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40 Responses to “Sanskrit Ebooks blog moves to a new site”

  1. ashutosh dwivedi says:

    good website

  2. Srikanth says:

    We were just wondering about the sudden disappearance of Sanskrit ebooks blog. Good to know this. Way to go. My best wishes.

  3. Eddie says:


    Good site, but EBOOKS DOWNLOAD
    Is not redirected to new location


  4. Keeping a page of notification on old URL(http://sanskritebooks.wordpress.com/) is always better, as it confirms that all those who know old site will reach newer one.

    • blogadmin says:


      The old blog is totally lost to me as WordPress authorities removed it. So, that option is not open for me. The removal by WordPress was unexpected. So, I had to start again from scratches. This new blog will pick up slowly. Thanks for your concern and support.

  5. pv gopalakrishna says:

    yhank u for good work done in respect of sanskrit

  6. madhusudan says:

    it is really very usefull

  7. abhay says:

    very nice

  8. Madhu Sudan Badal says:

    how ever I want to look your site

  9. l.siriniwasa says:

    I need the English translation of Vasavadatta of subandhu.

  10. Deepak Halder says:

    I am looking for e-sanskrit Books site for downloading of Sanskrit short stories and Sanskrit moral stories. pleas help me

    • bharateeya says:

      Deepak Halder,

      I do not know about any site dealing with Sanskrit stories. You can download several books of Sanskrit stories from DLI using DLI Downloader which is available for free at aupasana.com

  11. krishna.s.katavker says:

    simply superb, my humble request is pleas up load e books of Madhva siddhanta

    • bharateeya says:

      Krishna Katavkar,

      There are several books of Madhva Siddhanta at Digital Library of India (dli.gov.in). You can download them using “DLI Downlaoder” which is available at aupasana.com. You may write to me if you need any help in getting started in downloading books from DLI.

  12. Narasimhan Subbaraman says:

    Thank you for your sincere concern for samskrit lovers

  13. Raji Swamy says:

    This web site is a boon to Samskrutam lovers. Thank you and best wishes
    Raji Swamy


    I am searching for W.Caland’s books on Vaikhanasa Gruhya sutram and Smartha sutram.Published by Asiatic society of Bengal
    Kindly help us Thank you.

    • bharateeya says:

      SG Balaji,

      Volumes of Vaikhanasa Smarta Sutra of Bibliotheca Indica series are available at Digital Library of India. I could not find the Grahya Sutra.

      Vaikhanasamartasutram., 4990010220723. Caland, W., ed.. 1927. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 164 pgs.
      vaikhanasasmarta sutram., 99999990008316. caland, w.. 1927. english. sanskrit literature, drama. 154 pgs.
      Vaikhanasasmartasutram., 1990030083685. Dr.W.Caland. 2006. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 151 pgs.
      Vaikhanasasmartasutram., 99999990135020. Caland W. Dr.. 1929. english. RELIGION THEOLOGY. 263 pgs.
      Vaikhanasasmartasutram vol. 1., 4990010096005. Caland, W., ed.. 1927. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 164 pgs.
      Vaikhanasasmartasutram vol. 1., 4990010213854. Caland, W., ed.. 1927. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 164 pgs.

  15. star02prabu@yahoo.com says:

    How do I learn sanskrit sir

  16. Avinash says:

    Great site – great work ! Thanks for your effort in keeping this age old flame alight.

  17. sandhya jaiswal says:

    great work done… thnx

  18. A.B.Jahagirdar says:

    how to download mimasa nyayadarshan

    • bharateeya says:


      Your comment is not clear. Did you mean Mimamsa Darsana & Nyaya Darsana separately? Please give necessary details like names of author, publisher, etc.

  19. M P Singh says:

    No Words…….Thank you



  21. Great work Thank you so much

  22. sreelatha says:

    thank you so much. it is very easy to find out books in one place. great work,much obliged.

  23. Bala says:

    I would like to learn Sanskrit through Tamil. Any ebook or material available?
    Is there any school in Trichy teach Sanskrit through Tamil. Once learned the fundementals, understanding with other popular languages would be easy, I believe.

    Can u suggest some solution for this ?


  24. SK yadav says:

    Well maintained..

  25. Sajal says:

    Thank You and Best Wishes…..

  26. Mahadev says:


    You are doing good work.
    Take care of your health.

    Lots of love

  27. Shi Ming Yu says:

    please present some books about maths.

  28. Soumya Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    do you have purvaparasharyam published by Sarasavati Mahal Library? if so kindly share and oblige

  29. Amith says:


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