Abhanakajagannatha – Proverbs in modern Sanskrit

Proverbs are coherent and lively documents of human experiences in succinct manner. These give vigor to language. Some proverbs are for shock treatment to the stupid ones. Some are drumbeats to the slumbering lethargic! Proverbs are strong pulses of folklore. Citing proverbs in daily conversation is age-old practice of people. Collection and study of these wonderful aphorisms is made several times in hundreds of languages of the world. We do not know original creators of these by name. But we do know modern authors by name who have produced proverbs afresh inspired by the old ones.

Abhanakajagannatha, a compilation of new proverbs in Sanskrit is authored by S. Jagannatha, a free thinker. This work is permeated with new maxims, imaginations, teeny-weeny sketches of author’s own experience and imitation of old adages.The number of proverbs is one thousand, three hundred and twenty two(1322). All proverbs are classified and arranged alphabetically in every classified group. Meanings of difficult words in footnotes and introduction of proverbs are in Sanskrit itself. Contents of the subjects are provided at the beginning.Alphabetical lists of all the proverbs, subjects and the words shown in the footnotes are given at the end for quick reference.



Abhanakajagannatha – Proverbs in modern Sanskrit — 13 Comments

  1. Earlier I went through the AbhANakajagannAtha published in the Nandanavanakalpataru from Ahmedabad.The pithy and cryptic sayings reveal a world of indigenous wisdom !

  2. Having downloaded the book, I perused a few pages. It is very well presented. The wide range of topics covered is really amazing. Thanks to the author and thanks to Sri Shankara for enabling the accessibility of a number of this kind of books for the benefit of people interested in Sanskrit, culture, and improvement of their own lives.


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