Prasnottara Ratna Malika of Sankaracharya Sanskrit English

Prasnottara Ratna Malika (प्रश्नोत्तर रत्नमालिका) of Adi Shankara is a collection of 67 verses comprising of questions and answers pertaining to both spiritual and temporal living. This book comprises of the sanskrit verses and their english translation.

Many of the answers are so accurate that we find ourselves transported for a moment into a sublim state of peace and silence. At the same time in some rare cases, the answers to some questions do not seem to be given by a highly enlightened soul like Adi Sankara. It is generally considered that this text was
authored by Adi Sankara though some scholars do not agree with this. We do not know if some of these verses are later interpolations.

However, this text is a boon for seekers of self-realisation.



Prasnottara Ratna Malika of Sankaracharya Sanskrit English — 13 Comments

  1. श्री चन्द्रमौलीश्वराय नमः ।
    चित्त प्रसन्न हुआ । आचार्य शंकर के इस महान कीर्ति को सर्व- साधाधरण को उपलब्द्ध करवाया । भविष्य मेँ उनकी कीर्तियोँ को उपलब्द्ध कराने की आपके द्वारा आशा करता हूँ ।

  2. This great guidance for living a life with attitude of service to God if widely read, understood and practiced will evevate India.

  3. I was reading the original and just tried if a translation is available anywhere. Surfed the net and lo behold there it is!
    Thank you very much for uploading.
    This is simply great book that any and everyone can easily understand.
    Hitherto, apprehension about Sankara’s teachings as sublime/profound and tough to understand by common man has been completely shattered with this book/work. It is so very true and applicable even today for every one in every walk of life. Read it/cherish it/apply it and get benefited.
    Thanks once again. Sreeram Darbha.

  4. It seems the link is broken. Could you please upload again?

    Read few. Truly commendable job. Someone who is blessed (Sadguru) can/will only do this job (Gnana Dana). Keep posting, for not you are blessed, to get others blessed..

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