Vidura Niti Snaskrit Text With English Translation — 38 Comments

    • reflection is to mirror ourselves and you have righly said everything.

      sometime we can make reflection by being silence .silence is wordless that can say everything without expressing it.

  1. Vidura Neeti is a great guidance. I am glad I have access to e-books to read.
    With regards ,Venkataraman

  2. i heard about vidura neethi about 30 years ago. never got authentic version
    i am very happy with your great monumental effort iam now
    getting it

    • हुत्तं च दत्तं च तथैव तिष्ठति।
      शत् प्रतिशत सत्यम्।

      • Anem, You will find it at Digital Library of India.
        It is not practically possible to send ebooks to individuals by email. Digital Library of India has scans of thousands of Sanskrit books with translations in all major Indian languages. You may search there and locate the books of your choice.

  3. Hi,

    Can you please reupload the book. the ebook is unavailable @ mediafire link posted above.

    thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

      • Murari, Vidura Niti in Telugu is aavailable at Digital Library of India ( Details given below.
        Vidura Neethi., 2020120002256. M.Surya Narayana Sastri. 1902. telugu. RELIGIOUS. 132 pgs.
        Vidura Neethi., 2020120036078. M.Surya Narayana Sastri. 1902. telugu. RELIGIOUS. 132 pgs.
        Vidura Neeti., 2020120002257. P.Radhakrishna Murthy. 1961. telugu. . 91 pgs.
        Vidura Neeti., 2020120036079. P.Radhakrishna Murthy. 1961. telugu. . 91 pgs.
        viduruni yupadeishamulu 4., 2030020024551. shaastri keitavaravu vein’kat’a. 1924. Telugu. GENERALITIES. 136 pgs.
        Viduruniyupadeshamulu., 2020120002258. Ketavarapu Venkata Shastri. 0. telugu. . 121 pgs.
        Viduruniyupadeshamulu., 2020120036080. Ketavarapu Venkata Shastri. 0. telugu. . 121 pgs.

  4. I read some 7 stanzas as part of our school syllabus in late 90s. No words can describe the amount of respect and adoration I have for your initiative. Be blessed always.

  5. Absolutely valuable inputs given on vidur niti. In fact, schools and colleges shuld include this treasure in syllabus and teach future. Citizens of India. Your efforts are laudable. Thanks a lot.

  6. Oruleyavi onarinchina apriyam thana manambuna kagu, thaanave orulaku onarimpaka parayanam dharma pathamula kellan. Can anybody give sanskrit version/ shloka of this bidura niti

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