A Higher Sanskrit Grammar – M. R. Kale

A Higher Sanskrit Grammar by M. R. Kale has been prepared with a view to meet the growing educational need of students. Many of the rules given here are translations of the relevant Sutras of Panini. The original Sutras are given in footnotes, where necessary. Sandhis and declensions are fully treated; compounds which dominate classical Sanskrit literature have received special attention; formation of feminine bases have been illustrated; Taddhita affixes have been arranged in an alphabetical order. The author has spared no pains to make this book as useful and complete as possible.




A Higher Sanskrit Grammar – M. R. Kale — 10 Comments

    • Raama,

      Thank you for informing about this wonderful book. I searched this book at DLI and other sources. Though the original work is in public domain (as the author of the work expired in 1930), unfortunately e-copies of the book could not be found anywhere. Could you find out who published the first edition of this book? It may help us to locate soft copies of this book.

  1. May I get any information about M.R.Kale? It is kind of very essential for my research work. Please help me know about M.R.Kale.

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