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JV Photgraph and Autograph_smallComplete works of Pandit Jibananda Vidyasagara Bhattacharya consist of around 200 texts – some of these were originally written by him while some others were commented, edited and published by him. They cover a wide range of subjects like Vedic literature, Puranas, Tantras, Mimamsa, Nyaya, Vaiseshika, Sankhya, Yoga, Sanskirt Kavyas, Vyakarana, etc.

A Short Biographical Sketch of Sri Jibananda Vidyasagara by Sri Sudipta Munsi

“Paṇḍitakulapati Jīvānanda Vidyāsāgara was born to Śrī Tārānātha Tarkavācaspati Bhaṭṭācārya and Ambikādevī in the year, 1844, on the last day of the Bengali month of Caitra.  He studied various subjects like Vyākaraṇa, Sāhitya, Alaṅkāra, Nyāya, Sāṅkhya, Pātañjala, Vedānta, Mīmāṃsā, Jyotiṣa and Smṛti under the tutelage of his father, who was an institution in himself.  He earned the prestigious title of “Vidyāsāgara” from the Government Sanskrit College of Calcutta in 1870, and a B.A. from the University of Calcutta.  Impressed by his knowledge of various aspects of the Yogaśāstras at the end of a conversation, Mr. Olcott of the Theosophical Society called Vidyāsāgara “Godfather” in 1882.  Even during his student days, his enthusiasm for intellectual pursuit was noticeable in the publication of editions of Sanskrit texts.  He also started writing his own commentary on such Sanskrit texts at the same time.  The subjects he dealt with were as varied as terse Indian philosophy, Sanskrit grammar, classical Sanskrit rhetoric and aesthetics, Sanskrit court-poetry, religious codes (dharmaśāstra), classical Indian medical sciences (Āyurveda), etc.  He turned down lucrative job offers from Lahore, Jabbalpore, Jaipur, Nepal, etc.  According to Śambhucandra Vidyāratna, Jīvānanda Vidyāsāgara serially published Sanskrit commentaries of his own on 107 Sanskrit works.  It took him 22 years to write these commentaries.  He wrote a version of the Kathāsaritsāgara in lucid Sanskrit prose in 1400 pages and published it in 1883.  He also prepared simpler versions of difficult Sanskrit prose works like Kādambarī of Bāṇabhaṭṭa, Daśakumāracarita of Daṇḍī, etc.  He also translated the Tarkasaṅgraha of Annaṃbhaṭṭa into English.  His own commentaries on Sanskrit works became so popular in Europe, America, Ceylon, China, Burman, India, etc. that most of these works underwent about 5-6 reprints during his lifetime.  Apart from that, he published editions of at least 108 Sanskrit works, some with traditional Sanskrit commentaries.  He also ran the free Sanskrit school, started by his father of legendary intellectual fame, and taught students thronging there from various parts of the country.  A true polymath, Jīvānanda Vidyāsāgara was survived by his sons, Āśubodha Vidyābhūṣaṇa and Nityabodha Vidyāratna.


Complete Works of Jibananda Vidyasagara

Abhijnana Sakuntalam with Commentary- Jibananda Vidyasagara 1914                                     Adhyatmaramayana with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara 1884 (NEW)
Agnipurana – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Amarakosa – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Anargharaghavam with Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Anumanachintamani with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara (LINK 2)
Aranyasamhita with Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Arthasamgraha – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Ashtangahridayasamhita of Vagbhatta – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Ashtavakrasamhita Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Ashvalayanagrihyasutra with Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Asvavaidyakam and Asvachikitsitam – Jibananda Vidyasagara 1893 (NEW)                                     Atharvanopanishadah with Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Balaramayana Nataka Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Bhagavadgita with Commentary & Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Bhamati – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Bhaminivilasa Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Bhashaparichcheda with Muktavali & Dinakari- Jibananda Vidyasagara                               Bhattikavya with Tika Part 1 – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Bhattikavya with Tika Part 2 – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Bhattikavya with Tika Part 3 – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Bhavaprakasha – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Bhojaprabandha – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Brahmavaivartapurana Part 1 – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Brahmavaivartapurana Part 2 – Jibananda Vidyasagara (LINK 2)
Brihadaranyakopanishad with Commentary & Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Brihatsamhita – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Chaitanyachandrodayanataka Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Chakradatta Vaidyaka – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Champuramayana Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Champuramayana – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Chandakaushikanataka Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Chandogya Upanishad with Commentary & Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Chandraloka – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Chandrashekhara Champukavya Part 1 – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Chandrashekhara Champukavya Part 2 – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Charakasamhita – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Chikitsasarasamgraha of Vangasena – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Daivata Brahmana And Shadvimsha Brahmana with Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Dasakumaracharita Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Dasarupa with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Dayabhaga of Jimutavahana – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Dhananjayavijaya Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Dharmasastrasangraha Purvardha & Uttarardha – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Drivyaguna Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Dvatrimshatputtalikasimhasanam Original Work – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Ganitadhyaya – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Garudapurana – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Gayatri Vyakhya of Taranatha Tarkavachaspati – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Gitagovinda Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Goladhyaya – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Gopatha Brahmana – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Haritasamhita – Jibananda Vidyasagara                                                                               Harshacharita Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Hitopadesha Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Indrajalavidyasangraha – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Isha, Kena, Katha, Prashna, Mundaka, Mandukya Upanishads with Commentary & Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Jaiminiyanyayamalavistara – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kadambari Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Kadambarikathasara – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Kalapavyakarana – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kalkipurana – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kamandakiya Nitisara – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Karpuramanjari Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kathasaritsagara Original Work – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kavyadarsa with Vivritti – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kavyadipika with Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kavyalamkarasutravritti of Vamana – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Kavyaprakasha with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kavyasangraha – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kavyasangraha with Tika Part 1 – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kavyasangraha with Tika Part 2 – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kavyasangraha with Tika Part 3 – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kevalanvayi Anumanam – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kiratarjuniya with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kularnava Tantra – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kumarasambhava Saptamasargantam Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Kusumanjali with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Kuvalayananda with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Laghukaumudi Vyakarana – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Lilavati – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Lingapurana – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Madanapala – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Madhavachampu – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Madhavanidana with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Mahanataka Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Mahanirvanatantra with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Mahaviracharita Nataka Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Malatimadhava Nataka Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Mallikamarutanataka with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Mantramahodadhi with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Markandeyapurana – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Matsyapurana – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Medinikosa – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Meghaduta with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Mimamsadarshana with Shabarabhashya Volume 1 – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Mimamsadarshana with Shabarabhashya Volume 2 – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Mimamsanyayaprakasa – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Mimamsaparibhasha – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Mrichchakatika Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Mudrarakshasa Nataka Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Mudrarakshasa Purvapithika Original Work – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Mugdhabodhavyakarana with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Muktikopanishad – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Nadivijnanam of Kanada with Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Nagananda Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Naishadhacharita Mahakavya Part 1 Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Naishadhacharita Mahakavya Part 2 Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Navaratna Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Nirukta with Commentary & Tika Part 1 – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Nirukta with Commentary & Tika Part 2 – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Nirukta with Commentary & Tika Part 3 – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Nrisimhatapani Upanishad with Commentary & Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Nyayadarshana with Commentary & Vritti – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Panchadashi with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Panchatantra Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Paribhashendushekhara with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Patanjaladarshana with Bhojavritti – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Patanjaladarshana with Commentary & Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Pingalachchanda with Vritti – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Prabodhachandrodaya with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Prasannaraghava Nataka – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Prayashchittaviveka of Sulapani with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Priyadarshika Natika Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Purnaprajnadarshana with Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Pushpavanavilasakavya Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Raghuvamsha with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Rajaprashasti Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Rakshasakavya Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Rasendrachintamani Rasaratnakara – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Ratnavali Natika Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Ritusamhara Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Rudrayamala Tantra – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Sabdarupadarsha Original Work – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Sabdasagara – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Sabdasaktiprakashika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Sahityadarpana Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Samanyanirukti – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Samaveda Samhita Archika with Sayanabhashya Part 1 – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Samskrita Sikshamanjari Parts 1 to 4 – Jivananda Vidyasagara (NEW)                                     Sandilyasutra – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Sangitaparijata – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Sankaravijaya – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Sankhyadarshana with Commentary by Vijnanabhikshu – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Sankhyakarika with Gaudapadabhashya – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Sankhya Sara of Vijnanabhikshu – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Sankhyasutra with Aniruddhavritti – Jibananda Vidyasagara                                                   Sankshipta Dasakumaracharita Original Work – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Sankshipta Harshacharita – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
Saradatilakatantra – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Saramanjari Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Sarangadhara Samhita – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Sarasvatikanthabharana Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Saraswata Vyakarana with Commentary of Chandrakirti Part 2 – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Sarvadarshanasangraha – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Satakavali – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Sisupalavadha with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Suklayajurveda Pratishakhya with Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Suklayajurveda (Vajasaneyi Samhita) with Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Sukra Niti Sara with Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Suryasiddhanta Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Sushrutasamhita with Dallanakritatika – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Syama Rahasya – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Taittiriya Aitareya & Svetasvatara Upanishad with Sankarabhashya & Anandagiri Tika (NEW)
Tara Rahasya – Jibananda Vidyasagara                                                                                                     Tarkamrita – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Tarkasamgraha of Annambhatta with English Translation – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Tripurasarasamuchchaya – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Tuladanapaddhati Original Work – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Unadisutras – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Upamanachintamani – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Uttararamacharitanataka Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Vagbhattalankara Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Vaisheshikadarshana with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Valmiki Ramayana (Balakanda) 26th-35th Sargas with Ramanuja’s Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Varaha Purana – Jibananda Vidyasagar                                                                                                     Vasantatilaka Bhana – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Vasavadatta with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Vedantadarshana with Commentary & Satika Adhikaranamala – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Vedantaparibhasha – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Vedantaparibhasha Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Vedantasara with Tikas of Nrisimhasarasvati & Ramatirtha – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Vedantasiddhantamuktavali Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Venisamharanatakam Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Vetalapanchavimshati Original Work – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Viddhashalabhanjika Nataka Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Vidvanmodatarangini – Jibananda Vidyasagara Not Found
Vikramorvashi Commentary – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Viramitrodaya – Vyavaharadhyaya – Jibananda Vidyasagara (NEW)
Vishnupurana with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Vivekachudamani – Jibananda Vidyasagara
Vritta Ratnakara & Chandomanjari Commentary of Taranatha Tarkavachaspati                                   Yogini Tantra – Jibananda Vidyasagara


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  1. bharateeya says:

    Sincere Thanks

    My sincere thanks to Sri Sudeepta Munsi who kindly gave me the list of complete works of Jibananda Vidyasagara and also helped me in locating some of the volumes.

    • bharateeya says:

      Added today, a short biographical sketch of Sri Jibananda Vidyasagara prepared by Sri Sudipta Munsi. My sincere thanks to him for preparing this excellent and informative write up.

    • vishal says:

      where is sanskrit grammer ? is this useful ? bad website for us.

  2. bharateeya says:


    Namaste! If you come across any of the missing volumes of the works of Pandit Jibananda Vidyasagara (mentioned in the above list) in pdf format or in print, please inform me by commenting below this post.

  3. Jagannatha says:

    aarya Shankaravarya, Svasti |

    samskrtajagatii dhanyaa jiivananda-krtiinaam samuccitya prakaashanena |
    kevalam granthanaamnaam pathanena niruddhashvaasah abhavam | nuunam panditavarishthah jiivaananda ityatra na ko’pi samshayah.
    mamaayam prashnah :-
    kim jiivanandah Taaraanaatha-tarka-vaachaspateh putrah ?

  4. Pandit Rajanish Gautam says:

    bharateeya ji ko kotishah dhanyawad “Jivanand ji ke Work” ewam “anandalaya sanskrit series” ke liye. mai aapka rini rahunga.
    kya Aap banaras ke “master Kheladi lal Press” se prakasit ewam “vidyadhar ji gaud” dwara likhit “Smarta prabhu” ewam “Ahnik karmawali” ka link ya scan de sakte hai?
    vaise 100 yrs. purwa ki ye pustake mere liye ratno ke tulya sangrahniya hai Aur Aap adi guru Sankaracharya tulya hai.

    • bharateeya says:


      I could not find Ahnik Karmavali. Part 1 of Smarta Prabhu is there at DLI. I have sent it to your email id.

  5. prithvi singh banjariya says:

    please give mi m.p. sanskrit mahakavya list

  6. satyam kumar jha says:

    awesome piece of work!!! indeed we must be indebted to those who take the pain to recollect and resurrect our ancient culture and the most ancient and richest language of the earth-sanskrit .thank u for doing such a wonderful work, would appreciate if this website is turned into a library comprising of many ancient and modern sanskrit scholars !!!

  7. sarvamangala says:

    please send english translation of bhoja’s champu ramayan

  8. प्रशस्तमेतत्कर्म भवद्भिस्सम्पाद्यते शङ्करवर्याः! अभिनन्दनानि भवद्भ्यः ॥

    • bharateeya says:

      बलरामशुक्लवर्य, धन्योस्मि भवतः प्रोत्साहनवचनेन।

  9. dakshinaatya says:


    This is the missing part 2 of laghu siddhanta kaumudi bhaimi vyakhya


  10. Binod Pokharel says:

    i am very grateful getting these books. thank you for the great job of guru

  11. Harshit Shrivastava says:

    Please upload Nadivijnanam of Kanada with Commentary, Samskrita Sikshamanjari Parts 1 to 3, Syama Rahasya, and Viramitrodaya. These files are left with a note- to be uploaded.

  12. narendrakumar l.pandya says:

    Jivaanandji kind sabhi pus take printed rupme kahase mil sakati hai?

    • bharateeya says:


      I have no information about availability of Jibananda Vidyasagara’s books in print. The ebooks are from various sources on the internet such as Digital Library of India, archive.org and Google Books. If you post a query at Bharatiya Vidvat Parishat (a discussion form of Sanskrit scholars), the learned members of the group might help you in this matter. You can visit the forum at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/bvparishat

  13. Barcode : 1990020047714 on DLI contains vAjasaneya-saMhitA of shukla-yajurveda with commentary of mahIdhara.
    You may add it to the collection because it was edited by jIbAnanda-vidyAsAgara.

    • bharateeya says:


      Thanks a lot for this information. I will download and add it to the collection.

    • bharateeya says:


      The scan of Vajasaneyi Samhita mentioned in your comment is not complete. I found a complete version at DLI.
      Bajsaneyi Samhita Ed. 3., 4990010095763. N. A.. 1908. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 1406 pgs.

      • Thanks, shankar.
        I’ll download the complete version.
        Please, consider to add change log on website and archive. that will help us.
        BTW, did you get my mail regarding advaita-siddhi bAlabodhini (about a month or two ago)??
        I’ve found some more books edited by jIvAnanda vidyAsAgara, but didn’t note their name. I will post here, if I remember/find.

        • bharateeya says:


          I like you suggestion about changelog. I will try to implement it. No, I didn’t receive your mail. Please resend it.

  14. rajeshbm says:

    sir please send me Balaramayana of P.S. Ananthanarayana Shashtri.
    Ed: T.K Ramachandra aiyar.
    Pub: R.S. Vadhyar & sons, palghat 1987. Sir please please send me… Waiting for your reply.

  15. rajeshbm says:

    sir no reply?

  16. Varshah says:

    Arya, I want complete Mahabharatam of Sri Bhagavan Veda Vyasa.
    If not a soft copy at least help me to get the right book in hard copy.

    Thanks in advance.

    And Arya please let me know your email id as I have some books that I would like to share.


  17. Varshah says:

    I am not able to download from the torrent. No seeds and peers. How else to download ?

    • bharateeya says:


      If you mean books in the post ‘complete works of Jibananda Vidyasgara’, just right click on the title you want to download and save it. Torrent is not the only option, and it was created automatically by archive.org when the files were uploaded to their server.

  18. rajeshbm says:

    sir please send me balaramayana of p.s ananthanarayana 1987 edition.

  19. Varshah says:


    I am not able to download from the link of archive.org . Is there any procedure to download. To read online, I can’t see more than a few pages. It doesn’t even download for more than 3 to 4 MB.

    Please help me.

    • bharateeya says:


      I can’t find any problem with archive.org links or the site. It works fine. You can contact your system administrator or some expert to find out why you can’t download the files.

  20. rajeshbm says:

    sir please help. Kumarasambhavam 5th canto is very tough. Iam not getting it. translation is easy but notes are very very tough. please help.

  21. bharateeya says:

    Newly added titles
    Sukla Yajuh Pratisakhya with Commentary of Uvvata
    Sukla Yajurveda Vajasaneyi Samhita with Commentary of Mahidhara

  22. Manish Pareek says:

    Muje rudra astadhyayi ki sanskrit book downlod karni he koi link bataye

  23. Annymous says:

    Should not his year of birth be 1844 instead of 1944; because being born in 1944, it is quite implausible that he earn a degree nearly 70 years in the past (1870). Kindly correct the mistake.

    Last but not the least, thank you for hosting this great collection.

  24. Pratap C De says:

    is wrong. Different text gets downloaded.

  25. Ranjeet Kumar says:

    I could not find ‘Ravan Sanhita’ Hindi ebook anywhere on the internet.

    • bharateeya says:

      Ranjeet Kumar,

      Ravana Samhita was published for the first time only in the recent time. So, it is copyrighted. That is the reason you don’t find its free ebooks on the internet. You can get a copy of the book from some good libraries or buy it from book sellers.

  26. Murali says:

    please check Garudapurana from middle of the pages becomes Linga Purana.This was the same problem i face when i downloaded it from DLI…..

    • bharateeya says:


      Thanks for pointing out this defect. I have removed that file and added another scan of Garuda Purana which doesn’t have any mix-up.

  27. punam chand says:

    sir I want to download manu. of ayurved kaksaputamatiby nagarjun ,kakchandishweri by kakchandishwer,, charpati sidhant by charpati

  28. Raghubir Sharma says:

    Hello sir jai sri krisna mujhe laghu sidant kumudi hindi anuvad or vritta ratnaker hindi anuvad cahiye aap kirpa karke mujhe download link bejh de apki kirpa hogi

    • Raghubir Sharma says:

      Jai sri krisna sir mujhe laghu sidant kumudi or vritta ratnaker hindi anuvad cahiye aap kirpa karke mujhe download link bejh de apki kirpa hogi

  29. Raghubir Sharma says:

    Hello sir jai sri ram ji sir mujhe laghu sidant kumudi or vritta ratnaker hindi anuvad cahiye aap kirpa karke mujhe download link bejh de apki kirpa hogi

  30. Raghubir Sharma says:

    Sir ji koi v book download nhi ho rhi kirpa karke kuch toh batah dijie

  31. Sanatan Bhakt says:

    Hi, I am looking for Shri Shiva Purana by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, could you PLEASE upload or provide me the download link? Thank you in advance.

  32. akhilesh says:

    can u pl guide to download chkradatta,haritha samhitha,and chikitsa sangraha of vanga sena by jibananda vidyasagara!!would be apprreciated if u could lend a hand

  33. akhilesh says:

    can u pl help me in downloading either a hindi/malayalam/sanskrit verison of the following texts
    1. Ashtanga sangraham
    2. Sushrutha samhitha
    3. Arogya raksha kalpa drumama
    4. rasa ratna samuchaya
    5. ananda kanda
    6. sahasra yoganm
    7. bharatha bhaishajya ratnakara
    8. rasa tarangini

    • bharateeya says:

      Jayaprakash, Thanks for your interest in this matter. In fact, I had gathered some of the missing texts including Gayatri Vyakhya from DLI and other sources, but could not upload them to the internet and post links on this page till now. I will do it soon.

  34. Mahadeva Mani says:

    Sir you are also Abhinava vyaasa .As saved mani Sanskrit books in the on line.this is very biggest help to all & us. Thanq
    Dr.dhulipala Mahadeva Mani.retd Sanskrit proffer.AYS Sanskrit Kalasala

  35. साधु! महत्कार्यम कृतम!

  36. samskritapremi says:

    महोदय अहं कुरुक्षेत्रादस्मि भावनोपनिषदुपरि शोधकार्यं करोमि तत्सम्बद्धा काचन सामग्री ग्रन्थादयः यदि उपलप्स्यन्ते चेन्महती अनुकम्पा, कृपया किञ्चिद् मार्गदर्शनं कुर्वन्तु । शाक्तदर्शनेन सम्बद्धा सामग्री कृपया उच्यताम्….

  37. स्वामी राघवेंद्रदास: says:

    श्रीराम! सादरमभिवादये।
    वीरमित्रोदयः निर्णय सिंधु: मंत्र महौदधि:
    वाल्मीकीय रामयणस्य संस्कृतटीका: सन्ति चेत्,यथाहमवाप्नुयाम् तथा भवद्भि:विधेयः।

  38. Lovedeep singh says:

    Mantramahodadhi with Tika – Jibananda Vidyasagara (not found)
    Is it possible to see this book shortly
    Thank you

  39. Ajith Kumar M says:

    Sir I would also like to have the book Balaramayana of P.S. Ananthanarayana Shashtri.
    Ed: T.K Ramachandra Aiyar.
    Pub: R.S. Vadhyar & sons, palghat 1987.
    Sir awaiting your reply. In need of it.

  40. पं.शिवराम पाण्डेय says:

    सादर धन्यवाद!

    मुझे संक्षेप रामायण चाहिए कहां से प्राप्त होगा?

  41. Raghunandana N says:

    At the outset, I wish to thank whoever has scanned the books and uploaded for the benefit of like minded readers/students/ etc.

    I have downloaded few of the pdfs, but it is very difficult read. Is there any other means or media available. Are these books available in hard copy.

    Are there any plan of reprinting these treasure.

  42. बो.वें.सुब्ब राव् says:

    शतकोटि धन्यवादाः।

  43. thank you sir for your complementry , will you please avail me where to find the siddha mantra sangraha free for our real use.

  44. R D Rajgor says:

    Please make PDF of Kadambari commentary

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