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A Sanskrit Primer by ED Perry, first published in 1885, provides a complete introduction to the Sanskrit language and is tailored specifically for the use of English-speaking students. Its lessons include explanations of the Devanagari alphabet, the Sanskrit sound system, spelling and pronunciation rules, declension, parts of speech, conjugations and syntactical rules. A full glossary is also included.

By following the course carefully, students will master the fundamentals of Sanskrit in sixteen to seventeen weeks.


6 Responses to “A Sanskrit Primer by ED Perry”

  1. neha says:

    I want to translate English to Sanskrit poem

  2. Shubham says:

    sir, the mediafire site download link has expired. Download error is being encountered. Kindly re-upload to archive.org or some other sites

  3. Pankaj Karki says:

    I also tried to access some of the e-books. But the links for many books are not valid. Can you please re-link the books?

    • bharateeya says:

      Pankaj, I have rectified the link of Sanskrit Primer. If you can let me know the other broken links, I will take care of them ASAP.

  4. Pankaj Karki says:

    @ Bharateeya.
    I am grateful that the link has been established. If I remember correctly, four links were not working. I will try to access them and see what the status is, and let you know which ones are not working. This one works now. So thanks a million. Namaskar.

  5. Maciej St. Zięba says:

    One should know that the Sanskrit Primer of Parry is nothing more than an english translation of the German manual on Sanskrit “Leifaden für den Elementarcursus von Sanskrit” by Prof. Georg F. Bühler, published originally in Vienna (Wien) in 1882.

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