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Selected Stories from Panchatantra with Sanskrit text and English translation for the use of Sanskrit students.

Source of e-text: http://samskrutam.com/samskrit/stories/stories.aspx?section=homecontent


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  1. Ujjwol says:

    Thanks for this great book.

  2. puneet dinesh says:

    this will help me a lot in my project

  3. dheeraj says:

    thank uuuuu very much .

  4. aiyappa.n.d says:

    well! this a great book!!!

  5. p.k.rathbaladhadi says:

    very very interesting !! my kid’s pleasure is beyond expression.

  6. Bharath says:

    Super book…wish all the kaarakas of Panchatantra are available like this

  7. Dima says:

    I have’nt ever seen so many mistakes in one text! It’s awfull!

  8. ROHAN SETHI says:

    please give me two short story of panchatantra in sanskrit

  9. p says:

    you are an elephant

  10. robin says:

    dis is really helpful…really really helpful!!

  11. achyutha sastry says:

    a beautiful and eye opener

  12. krihna says:

    can some1 tell me where to get the sanskrit version of the story ” the mongoose and the snake”
    just the summary would be great.

  13. soumya shukla says:

    can i plz get some sanskrit short story related to sacrifice………..

  14. dakshta says:

    hey i want some chitra varnnan in sanskrit with pictures by 6:00 pm
    plzz its to urgent.

  15. remo rox says:


  16. NISARG AHIR says:

    It’s a great service towards human race as you are spreading the best knowledge of Indian culture.
    Bravo!!! Keep It up.

    Prof. Nisarg Ahir

  17. Mohammed Arif says:

    this what i wanted………..it will really help me in my project……

  18. mihir goyal says:

    thanks for such a great thing but give images also

  19. ankhi says:


  20. Mrs. Tejaswini Joshi says:

    My girl is 5 yrs old.
    I need one short story for her school story telling comp. Can I get that help?

  21. bhavana says:

    i have a project(history) on the ancient indian tales i chose panchatantra .i am 11 years old ,can you please help me

  22. Ranjani A Mudaliar says:


    I needed two story from this for my school project work.


  23. Aishwarya says:

    🙁 abt panchatantra in sans nd abt shankara aacharya!
    i need these two! 🙁

  24. s says:

    thanks it’ll help me a lot

  25. pooja nair says:

    i want shrt stories…

  26. Nisha Patel says:

    I need five short stories of panchtantra in sanskrit. please i request to u all if anyone of u get any panchtantra story in sanskrit,please send it to the following email ID- nishapatel99@rediffmail.com

  27. danya says:

    but i want the sanskrit version

  28. pragyansh upadhyay says:

    i need 5 stories of panchatantra in sanskrit with some stories related photos.

  29. molly says:

    plzzz friends i need a sanskrit short story with moral…….i’ll be really very thankfull to you all…….plz plz plz help me….. 🙁 🙂
    you can email me the story on this email id…….

  30. sapna fulwani says:

    thanx a lot.it will help me in my project

  31. uma says:

    uma sharma- june-25 ,2011
    thanks. but u must upload visual panchatantra stories in sanskrit language so that people can learn sanskrit also .

  32. abhin says:

    thank you

  33. sahil says:


  34. sanjay says:

    ya very nice book i like it

  35. maheka says:

    really a great site should continue for years and years for new generations to learn something

  36. hitesh says:


  37. hitesh says:

    Aapka bahut bahut shukriya yah book likhne ke liye mujhe yah kitab bahut pasand aaee.
    Hitesh khandelwal (rajasthan)
    Email ID-hiteshkha.143@gmail.com

  38. Karthikeyan G. says:

    I would like to read this book many times.

  39. Neerav says:

    Awesome work… thank you very much……

  40. ayesha dixit says:

    nice and good stories for kids

  41. koushin roy says:

    its great.

  42. Joseph says:

    Thanks for helping me for projet

  43. k-Megha says:

    Thanks for helping me for project work.

  44. tanmay says:

    thanks for helping for my homework .It helps a lot.

  45. tanmay says:

    thanks to this website so much.

  46. Tanmay K says:


  47. sunil says:

    This book’s awesome and literally very helpful

  48. sriram says:

    I am unable to download the pdf, It says “Failed-Server problem”. Can anyone help? Thanks

    • bharateeya says:


      I checked download link of “Stories from Panchatantra” just now. It is working without any problem.

  49. sriram says:

    Am facing the same problem with “Speak Sanskrit the Easy Way”

    • bharateeya says:


      I checked download link of “Speak Sanskrit the Easy Way” just now. It is working without any problem. You may try again.

  50. srushti says:

    Please give me a story related to sacrifice. Please please. I will be really thankful to you. I need ot in 10 minutes.

  51. srushti says:

    Thanks alot. U r the best. U have done the biggest favour on me. I don’t know how to repay you. And by the way, it is SRUSHTI. doesn’t matter. All that matters is you have saved my life.

  52. srushti says:

    can u give me the english translation of that story.

  53. srushti says:

    it’s urgent

  54. I want about Sringeri and temples of Sringeri in sanskrit.Thursday is my project submission.Please it’s urgent.

  55. Padmanabhan says:

    Very useful for learning or revising Sanskrit knowledge. Thanks. drnp

  56. Desh Deepak Singh Chauhan says:

    It is superb to keep a lot in Sanskrit language. I’m thankful to you to make us a path to learn Sanskrit.

  57. jayaraj g a says:

    what a nice book i really enjoy it

  58. anupama jayaraj says:

    but i want the storie tortoise and geese

  59. anupama jayaraj says:

    plz i want stories on sanskrit i don’t know where to go any 1 help plz

  60. anupama jayaraj says:

    thanks thank you so much

  61. anupama jayaraj says:

    thanks thank you so much i got stories because of you

  62. anupama jayaraj says:

    i can submit my project on it self

  63. Eshwar says:

    i want short stories plz if you know some website plz reply

  64. Sanjana says:

    I like dis website………!! It’s of great help in completing projects……

  65. kartiki vyas says:

    oh god!thank you
    its very enthusiastic to have sanskrit stories
    i will tell them to my child mukta,her sanskrit teacher and also to my students who learn ayurveda
    thanks a lot

  66. sonali says:

    i like this book . it is very interesting.

  67. ajay says:

    Dear bandhu,
    i am unable to find download link for
    Speak Sanskrit the Easy Way
    Sanskrit Daily Conversation (संस्कृत व्यवहार साहस्री)

    and is sankrit literature available in hindi or marathi translation. please help me.


  68. mehak says:

    i love it …it helped mee very much .what a nice book i have got full marks in my sanskrit project

  69. mvs deepak says:

    I want 3sanskrit stories in hindi translation

  70. roshini prasaad says:

    Hey..i hv sm home work..regarding story tht is related to teacher and a student..!!!! I m not getting any stories based on this …sm1 plz help me

  71. sonia says:

    Its v.v.v.useful to me

    I wanted a story for my sanskrit writing project and i got a very good story to write.

  72. dipti agarwal says:

    good bt m not satisfied…

  73. BRINDA says:


  74. Larisa says:

    Does anyone know where I can listen to/buy/download the audio fo these Panchatantra stories? Thanks in advance.

  75. pragati says:


  76. Amrutha says:

    Very nice ebook thanks a lot!!!

  77. Anonyms says:

    Can you please give me a religious motivational story in Sanskrit…

  78. aditya raj says:

    So nice

  79. Asha says:

    Can you please give me stories on sacrifice in sanskrit.

  80. pooja says:

    i need a sanskrit story based on satsangati.please help me

  81. kosana dinesh vardhan says:

    this will help me in my project and iam so happy to do my project

  82. sam says:

    Link expired



  84. Vikram Sridhar says:

    I came across this site looking for the panchatantra stories in sanskrit with english translations . But the book and the download is inactive now

    Any way to receive this book or the pdf ?

    Looking forward

    Thanks and Regards

  85. deepak p says:

    i did not get stories which i needed

  86. Ajvi says:

    Thank you so much for this great book?

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