Sanskrit Biographies of Indian Saints and Heroes

It is surprising and at the same time good news that Digital Library of India has a very good collection of Sanskrit biographies of Indian Saints and Heroes like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Samartha Ramadas, Guru Gobind Singh, Sivaji, Gandhiji, Rana Pratap, Prithviraj Chauhan, etal. Though it is said that Sanskrit lags in the genre of biography, I could find plenty of books in this genre at the DLI. This post is an attempt to present before you a collection of biographies written in Sanskrit prose.


01. Sanskrit Biography of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
Vedamurti Sriramakrishna – Swami Apoorvananda Skt Biography
02. Sanskrit Biography of Sri Vallabhacharya
Shrimad Vallabhacharyacharitam – Shripad Shastri Hasurkar 1940
03. Sanskrit Biography of Samartha Ramadas
Ramadasaswamicharitam – SS Hasurkar
04. Sanskrit Biography of Sikh Gurus
Shree Sheekha Guru Charitamritam – Shripad Shastri Hasurkar 1933
05. Sanskrit Biography of Guru Gobind Singh
Sri Gurugovind Singh Bhagvat Padah Jeevnetivratham – SK Sharma 1966  (ALTERNATE LINK)
06. Sanskrit Biography of Gandhiji
Gandhicharitam – Charudev Sastri 1930
07. Sanskrit Biography of Banda Bairagi
Viravairagicaritam – Sudarshan Kumar Sharma (ALTERNATE LINK)
08. Sanskrit Biographies of Sivaji
Sivarajavijaya – Sanskrit – Ambikadatta(ALTERNATE LINK)
Shriishivajimaharajacharitam – Shripad Shastri Hasurkar
09. Sanskrit Biogrpahies of Rana Pratap
Veerpratapa Natakam – MP Dikshit   (ALTERNATE LINK)
Mivara Pratapam – Sanskrit Drama – HS Bhattacharya 1947
Pratapavijayam – Sanskrit Play – Mulshanker Maneklal Yajnik 1931
Maha Rana Pratapa Charitam – SS Hasurkar
10. Sanskrit Biography of Lokmanya Tilak
Shrilokmanyacharitam Sanskrit – SN Sastri
11. Sanskrit Biography of Prithviraj Chauhan
Shri Pruthviraj Chavhana Charitam – Shripad Shastri Hasurkar


Sanskrit Biographies of Indian Saints and Heroes — 38 Comments

  1. बहु समीचीनैषा सूचना।धन्यवादाः मनोहत्य॥
    सर्वेभ्यो विशिष्य संस्कृतजनेभ्यो द्रष्टव्यैषा॥

  2. Actually I want to learn sanskrit so in search
    Of finding a link which provides me sanskrit
    Translation technique by some sort of software
    Or by correcting my translations etc.
    Can you helpme in this regard

    • Akarsh,

      You could download a Hindi biogrpahy of Sanskrit poet Dandi from the following link. You may use DLI Downloader available at for downloading this as a PDF file.
      Dandi., 5990010042604. Jay Shankar Tripathi. 1986. hindi. Literacture. 93 pgs.

  3. I want ebook of all veda, Bhagavat geeta, All puran, Bramhsutra bhasya, Tark Sangraha, Patanjali Yog sutra

    Please help me…

  4. I want ebook of all veda, Bhagavat geeta, All puran, Bramhsutra bhasya, Tark Sangraha, Patanjali Yog sutra

    If available then give me link or sent mail on give email Id

    Please help me…

  5. I want some Chitra Kathas in Sanskrit….. can you please provide me as I have to make a Magazine as project…..

  6. आधुनिककालस्यानुगुणं पुस्तकानां उपलब्धिः सुलभं भवतु इति भवन्तः अभिलाषा अत्युत्तमा वर्तते कोटि नमस्काराः धन्यवादाः भवद्भ्यः

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