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Sanskrit translation of Thirukkural, written by Sri Thiruvalluvar (1st century BCE), one of the greatest works on ethical livingwas written in Tamil. It consists of 133 athikarams or chapters. Each athikaram consists of 10 kurals (rhyming Tamil couplets) thus making 1330 kurals in total.

Thirukkural is divided into three sections. Section one deals with Aram doing things, with conscience and honor, for the good of the less fortunate, the second discusses Porul realities or facts of life, and the third dwells on Inbam the pleasures that a man and a woman experience in the course of their relationship. It is claimed that this division of Thirukkural is based on the canonical dharma, artha and kama (trivarga) articulated in the Sanskritic classical texts.

S.N. Sriramadesikan whose Tirukkural translation was published in 1961 has translated many other Tamil classics like Ettuthogai, Pathupattu, Silappadikaram, Thiruppavai, Kambaramayanam, Naladiyar etc. into Sanskrit language.

DOWNLOAD Tirukkural Sanskrit translation by SN Sriramadesikan
DOWNLOAD Tirukkural Sanskrit translation by Govindrai Jain Shastri

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  1. Alex says:

    Hi, can you recommend a very basic book on written sanskrit like learning ABC?

  2. Salil Nayak says:

    These links are not giving the books, it keeps saying come after some time.

    Can I get thirukural somewhere else?

  3. DOWNLOAD Tirukkural Sanskrit translation by Govindrai Jain Shastri – 404 error आगतं कृपया पश्यताम्

  4. bharateeya says:


    I had merely given link to the file. Original file was uploaded by someone else. If it is not working, I will remove the link.

  5. atg says:

    the second link is not opening

  6. I satisfied quiet well, which is downloaded THIRUKKURAL OFSRI S.N. SRI RAMA DESIKAN.THANQ.

  7. dhananjay shastri says:

    उत्तमं प्रतिपादनम् अस्ति उत्तमं चिन्तनम् अस्ति महान् विचारः अस्ति

  8. Satish Iyer says:

    May I request you to upload the books to Google drive since most of these file upload sites remove the books after some time.
    The links are not working again.
    Thanks in advance

    • bharateeya says:

      Satish Iyer, I have revised the links of Sanskrit Thirukkural. You can download them now. Regarding the broken links, I guess you are refering to mediafire links. I have stopped uploading to mediafire 5 years back. All new links are from archive.org. Please let me know if you notice any mediafire link that doesn’t work.

  9. L Lakshmi says:

    I want thirukural Tamil translation

  10. L Lakshmi says:

    அதிகாரம் 2 13 14

  11. L Lakshmi says:

    அதிகாரம் 2 தமிழ் 13,14

  12. Thanks a lot for this post, Shankar ji!

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