A Handful of Popular Maxims: ( Volumes 1 to 3 ) (A Collection of Sanskrit Wisdom Sayings)

An exhaustive collection of popular maxims (nyayas) of Sanskrit literature with English translation and notes.

This book, Laukika Nyayanjali (लौकिक न्यायाञ्जलिः) or Handful of Popular Maxims, contains three volumes of handful of popular Sanskrit maxims authored by Col. G. A. Jacob in the beginning of 20th century. A “nyaya” is a popular maxim (proverbial saying) that illustrates a general truth, fundamenatl principle or rule of conduct.

Apart from giving an insight into the life and beliefs of ancient people these maxims are current and useful in scholarly discussions and academic gatherings among Sanskritists. These Nyayas are still valuable and relevant in judicial circles in the interpretations of law and jurisprudence in modern India. Sanskrit poets have enriched and embellished Sanskrit language by various devices among which the maxims or Nyayas occupy an important place.


Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3


A Handful of Popular Maxims: ( Volumes 1 to 3 ) (A Collection of Sanskrit Wisdom Sayings) — 17 Comments

  1. Namaste.

    After trying several times to download the Sanskrit Loukika Nyayanjali, I failed to reach the page for download. Is it possible to make an easier path to download the file?

    With Warm regards,

  2. Reverend Sir, Namaste

    Sanskrit Literature particularly religious scriptures have long eluded the grasp of common men in Arya/hidu society.Thanks to the Age of Internet and your genuine efforts to spread and save the same.I am ,in my own way ,and in little efforts trying to spread and save the Aryan Religion.Please find how to eradicate the caste system which has undermined the existence of the vedic religion and our nation.

    Enormous Thanking to you All,


    Ashok Kumar Sahu
    Advocate,High Court,Lucknow

  3. this book is very beneficial for research graduates of ayurveda
    shilaputrak nyaya, kapinjaladhikaran nyaya, naparishtah guravo vadanti nyaya , shringagrahika nyaya , chhatrinogacchanti nyaya , shatpatrabhedna nyaya
    plz write on these
    I am waiting for a quick response thanking you sir

  4. There is remark by a very great poet whose work is not appreciated says that the “time is endless and earth is very big someone sometime will appreciate my work and i am ready to wait”Kalovyham Vipula ch pruthwi” i want the complete subhashit can someone pl provide

    • Ashok Kavthekar, It was Bhavabhuti who said so. Complete verses is here – ये नाम केचिदिह न प्रथयन्त्यवज्ञां जानन्ति ते किमपि तान् प्रति नैष यत्नः। उत्पत्स्यते तु मम कोऽपि समानधर्मा कालो ह्मयं निरवधिः विपुला च पृथ्वी।। Please read the following article for details – http://pustak.org/bs/home.php?bookid=7017

  5. I have the third volume of Loukika Nyayanjali by Col.G.A.Jacob, printed in 1911 ( 2nd edn)published by Nirnaya-Sagar press. I am happy and grateful that all the three volumes are made available by you.

  6. Is there a book on nyayas explained in Sanskrit, without English translation? As in – nyayas in Sanskrit explained in sanskrit.

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