Here are some subhashitas from Mahabharata, translated from “सार्थश्रीमहाभारतसुभाषितानि” of Vishnu Vinayak Paranjpe published in 1931 by M/s Keshav Bhikaji Dhawale of Girgaon, Mumbai

From Mahabharata Adiparva

अकाले कृत्यमारब्धं कर्तुर्नार्थाय कल्प्यते ।
तदेव काल आरब्धं महतेऽर्थाय कल्प्यते ॥१२.१३८.१५॥

Any work started at a wrong time will not bear fruit. The same work started at the right time are said to bring to the doer great results.

अगोप्तारश्च राजानो बलिषड्भागतस्कराः ।
समर्थाप्यादातारस्ते वै निरयगामिनः ॥१३.२३.८०॥

Those kings who do not protect the people are thieves who rob people of one sixth of their income in the form of tax. Such kings and the wealthy who do not do charity inspite of their capacity to do it will go to Hell after death.

अग्नौ प्रास्तं तु पुरुषं कर्मान्वेति स्वयंकृतम् ।
तस्मात्तु पुरुषो यत्नाद्धर्मं संचिनुयाच्छनैः ॥५.४०.१८॥

A man who has been cremated (after death) is followed only by his karma (both good and bad). So, man ought to make effort to gradually accumulate merit (by performing good actions).


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  1. mahabharata vaiseshtyam kim tad vishayeshu ateeva mukhya taya ghttam kim tad samkochaha asti tat sanko chani nevarayatu

  2. Fabulous site. Keep up the great work.

    Does anyone have the text “Avimaraka” by Bhasa? Is it available online? I couldn’t seem to find it.

    Is it available in book shops? Thanks

  3. i want sree mahabharatha subhashitani
    सार्थश्रीमहाभारतसुभाषितानि” of Vishnu Vinayak Paranjpe published in 1931 by M/s Keshav Bhikaji Dhawale of Girgaon, Mumbai
    Please help

    • Shreyas,

      Thanks, I will surely publish more ebooks on subhashitas. In fact I have got some more collections of subhashitas, but did not find time to post them. I will do post them without delay.

  4. Dear Brothers,
    Can anybody tell me where can I get all the 18 puranas in pdf form. If not available at least give me link for Bhavishya Purana, I want to read original text. I am totally confused as many of the muslim organizations are providing it as reference to prove their prophet.

  5. I read recently from a Tamil Magazine about work by Sabdhartha Chinthamani, the work by Chidamabra kavi. This work is available in Saraswathi Mahal Library, Thanjavur, in palm leaf. When this manuscript is read in normal form it is Ramayana. When read from last leaf in reverse like urudu, it is Mahabharatha. It is very amazing to even hear about such possibility. Where can I get hard copy of it or even a soft copy in any web? Help me please.

  6. Dear Bharateeya:
    This is indeed an amazing site and a warehouse of sanskrit resources.Also,must commend you on your efforts.
    I want to learn Sanskrit and I am standing on the first step. But I am overwhelmed by the number of books available for download and confused which one to download and get started.Kindly suggest which book/books should a beginner download.Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks & Best Regards

  7. Could you pls send me the PDF of the Subhashitas from Mahabharata / Ramayana / Bhagavatam..

    Do you have “Subhashita Sudhanidhi” by Sayanacharya.. I guess it is Dharwar University Publication

  8. i want to read the sanskrit version of Panchatantra that i could not read in the website. Please help me. I want particularly the sloka ” …. vanchanam chapamanam cha matiman na prakashyet.”

  9. I am looking for some old sanskrit books with Hindi teeka. The books are panchratna , nitishthkam , and a rich book of Sanskrit grammar. Plz tell a link.

  10. संस्कृत सुभाषित जिसमे भ्रमर भृंग सुमन के मधु स्वाद के लिये आकर्षित होते है वैसे ही सदगुणी सज्जनो की ओर लोक आकृष्ट होते है इस अर्थ का मिले तो आभारी होऊन्गा .

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