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An ideal exercise book for those who wish to converse in Sanskrit. A collection of 1000 frequently used sentences in Samskritam, with English equivalents.



36 Responses to “Sanskrit Daily Conversation (संस्कृत व्यवहार साहस्री )”

  1. Sanurabh says:

    Want to learn Sanskrit

  2. Shivashankar says:

    Thanks for the share 🙂

  3. Sanatan Govind Das says:

    Hello Sanurabh,

    Samskrit Bharati conducts Samskrit speaking classes all over the world. Please check out their website –

    Sanatan Govind Das

  4. sapna surana says:

    need a conversation in sanskrit between tacher and student for class 5 project

  5. Stel says:

    Download link doesnt work, please re-upload. thanks

  6. ibrahimalam says:

    I want a sanskrit conversation book Hindi to English

  7. jais says:

    i like to learn sanskrit

  8. Ranganathan PS says:

    Dear deva bhasha publisher

    i need sanskrit paritchaya book in pdf and sabthas in pdf .

    please share to my email id.
    this will help me and my son.

    PS Ranganathan

  9. smriti says:

    I want to compelte my holiday hpmework of sanskrit, But here is nothing to write.

  10. Dr. V.R.Panchamukhi says:

    I want a Book of Dictionary of words and Items in every day use.

  11. Chandrasekhara says:

    Samichinnam pustaka.

  12. suraj says:

    aayurveda ki pustako ka link share kare.

    • bharateeya says:

      Suraj, Almost all important Ayurveda texts are available at Digital Library of India (http://dli.gov.in/) and archive.org. Please search at these sites. If you are not able to locate any particular text/texts, let me know. I will try to help you.

  13. Rathavy says:

    I am the Buddha’s follower I studied Sangkrit in Cambodia for long time but I cound not speak well, so I need and I want to make sure

  14. Lucky says:

    That’s gretttt

  15. paresh kanade says:

    Namaskaram ! its very great to beginner, it amazing & very userfull keyword of sanskrit

  16. Suman Banerjee says:

    १..Sahityadarpana with “प्रभा”टीका ‌‌‌‌‌‌ २.. चन्द्रालोकः with शरदागमटीका
    ३.. अलंकारसर्वस्व with Hindi translation.

  17. RASUDEB SARKAR says:

    I need various dilouge or conversation betwen teacher and student and two students and so on

  18. सागरस्यानन्तकृष्णः says:

    एषः मम मित्रम्| अत्र दोषोऽस्ति यतः मित्रं क्लीबलिङ्गः तस्मात् तस्य विशेषणमपि क्लीबलिङ्गे स्यात्| अतः एतन्मम मित्रं स्यात्|

  19. Swati shekhar kirtane says:

    I have started learning sanskrit since 1 year back now I have started talking in sanskrit at home.

  20. Swati shekhar kirtane says:

    I require daily household as well as overall daily sentences in sanskrit

  21. Gunika says:

    don’t you have daily use sentences in sanskrit.

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