Chitritani Chintanani चित्रितानि चिन्तनानि by S. Jagannatha

एस्. जगन्नाथकविना विरचितायां चित्रितानि चिन्तनानि इत्याख्यायां प्रकृतायां रचनायां एकपञ्चाशद् गदनानि सन्ति। तानि च नूतनं गन्धं जिघ्रांसूनां कृते सृष्टानि यानि यदृच्छया हृदयादुद्गताभिर्भावधारभिश्चित्रैश्चानुसृतानि। Chitritani Chintanani is the Sanskrit rendering of ‘Wrought Intentions’, an anthology of Sanskrit poems by S. Jagannatha translated into … Continue reading

Gandhavali (गन्धावली), An anthology of Sanskrit poetry – S Jagannatha

Sanskrit poet and writer S. Jagannatha is indeed familiar to visitors of this blog. His books ‘Astavystam‘, ‘Dve Mukhe‘ and ‘Abhanakajagannatha’ were posted to this blog sometime back. It is our good fortune that the author thought it fit to … Continue reading

Complete Works of Jibananda Vidyasagara

Complete works of Pandit Jibananda Vidyasagara Bhattacharya consist of around 200 texts – some of these were originally written by him while some others were commented, edited and published by him. They cover a wide range of subjects like Vedic … Continue reading

Complete Works of Kalidasa

Works of Kalidasa: Plays – There are three plays, the earliest of which is probably the Malavikaagnimitra ( Malavikaa and Agnimitra), a work concerned with palace intrigue. It is of special interest because the hero is a historical figure, King … Continue reading