Brihad Dhatu Rupavali

The students of Sanskrit often hesitate to use verbal forms while speaking or writing and prefer to use past and potential participles instead. This is because they are not sure whether a certain verbal form they are going to use is correct.

Brihad Dhatu Rupavali by T. R. Krishnamacharya which gives all verbal forms of almost all roots in the Dhatupatha in addition to the participles of the above kind, would surely be very useful to the Sanskrit students. As a book of reference, Brihad Dhatu Rupavali is almost indispensable even to Sanskrit scholars.



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    • Joshiji,

      I checked the download link just now. It is working. To download the book, you may open the download page –
      If you wait for a few seconds, the download link will appear “Click here to start download from MediaFire”. If you click on that link, download will start and within a few minutes the book will be copied to your computer. If you face any more difficult please let me know.

  1. Brhaddhaturupavali is one of the most useful books used for ready reference. I could download it within a couple of minutes. Thanks for your efforts. Regards

  2. This can’t be downloaded to android. I tried several times. Plz correct it. Make it proper pdf.

  3. shubh sandhya sir can u will do that Sanskrit to Hindi & Hindi to Sanskrit , sabd roop , sanskrit essay books etc. my English is week sir so plz help me sir , I want to learning Sanskrit..

  4. Sir

    Page 24 and 25 of Brihad datu rupavali missing. Will be grateful if it can be made available from any other source



    • Venkataraman,

      Thanks for noticing the missing pages. I don’t have hard copy of Brihad Dhatu Rupavali. Its pdf was downloaded from Digital Library of India.

  5. नमोनमः मित्राणि एतत् पुस्तकम् बहू उपयुक्तम् । अहं पुस्तकम् प्राप्तकर्तुमिच्छामि कृपया वदेत् कुत्र उपलभ्यते तस्य आपणस्य दूरवाणीं संकेतस्तानम् च दातव्यम्।

  6. I tried many times to download both Siddaroopam and Dhatu Rupavali ebooks but i was not ablevto get it…instead i got some unnecessary mails by clicking ‘ allow’ option for cookies, other notifications etc. Can i buy these books from some shops in Trivandrum? Please guide me.

  7. Sir please send the links of all puranas written by Vyasa Maharshi along with bhagavatham and bharatham

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