Stories from Panchatantra – Sanskrit text with English translation — 111 Comments

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  2. It’s a great service towards human race as you are spreading the best knowledge of Indian culture.
    Bravo!!! Keep It up.

    Prof. Nisarg Ahir

  3. Hello,
    My girl is 5 yrs old.
    I need one short story for her school story telling comp. Can I get that help?

  4. uma sharma- june-25 ,2011
    thanks. but u must upload visual panchatantra stories in sanskrit language so that people can learn sanskrit also .

    • Sriram,

      I checked download link of “Speak Sanskrit the Easy Way” just now. It is working without any problem. You may try again.

  5. Thanks alot. U r the best. U have done the biggest favour on me. I don’t know how to repay you. And by the way, it is SRUSHTI. doesn’t matter. All that matters is you have saved my life.

  6. It is superb to keep a lot in Sanskrit language. I’m thankful to you to make us a path to learn Sanskrit.

  7. oh god!thank you
    its very enthusiastic to have sanskrit stories
    i will tell them to my child mukta,her sanskrit teacher and also to my students who learn ayurveda
    thanks a lot

  8. Dear bandhu,
    i am unable to find download link for
    Speak Sanskrit the Easy Way
    Sanskrit Daily Conversation (संस्कृत व्यवहार साहस्री)

    and is sankrit literature available in hindi or marathi translation. please help me.


  9. Hey..i hv sm home work..regarding story tht is related to teacher and a student..!!!! I m not getting any stories based on this …sm1 plz help me

  10. I came across this site looking for the panchatantra stories in sanskrit with english translations . But the book and the download is inactive now

    Any way to receive this book or the pdf ?

    Looking forward

    Thanks and Regards

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