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gandhavali coverSanskrit poet and writer S. Jagannatha is indeed familiar to visitors of this blog. His books ‘Astavystam‘, ‘Dve Mukhe‘ and ‘Abhanakajagannatha’ were posted to this blog sometime back.
It is our good fortune that the author thought it fit to share with us his latest work ‘Gandhavali’, an
anthology of 335 muktakas* composed in a new meter named ‘Gandha‘, created by the author
himself. As the author says in his preface, the anthology contains verses on various subjects. The author has provided notes for difficult words.

*Muktaka is a detached stanza, the meaning ot which is complete in itself.  मुक्तकं श्लोक एवैकश्चमत्कारक्षमः सताम् – अग्निपुराणः

Download Gandhavali (Revised Version)


17 Responses to “Gandhavali (गन्धावली), An anthology of Sanskrit poetry – S Jagannatha”

  1. MALATI JAIN says:


  2. Dr. G.Sudarshan says:

    i am a learner of sanskrit language and litt:. I already read bhasa nataka chakra, megha doot, kavadarsha of mahakavi Dandi, some part of kuvalayananda,vritha manjari, gita, etc. i like to promot my sanskrit reading and learning . I prayer to help me proiding books

  3. Premanand Das says:

    Hindi translation of kalidasvirachit navaratnamalika

  4. Harshit Shrivastava says:

    Sir, can you please tell me the name of sanskrit commentary upon Brahma Sutras by Pt. Madhusudan Ojha and also about it’s whereabouts?

  5. great collection of sanskrit ebooks

  6. utpal kumar says:


  7. prithpal says:

    bharateeya ji, mujhe ashwini kumar samhita,chikitsa sara tantra by ashwini kumars, bhramagna by ashwini kumars, dhaturatnamala by ashwini kumars, sannipatakalika by ashwini kumars manuscripts mil sakti hai. aapka bada aabhar hoga.

  8. PS Raman says:

    Grandhaavali is a great compilation – it contains A to Z of life & several advices to get rid of our vices ! I read it in one sitting !
    Thanks to the person/s who made it readable in a mobile !!

  9. madhu kapoor says:

    sabdavyaparalaksana—please help tp locate the book

  10. dr jayesh panara says:

    very good site i found many sanskrit grantha and dowanload grantha
    i alaso want some grantha given below
    shakti trantra by agtasya muni
    saodaminikala by iswarakrut
    suddhvidya kalp by asvalayan muni
    bramandsar by ved viyash
    sabad kaustubh or andkaustubh by parasar muni
    kaumudi by somanath muni
    meghottpati prakaran by angiras rishi
    akash tantra by bhardwaj muni
    loksangra by vivranacharya
    prapanch lahari by vashishta
    agtattv lahari by asvalayan
    khetsarvasvm by jaimini muni
    karmviddhisar by apastamba muni

    and more also grantha pl gide me or send link any if anybody have more information my email komalpanara001@gmail,com
    dr jayesh panara morbi, gujrat

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