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English Prose Translation of Dasakkumara Charitam (The Adventures of Ten Princes) authored by renowned Sanskrit poet Dandi.

The Daśakumāracarita relates the adventures of ten princes in their pursuit of love and royal power. It contains stories of common life and reflects a faithful picture of Indian society during the period couched in the colourful style of Sanskrit prose.

Daṇḍin was a renowned Sanskrit author of prose romances and expounder on poetics. Although he produced literature on his own, most notably the Daśakumāracarita, first translated in 1927 as Hindoo Tales, or The Adventures of the Ten Princes, he is best known for composing the Kāvyādarśa (‘Mirror of Poetry’), the handbook of classical Sanskrit poetics, or Kāvya. His writings were all in Sanskrit. He lived in Kanchipuram in modern-day Tamil Nadu in 6th-7th century. A shloka that explains the strengths of different poets says: Dandinah padalalithyam (“Daṇḍin is the master of playful words”).

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11 Responses to “Dasakumaracharitam of Dandi – English Translation”

  1. I think dasakumaaracaritam is an extraordinary creation. I would, however, not be too keen on an English translation. The cultural nuances are untranslatable. If you don’t understand sanskrit, read a translation into some Indian language.

    • bharateeya says:

      I agree with your opinion that by reading the translations of such books one cannot get the same flavour that one gets while reading the original Sanskrit text. I uploaded this for those who have limited knowledge of Sanskrit and cannot read the original texts.

      I have got a scanned copy of MR Kale’s Sanskrit English version of Dasakumara Charitam. I would be uploading it ASAP.

      Thanks for visiting and for your comment

  2. n sastri says:

    IMPORTANT is the translator not which language

    vikrama vittala tranlated by forgot name is the best his motivation was pure

  3. Saubhag Trasy says:

    The link says that the file has either been deleted or is invalid. Please Help.

  4. P.Balakumar says:

    I need this book original source in tamil its possible

  5. विद्वत्त्वं दक्षता शीलं सङ्कान्तिरनुशीलनम् । शिक्षकस्य गुणाः सप्त सचेतस्त्वं प्रसन्नता “॥ Please tell the source of this shlok this is part of my thesis need help

    • bharateeya says:

      This verse seems to be of recent origin, may be a muktaka (singel verse, not belonging to any well known kavya).

  6. gopalakrishnan says:

    ever greatful for this service of bringing out our old cultural stories.

  7. Geetha Gopalan says:

    I want translation of somanathatta charitham in dashakumara charitham

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