Subhashita Ratna Bhandagara – Kashinath Sharma

“Subhashita Ratna Bhandagara” is a collection of more than 10000 subhashitas (wisdom sayings) from Sanskrit literature compiled by Shri Kashinath Sharma.

The subhashitas are arranged subject vise. The author has also provided an exhaustive index of the contents.



Subhashita Ratna Bhandagara – Kashinath Sharma — 37 Comments

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  3. vandemathram namasteji
    i take this opportunity to thanku for the wonderful work done by u,i wanted to learn Sanskrit as form my school day i couldn’t do so,now with the help of this site i hope next posting by me will be in Sanskrit which techs our dharma(oneself,to family to the nation in which we leave). dhanyavadh. jai hind,jai maa bharathi

  4. सुभाषितरत्नभाण्डागारपुस्तकमतीव महत्त्वपूर्णं वर्तते । एतत्पुस्तकस्य अस्मभ्यं प्रदानं कृत्वा एतेन वेवपत्रेण(web site)अस्माकं भूयान् उपकारः कृतः । धन्यवादाः ।

  5. Thank you for making this available.

    However, there is no English translation which makes it difficult to comprehend a lot of its beauty, for a partially Sanskrit-aware person like me. Could you please provide link to an English translation? Will be of much help!

  6. अतिसुन्दरम् कार्यमेतत् कृतम्। सौभाग्यमेतत् अस्मदृशाम्।

  7. I wonder it is only me or there are many. I downloaded a few ebooks and none of them seem to be readable. I have not downloaded the PDFs but judging by their sizes I guess they are actually scanned copies. I am talking about the txt or epub version. As an example of what I see in the preface of UpanishadVakyaKoshaSktEng.epub is

    A few examples will demonstrate this.
    («) Io the Atharvasirat, we find, on page 6, M/S^WT tflcft JT:.. WW for *lft W *£C ^3«Tt. .CT^f ; -o n page 8, *lft twice for *ri|ft f and ffartfff for flNrf (=fotf + W),-on page 9, f * 1
    ftft fcufa yrr * *r*ntwfa * * ipr inn instead of ** fofr
    tfTO JUT TO*lfaj[ft «W JJJT Pflv-and on page 10, * itfft *l% JWftfor*ir^^f/%$#fc *
    (J) la the, BraA»a, page 260, ft fWh flty dftfpHrtprt-
    (e) In the PrSntgniholra, page 264, the luoid sentence IT ?t W»H *T% jfalT (!!) does duty for *$ SJ«IH?I JINT,
    These ere specimen* ••leojed from t multitude of other*, and the detects of the Commentaries are even more glaring.

    copied from part0000.html of the epub. Obviously the uploaded file is exported from the scanned PDF and therefore this unusability.
    Any idea other than d/ling the PDFs?


    • Praval, As you guessed, almost all books posted at this site are scanned image pdf files. If you are looking for encoded text of Sanskrit works, you may try at GRETIL, muktabodha library or similar sites.

    paayat shashakhandamoulihi iti slokasya poornapaataha labhyate vaa ? ayam slokaha kutratya ? ityapi jnaatum iccaami krupayaa sahaayam kurvantu

  9. When will the 9th volume of Maha Subhashita Sangraha be published? I have read that it was decided there would be at least 20 volumes of Maha Subhashita Sangraha, but only 8 volumes have been published by now.

  10. वैदिकधर्मरक्षायै भवत्प्रयासः प्रशंसनीयः । वर्द्धतामनिशं मुदा ।

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