First Lessons in Sanskrit Grammar – JR Ballantyne

Complete introduction to Sanskrit Grammar in 33 lessons in English as well as Hindi.

The author of this book, JR Ballantyne, was an eminent indologist who has authored books on Sanskrit Grammar, Sanskrit Literature and various schools of Indian Philosophy. This book is bound to cater to the need of wider range of readers since the lessons are given in English as well as Hindi.



First Lessons in Sanskrit Grammar – JR Ballantyne — 11 Comments

  1. i am achariya (MA) II YEAR student of Rastriya samskrutha vidya peedam.Tirupati.Can any one send notes on vakurthi jeevitham and vyakthi vivekam only in sanskrit, and also from which web site can i download these e books. please help me.My e mail address
    With kind regards,

    • Balakrishnan,

      Several editions of both the books are available at DLI – Digital Library of India. Links are given below. You download them using a free software named DLI Viewer which can be downloaded from

      Hindi Vakroktijivit., 5990010042205. Dr. nagendra. 1957. hindi. Literature. 885 pgs.
      The vakrokti Jivita., 5990010098568. Rajanaka Kuntaka. 1961. sanskrit. Literature. 342 pgs.
      The Vakrokti-jivita., 5990010117462. SUSHIL KUMAR. 1928. english. litreture. 348 pgs.
      vakrokti-jivita., 5990010098168. SUSHIL KUMAR. 1961. sanskrit. LITAITUCHER. 338 pgs.
      vakrokti-jivita., 99999990037331. kuntaka, rajanaka. 1961. sanskrit. purans. 344 pgs.
      Vakroktijivita., 5990010098574. Dashrath Dwivedi. 1977. sanskrit. Literature. 255 pgs.
      2020120002465. REWAPRASADA DWIVED. 1964. hindi. enter subject of the book. 570 pgs.
      Vyakti Viveka.<…>,
      1990020084777. Rajanaka Mahimabhatta. 1909. sanskrit. LANGUAGE.LINGUISTICS. LITERATURE. 264 pgs

    • Ramasubramaniam,

      You can try the following books at Digital Library of India. Both have English notes and introduction.
      the_harsha_charita_first_uchhvasa., 2020010008603. pandit sri nanda kishore sharma. 1940. sanskrit. NULL. 178 pgs.
      The Harshacharita Of Banabhatta (Uchchvasas -I-iv)., 99999990293341. Kane,P.V.. 1918. sanskrit. Devotional. 435 pgs.

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