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History of Classical Sanskrit Literature by M Krishnamachariar contains an elaborate account of all branches of Classical Sanskrit Literature on the basis of literary, epigraphical and archaelogical sources. It has 23 chapters, each chapter dealing with a particular topic arranged chronologically. It embodies a general study of the Vedic, Epic, Puranic, classical and philosophical literature. Beside notes and references it has an illuminating introduction and index of authors and works.

No of pages: 1275



17 Responses to “History of Classical Sanskrit Literature – M Krishnamachariar”

  1. Balram says:

    Accept my hearty thanks for this.

  2. sreejith calicut says:

    its very useful to me…

  3. Dr Mansoor Qasim says:

    Dear Sir,I do appreciate you for such informative blog.It is really very helpful to me in my pursuit of knowledge on great sanskrit language.
    Could you please send me an e-book of Thomas Burrow’s The Sanskrit Language?
    I would indeed be grateful to you if you could send me a prompt response.

  4. RAKESH says:


  5. Umesh Patel says:

    Thanks a lot. You are people who are responsible for existence of such great language, knowledge and tradition.
    Koti thanks to all of you.


  6. sunanda panda says:

    Thanks alot.

  7. Bisakha Goswami says:

    This site is indeed an amazing source of scholarly work on Sanskrit in all aspects. I am highly benefited by this purely academic effort and felt proud of our incredibly rich literary tradition which has been come down to us with the help of Sanskrit language. my regards.

  8. sanjiv says:

    I am a PhD student.AGE 72.Topic: Concept of Character Building based on Sanskrit literature. Looking for following info.
    1.literature like Gita,Upnishda,VIVEK CHUDAMANI AND SO ON, with preferably English commentry.
    2. List of Phd projects completed in Sanskrit subject, thesis in English & Sanskrit.
    Info on their web sites, with warm regards…..Col Sanjiv Dharwadkar

    • bharateeya says:


      1. You may not find all the books you are looking for in one place. You may have a look at the followings blogs and sites. Let me know if you are unable to find any particular book even after going through these sites.
      Digital Library of India (http://dli.gov.in/)

      2. A directory of Sanskrit theses is available at the website of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi – http://www.sanskrit.nic.in/Thesis_Modified/directory/A/index.htm
      Another collection of lists of Sanskrit theses can be download from http://www.sanskritworld.in/pages/detail/pagename/m-phil-thesis

    • dinesh kumar singh says:

      Dear Respected, Sanjiv jee,
      It is indeed a great pleasure and satisfaction to me as you make your self actively engage for perusing PhD at 72th autumn. A numerous collections of speech, lecture, explanatory deliberation etc. by various scholars affiliated with Ramkrishn Mission Society and it’s associated publication house. There are so many elaborations for Upnishada, Brahmadhya, Vedant, Smriti’s etc. As there exist english as well as hindi edition and depicting to the point referred for moral explanation, devotional search for truth, practices adopted for establishing relation between two world .

  9. manoj kumar sahoo says:

    dasakumarcharitam hindi men chahie

  10. kochahi says:

    Thank youu Very much

  11. Ramanatham J says:

    i am looking for an introduction to Sanskrit language in sanskrit script for my son to speak on Sanskrit as part of the sanskrit day being celebrated. tried to search in google but couldn’t get. can someone help

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