saideep says:

    It is great to see such a good work being well maintained and updated. Very Nice. Thank you for the good work

  24. Rajendra SinghDangwal says:

    Kalidas is a foremost name in field of Sanskrit literature .He was born in Uttrakhand At the route of Kedarnath shrine a place called Guptakashi near it the village Kabitha is his birth place .He was in Gupta dynasty .It is well known fact that almost Yakshya was in Himalaya and now their successor are residing in Himalaya called Khasiya or Khash . In his depiction Meghdoot the Alkapuri is certainly Almora .I am not agree with the fact that he was idiot in his early age .Without seeing Himalayaya no one can depict about Kalash and Himalaya

  25. eshwar says:

    plz suggest tell me where ican find complete translaton of kumarasambhava in telugu(with tathparyam)

  26. rajeshbm says:

    hello sir please send me detailed fulll english explanation of canto 3.. Please sir. Please…

    • bharateeya says:


      You will find it in Kumarasambhavam edited with notes by MR Kale which is in the first download link.

  27. rajya shree says:

    hai! Myself rajya shree pls send me send kumarasambhavam in kannada

  28. rajya shree says:

    sir please send kumarasambhava of kalidasa in kannada. Or canto 3 in kannada please.

  29. rajya shree says:

    sir no reply???

  30. rajeshbm says:

    sir please send me kadambari of bana by m.r kale and kumarasambhava of kalidasa by c.r devadhar.

    • bharateeya says:


      Kadambari edited by MR Kale is available at Digital Library of India (dli.gov.in). See the details below.

      A Literal English Translation of Bana’s Kadambari., 99999990301009. Kale, M. R.. 1924. english. Literature. 304 pgs.
      Bana’s Kadambari,Ed.3., 4990010047888. Kale,M.R.. 1928. sanskrit. History. 960 pgs.
      Kadambari Purvabhaga., 99999990293340. Kale,M.R.. 1928. sanskrit. Devotional. 637 pgs.

      I could not find Kumarasambhava edited by Devadhar anywhere on the internet. You may have to borrow it from a library or buy a copy of it.

  31. sooryanarayanan says:

    sir doing great job.

  32. rajya shree says:

    sir please send 1)the origin of the young god by hank heifetz. And 2) the birth of kumara by david smith.

  33. rajeshbm says:

    sir i need kumarasambhava 3rd canto english commentary & english explanation of each sloka. I got english translation but not explanation.

    • bharateeya says:


      Kumarasambhava with English translation and explanation is available at DLI. Link is given below. (Scan quality is a bit poor).
      The Kumarsambhava., 99999990293133. Bhattacharya,Krishna Kamal. 1891. sanskrit. Devotional. 515 pgs.

  34. rajeshbm says:

    iam waiting for your reply.

  35. rajya shree says:

    namaste, my exams are so near. canto 3rd and 4th are quite easy but in the 5th canto all commentaries is very hard to learn and understand.can i write commentary in english in the exams.i need your help. Please reply me asap.

  36. abhijit narayan says:

    when was this written??

  37. pooja says:

    Hi, I want a good Hindi commentary. Any suggestions please? And any any online source?

  38. vidhi shah says:

    great i was just looking for this for school project.thanks

  39. ashtami anil says:

    i am a student .i don’t no about sanskrit . For a poem i enter this website and for my sanskrit recitation competition . now i don’t no what to do . pls help me

  40. Geethha says:

    Sir I want to manidweepa Sanskrit slokas in telugu lipi, not in telugu varnana

  41. Teethi says:

    I want 10 sentence on mahakavi kalidas

  42. keshav prsad says:

    Hindi me book chahiye Kumar sambhuvam

  43. Krishna says:

    hy I need help kumarsambhav canto 5th I need it pls help me

    • bharateeya says:

      Krishna, The link below the blog post contains English translation of 5th canto. I think you did not read it properly.

  44. rajeswari hariharan says:

    very useful to write my assignments

  45. aditi says:

    I want the Hindi translation of kumarsambhava.from where can I get it?

  46. Ramaswamy says:

    I would like, for study purpose, a copy of the 12th canto of Raghuvamsa by Mahakavi Kalidasa, in devnagari script.
    Where can I download? No me to get copy of the book ;from stores

    Thanks a MILLION


  47. sankar says:

    need ecological reading of kalidasa ‘s kumarasambhavam

  48. राजन मिश्र says:

    great sir .

  49. S. Shah says:


    I need Sanskrit to English translation of Kumarasambhava’s 2nd sarga – Brahma Stuti and 6th sarga – Shiv Stuti. Also need sanskrit to English translation of Raghuvansh’s 10th sarga – Vishnu Stuti. Thank you very much for your help.

  50. Rajguru says:

    Hi, I need cantos 8 to 10. Please can anyone help me.

  51. Anshuman Mishra says:

    The wisest book of Sanskrit .

  52. v r veluri says:

    Where can I get kumarasambhavam with mallinaatha Suri’s commentary in Telugu script? Even the Kalidasa’s original was transliterated in Telugu script. Vedam Venkataraya Sastri wrote a preface for the book. Please help.

  53. I want to know about a banglore university BCom 1sem Sanskrit textbook

  54. Devi says:

    I am looking for kumara Sambhavam in telugu. Could you please provide me.

  55. s n sharma says:

    can anybody is aware of shiv parwati sanwad where parwati asks shiva when he comes to her and knock the door- who are you, and shiva says i am shiva.Parwati says there are two shivas, who are you. like that communication goes on in sanskrit.Pl reply

  56. Dr. Navneet Joshi says:

    I’m thankful to U for this valuable service. I’ve downloaded many books, which R most important to me, from this site. Now, I’ve need ‘कंदर्पचूडामणि’ with original text and Sanskrit teeka or Translate in Hindi or English. so Plz. help me if possible.

  57. Dr. Navneet Joshi says:

    मान्यवरा:, सौहार्दपूर्णा: धन्यवादा:|
    अनुगृहितोऽस्मि | प्राप्तम्मया भवद्भि: प्रेषिता link इति | Download चापि कृतो ग्रन्थ: | मम कार्यार्थं तु पर्याप्तैव, परं विना टीकाऽऽधारेण कार्यं सम्यक् न भविष्यतीति मे मति:| अन्यच्च, स्मरणे मे वर्तते यत् बहव: वर्षपूर्वं गायकवाड ओरियेन्टल इन्स्टीट्यूट, बदौडात: टीकया सह प्रकाशितो जातोऽयं ग्रन्थ इति | कोऽनुवादक: संपादको वा विस्मृतोऽहम् | शक्यं यद्यन्वेषणं प्राप्तिर्वा तर्हि कृपया साहाय्यं कुर्वन्तु |पुन: धन्यवादान् व्याहरामि | वन्दे संस्कृतमातरम् |

  58. Pranesh. S.N. says:

    I am astonished after seeing this much of Books in Samskritam,
    Thank u

  59. Sir, I need “कुमारसम्भवम्” wtih commentary of “अरुणगिरि:”

  60. Your positive perspective is motivating! I am so thankful for your limitless support and also love.

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