Vyavaharikam Samskritam in 3 parts (Sanskrit Tutorial)

Vyavaharikam Samskritam in 3 parts by Pramodvardhana Kaundinyayana Mimamsacharya of Nepal is intented to teach Sanskrit to the beginners in Sanskrit language. This series covers Sanskrit alphabets, declensions, subhashitas, stories, coversations, poems, sandhi, verb forms, samasas, pratyayas, etc.

I am grateful to Ujjwol Lamichhane for kindly sending the pdf files of these books to me and for encouraging me to post them on this blog.


Vyavaharikam Samskritam Part 1 to 3


Vyavaharikam Samskritam in 3 parts (Sanskrit Tutorial) — 39 Comments

  1. thank u for sending me what promises to be a valuable addition to my collection. your efforts go a long way in encouraging young people to study the ancient language.

  2. Thank you so much. Such a good collection of pdf. Is there any book of sanskrit grammar in hindi, which has the topic like kriyaroop, karak, vibhakti, sandhi etc.

  3. Atyant Sadhuwad, khoob khoob dhanyavad lekhak aur ye free me proved karnevale ko shat shat pranam apko, me bahut dino se aisa material dhoodh raha tha

    • Acharyaji,

      Thanks for visiting this blog and for your kind and encouraging words. I will always be glad to be of service to Samskrita-Premis like you.

  4. dear sir, have any other books to learn basic Sanskrit in an easy way? It will be a lot of help for their students. you have helped a lot to learn this language but i realized that it is quite hard. is there any books to understand it ? so it will be easier to learn this language . the Sanskrit language is very important to learn because it provides us great knowledge. i will be very thankful if you can provide such basic books. Thanking u a lot …keep doing the great work….

  5. All the three can’t be downloaded. Some error has occurred. Plz correct it. धन्यवादाः भो:|

    • Dr Krishna Moorthy,

      I checked the links just now. The links are working. You can right click the links and saves the files.

    • Mukesh Patel,

      Namaste! I checked the links just now. All the 3 links are working. Still, I have sent you parts 2 & 3 by email.

  6. Namaskaramji. I am very new to sanskrit but much interested to learn. Kindly bless me. Thank you and pray Sri Ranga Nachiyar Samaetha Sri Rangam Ranganathar to Bless you.

  7. Fantastic effort.My parents will be very happy when I give them the entire collection of Anandashram books,Trivandrum books etc .

    Many thanks to Shankara for taking the time and incredible effort in uploading these for free.

    all the best

  8. respected sir,
    i am looking forward for some books edited by jan gonga in a history of indian literature, in different volms.. here is the details:
    1)kamasutra, nitisara(fr. wilhelm).
    2)astronomy,astrology,mathametics(s.r. sarma).
    this three chapters in vol.4.
    &vol.6 fasc.4 vedanta( a. kunst).
    i didn’t find any link in dli.
    please help me.

  9. Respected Sir,

    The following links are not working:

    Vyavaharikam Samskritam Part 1
    Vyavaharikam Samskritam Part 2
    Vyavaharikam Samskritam Part 3

    May I request to mail these books to me at rakesh1201@gmail.com.


    Rakesh Agrawal

  10. thank you, sir. I am

    attending here in Amravati near Nagpur, sanskrit sambhashan shibir. quickly you replied for my doubt. I will read articles and get back to u…

  11. Thankyou Bharateyaa.
    Thankyou Ujjwol Lamichhane
    Thanks to Nepal Desh.
    Thanks to our Acharyas who have rooted their culture in Nepal.

  12. This is a great gift. I’m new to Sanskrit. Discovered Kirtan 2 years ago, fell in love with these prayers, these songs from the heart in this ancient language, bought myself a harmonium, and now am hoping to learn the correct pronunciation and the meanings of the Sanskrit words. I’ve downloaded your book, although it is WAY over my head. Should you know of a series of correct pronunciation for chants such as OM Asatoma Sadgamaya, or the Gayatri Mantra, I would be ever so grateful. Thank you.

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