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Vritta Ratnakara of Kedara Bhatta (14th Century CE) is one of the most popular texts on Sanskrit prosody. Though there are many books on Sanskrit prosody by eminent authors like Kalidasa, Kshemendra, etc, Vritta Ratankara continues to be an essential text for Sanskrit students.

A speciality of this work is that the definition and illustration of a meter is given in one and the same verse. The verse defining a particular metre is composed in that particular meter itself. This is very helpful for a student of Sanskrit prosody.

Another speciality of this work is that it is very brief – there are merely 136 verses. The author has covered all the prominent metres of Sanskrit literature in these verses.


22 Responses to “Vritta Ratnakara of Kedara Bhatta with Sanskrit & Hindi Commentaries – Nrisimhadeva Sastri”

  1. wwmargera says:

    this is good work and i really appreciate it

  2. satyajit says:

    Many thanks for the link.

    Great work and great to read it in hindi too.

  3. Pinaki Roy says:


  4. narendra pandya says:

    that is a great prosody work. i appreciate heartly.

  5. gayathri says:

    its good but i want in sanskrit not hindi

    • bharateeya says:


      This ebook has a Sanskrit vyakhya & a vivriti and also a Hindi tika. This was not mentioned in the title of the post. I have corrected it now.

  6. chitransh dadhich says:

    Thank you for the last link sir…..
    Could you plz tell me that how to download a book named linganusashnam Sanskrit text with Hindi translation….. . I really need this book…

  7. prashant dave says:

    jay ho prabhu ji

  8. Raghubir Sharma says:

    Hi sir jai sri ram ji sir mujhe vritta ratnaker hindi anuvad cahiye aap kirpa karke mujhe download link bejh de apki kirpa hogi

    • bharateeya says:

      Raghubir Sharma, The ebook of Vrittaratnakara posted here has Hindi translation and commentary, in addition to Sanskrit commentary.

  9. Raghubir Sharma says:

    Thanks sir ji per maine bahut trye ki aa per load nhi huaa avhi karke dekhta hoon or sir kia laghu sidant kumudi hindi anuvad mil sakti hai apka bahut danevaad

    • Raghubir Sharma says:

      Hello sir ji vritta ratnaker hindi anuvad download nhi ho rha kirpa karke mujhe kou upaye bathey apki kirpa hogi sir

    • Raghubir Sharma says:

      Hello sir ji vritta ratnaker hindi anuvad download nhi ho rha kirpa karke mujhe kou upaye bathey apki kirpa hogi sir ji mai abhi out of country hon or six months k badh india janah hai tabh takh to mil jati book toh acha ta india mai toh mai apne sanskrit vidalya mai jaker lai auga pehle v mai book padh cuka ho per mujhe abhi fir study karna hai so please sir

  10. B.BALAKRISHNAN says:

    Respected Sir,

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  11. Vempati Satya Suryanarayana says:

    Can you please tell me the meaning of lasatvritta? It is a vritta(circle/oval) of type lasat. Lasat is a posture in dance in which feet are touched by hands. But what exactly is lasat?? I want to know it with authority and with any drawing of the shape. You find this word “lasatvritta” in Shyamala dandakam of Kalidasa – “lasatvritta gambheera naabhi sarattheera saivala sankakara syama romavali bhushane Manju sambhashane”

  12. Vempati Satya Suryanarayana says:

    My above query is much out of place it appears for the subject the book deals. It(my query) can be ignored.

  13. Mahesh says:

    There is a commentary ono Vritta Ratnakara by Narayana. Name of the commentary is ‘Mani Manjari’. Where can I find that work? There is another Mani Manjari by another Narayana .. but the content is Vaishnava Acharyas.. I am looking for a “mani manjarai’ which is a work on Sanskrit Prosody.

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