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Second Book of Sanskrit by R. G. Bhandarkar has been prepared exactly as per the plan of the First Book of Sanskrit, which the student is suppossed to have studied and mastered.

Each lesson consists of four parts:-
1. Grammar
2. Sanskrit Sentences for Translation into English
3. English Sentences for Translationinto Sanskrit
4. A Vocabulary.

Parts 2 & 3 are intended to exercise the student in the rules of grammar given at the top of the lesson.
This book contains as much Grammar as is needed for all practical purposes, perhaps more. The author has adopted the terminology of the English Grammarians of Sanskrit, but had strictly followed Panini, as explained by Bhattoji Dikshita in his Sidhantakaumudi. The general rules of Grammar, and such exceptions as are important, have been given in the book.

The Author has attempted to render this book as much a Sanskrit Reading Book as a book on Sanskrit Grammar, in other words, not only to teach grammatical forms to the student but also to enable him to contrue Sanskrit. Keeping this objective in mind, good many extracts containing examples of the particular rules, from original Sanskrit works, have been given nearly in all the lessons.

The book continues to be a medium for facilitating and promoting the study of the language of the ancient sages even after a hundred years of its publication in 1883.


9 Responses to “Second Book of Sanskrit – R. G. Bhandarkar”

  1. Dr. Hemant Laxman Vinze says:

    Kindly send me full verse:
    Bhaga aaste aaseenasya……..

    Shete nipadyamaanasya charaati charato bhagah

    Dr. Hemant Laxman Vinze

    M.S. (Gen. Surg}
    14 Dinkar society
    Bhagoji Keer Road
    Mumbai 400016

    Tel. 24462738

    Mobile 98924 67635

    • bharateeya says:


      I have not heard this verse till now. I will write to you if I happen to come across it. regards


    • hnbhat says:

      आस्ते भग आसीनस्य ऊध्र्वस्तिष्ठति तिष्ठतः |
      शेते निपद्यमानस्य चराति चरतो भगः ||५||

  2. Vedant kumar says:

    please suggest me a good sans – hindi – eng dictionary…

  3. Cristi Andrei says:

    Please, add missing pages (74-75) from KEY TO SECOND BOOK OF SANSKRIT, if you can find.

  4. Naresh says:

    How can i get book/manuscript “manav ayurveda”

  5. Aashish says:

    I want so learn Sanskrut 2nd book…by bhandarkar. Kindly share name of guru who can teach me this book.

    Best regards
    Aashish Jain

  6. Sadananda Sadasivarao says:

    My Guru Prakashanandendra Swamiji will start teaching us Smaksrita Bhasha based on two book of Sri Bhandarkar.

    Thank you for the books made available

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