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Samskrita Sabdartha Kaustubha by Dwarikaprasad Chaturvedi is perhaps the most comprehensive and largest Sanskrit-Hindi Dictionary ever to be published.

A good dictionary is an indispensable companion of a Sanskrit student (and of scholars). There are many popular Sanskrit-English dictionaries like those of Monier Williams, VS Apte, AA Mac Donell. But they could be of use only to those who know English. The great work known as Vachaspatya is a standard work and is very useful for scholars. But until a well edited edition of this work comes out, it could not be of much help to even an average Sanskrit student.

When the author of Samskrita Sabdartha Kaustubha compiled it, there were only three Sanskrit Hindi dictionaries available for the Hindi speaking students. They were all too small for much practical use, so the author compiled the present work with the hope of answering the needs of Hindi speaking Sanskrit students who are studying Sandkrit in a college or schoof or privately. Samskrita Sabdartha Kaustubha is designed to be an adequate guide to a knowledge of Sanskrit words. It contains as many explanations and details as are permitted by the limited space at the disposal of the compiler.


Samskrita Sabdartha Kaustubha – Sanskrit Hindi Dictionary
Chaturvedi Sanskrit Hindi Kosh (smaller in content)

16 Responses to “Samskrita Sabdartha Kaustubha – Sanskrit Hindi Dictionary – DP Chaturvedi 1928”

  1. mukesh says:

    i would greet and heartfully thank the auther….. i wish let this reach him… as a user i am indebt for his great work……..
    i would appreciate the blogger to bring all this treasure in view………

  2. Manoj says:

    Wow! i have to say amazing work…
    god’s men like him always help others..
    god bless DP Chaturvedi

  3. Chaitanya says:

    where can i buy the print edition of this kosha?
    please assist

  4. avinash says:

    i learn Sanskrit.

  5. Deepika says:

    I learn sanskrit i am student of sixth standard

  6. Prashant Desai says:

    Thank you for your great help. I was looking for such a book.
    Great help for Sanskriti too.

  7. अनुपम यमदग्नि says:

    बचपन में, अपनी दादी जी के पुस्तक संग्रह में उपलब्ध इस महान शब्दार्थ कौस्तुभ से न केवल संस्कृत शब्दों के अर्थ बल्कि अपने प्राचीन साहित्य और समाज की भी बहुत अच्छी जानकारी मिलती रही थी। काफी समय से इस पुस्तक या इस के समकक्ष किसी अन्य पुस्तक का अभाव बहुत खलता था।
    आज इस पुस्तक को sanskritbooks.org पर संग्रहित देखा तो लगा कि खोया खज़ाना फिर हाथ लग गया है।
    संग्रह करने और उपलब्ध करने के लिए बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद।

  8. The Prof s. k. ramachandra rao memorial trust intends to reprint apart from Prof Rao’s books some other valuable books relating to sanskrit literature and philosophy. Two books being reprinted shortly are:
    1. Mudrarakshasa by Vishakadatta, edited by Kashinath Triambak Telang, Nirnaya Sagar Press publication.
    2. Meghasandesham, in kannada with copious explanatory notes, by Doddabele Gopalacharya, 1897

  9. Vivek Pandey says:

    I want to know about “visesan visesay sayonjan”

  10. virendra Vasava says:

    why anuttam meaning is given sarvotkrusht . it should be like Jo uttam nahi he vo . an + uttam. jese anuttar , anudar ka meaning sandhi chhod kar dekhenge to sahi banta hai aur aape ki book me likha bhi hai . to vese hi anuttam ka meaning Karna chhahiye .
    please reply ……

    • bharateeya says:

      Virendra Vasava,

      It has both meanings though it is usually used in the sense of ‘most superior’. See Sabdakalpadruma entry for anuttama at http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/SKDScan/2013/web/webtc2/index.php
      अनुत्तमः, त्रि, (नास्ति उत्तमः उत्कृष्टो यस्मात् सः ।)
      श्रेष्ठः । प्रधानः । इत्यमरः ॥
      (“श्रुतिस्मृत्युदितं धर्म्ममनुतिष्ठन् हि मानवः ।
      इह कीर्त्तिमवाप्नोति प्रेत्य चानुत्तमं सुखम्” ।
      इति मनुः ।) नञ्समासे तु अधमः ॥

      • virendra Vasava says:

        I want to understand both the meaning of a single word. I would be thankful to you if you give some examples from our Vedas with meaning ( for both type of meanings I.e. ati uttam & bad ) of shloks.


    wonderful book collection

  12. dayalji says:

    I am delighted to see that number persons interested in Sanskrit language,
    & literature in Sanskrit are increasing day by day.It is heartening to note
    that our Vedas,Puranas think of progress of human beings irrespective of religion,caste,creed or nationality.Let the knowledge enlighten us,the humans.

  13. Prafulla Gosai says:

    I am finding all these uploads quite uplifting in my journey towards human evolvment. Om Tat Sat

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