First Book of Sanskrit – R. G. Bhandarkar

First Book of Sanskrit of R. G. Bhandarkar has been written in a style keeping in view of the needs of students as well as teachers. Each lesson consists of four parts:

1. Grammar
2. Sanskrit Sentences for Translation into English
3. English Sentences for Translation into Sanskrit
4. A Vocablary

This book contains as much Grammar as is needed for all practical purposes, perhaps more. The author has adopted the terminology of the English Grammarians of Sanskrit, but had strictly followed Panini, as explained by Bhattoji Dikshita in his Sidhantakaumudi.
The general rules of Grammar, and such exceptions as are important, have been given in this book.

The book continues to be a medium for facilitating and promoting the study of the language of the ancient sages even after a hundred years of its publication in 1883.



First Book of Sanskrit – R. G. Bhandarkar — 33 Comments

  1. Sanskrit is language of GOD called Dev Vaani . This is the Base of Hinduism which is oldest and best religion of world. Sanskrit language is used by Intellectuals.One Who is true Hindu must know the Sanskrit.
    This is your good step to spread the knowldge of Sanskrit across the world.

  2. There is a book which may be considered a Tutorial to Bhandarkar’s First book of Sanskrit. It is “Companion to the First Book of Sanskrit”, by K V Mehta published sometime during the first quarter of 20th Century in Bombay.

    The full book is freely available at Hathi Trust ( Although the book is digitized as part of Google Books program it is not available at Google Books.

    The link to that book is

  3. The “digital library” link to the answer key does not have a way to download the book, at least not that I can see. Apparently it can be viewed there though.

    Perhaps I am not understanding something when I go to the link.


  4. Dear Bharateeya ji,i want to have a book on sanskrit alankar.if you post that on your blog i will be immensely obliged.

  5. I am trying to download this book. But it’s showing me error page with the msg that it doesn’t exist now. It would b grt if somebody can help me to download…

  6. I find it quite interesting that the Sanskrit library is becoming digital and accessible to all Sanskrit lovers around the world. I must congratulate the promoters for undertaking such a noble task

  7. mujhe sacrit granth chahiye mai aalandi me jog maharaj varkari shikshan sanstha me hai anya granth chahiye ,ex.rachananuvadcoumudi,ruchandrika ,plz mujhe order krna hai to mujhe aapki website send kar do

    • Jadv, The links are working fine. Please learn how to download files from It will be very useful to you to be familiar with the website since it has thousands of Sanskrit related books.

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