Sanskrit Teacher by Kamalashankar Trivedi Parts 1 and 2

This 2 volume set is an introductory text to Sanskrit grammar & literature. The author has included the cream of Sanskrit literature in every lesson so as to elevate the mind of the students to a high plane of morality and devotion and inspire it with a spirit of respect and reverence for all that is great and good, respect for learning and wisdom, respect for power and authority, and reverence for God.

Special features of the book:

(a) The book winds up with a large selection of prose and poetic passages. The prose passages are taken from the Panchatantra, the Dasakumaracharita, the Kadambari, and the works of Sankaracharya. They thus supply the student with different specimens of style. The poetic passages are Selected from the works of Chanakya, Bhartrihari, Kalidasa, Bhavabhuti, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and various other works.

(b)  A language is best learnt by the study of its poetic literature which contains wise thoughts clothed in felicitous expression. The committing to memory such gems of literature ensures a command over the language and deepens a taste for it. The object of meeting this requirement is specially kept in view in the selection of verses in lessons and also at the end of the book, which has so many as about 200 of them.

(c)  The student is introduced to a knowledge of Sanskrit metres and figures of speech. The characteristics of the ganas are explained and the student supplied with definitions of a few leading metres such as Malini, Vasanta-tilaka, Hariri, and Sikharini. The leading features of a few figures such as the Upama, the Rupaka, the Arthantaranyasa, and the Anyokti are elucidated in lessons and notes at the end.

(d) The student is directly taken to literature, grammar being made subordinate as it ought to be. This object is attained in the following way. Every lesson opens with a few sentences which are translated into English and in which new grammatical forms are printed black to draw the attention of students. Then follows a paradigm of forms ready made and lastly come the rules which are deduced from them. The method followed is thus analytic. It will be educative and interesting both to the school student and to the person of advanced years who has a mind to acquire a knowledge of it. The former should first learn to recognise the forms and then study them. For the latter it will do if he only learns to recognise them.

Thus, the book comprehends in a small compass all the salient points of Sanskrit grammar, the knowledge of which is essential for the study of Sanskrit literature.


Sanskrit Teacher Part 1

Sanskrit Teacher Part 2


Sanskrit Teacher by Kamalashankar Trivedi Parts 1 and 2 — 50 Comments

  1. Ramu,

    I had uploaded both the parts together on the same page at

    If you look on the left hand side of the web page, you will see two pdf links. Part 1 is 9.8 MB and Part 2 is 9.5 MB. Anyway I will give direct links to both the parts, so that there won’t be any confusion.

  2. I have just started to learn Sanskrit and I find that these 2 books contain lessons in a systematic manner. I am sure I will be benefited greatly by following these.

  3. I have just started reading this book and It seems to be really good
    Thank you very much for uploading and sharing such treasure with us
    warm regards

  4. i have found Sanskrit teacher part i but where is the part ii? can you provide it? it will be helpful all the students.

  5. thanks for providing the link i have downloaded the two parts, can you please tell me where i can find agni samhita?

        • Sharmaji,

          There are various editions of Nirnaya Sindhu at Digital Library of India. I give a few links below. You may download them as PDF files using DLI Downloader, a free software.

          NIRNAYASINDHU-KRISHNABHATTA KRUTYAKHYASAHTIH., 2020120002429. KAMALAKARA BHATTA. 0. hindi. enter subject of the book. 772 pgs.
          NIRNAYASINDHU-KRISHNABHATTA KRUTYAKHYASAHTIH., 2020010012744. KAMALAKARA BHATTA. 1930. HINDI. enter subject of the book. 772 pgs.
          Nirnay Sindhu., 4990010095175. Bhatta, Kamalakar. 1906. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 480 pgs.
          Nirnay Sindhu., 4990010220667. Bhatta, Kamalakar. 1906. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 480 pgs.
          Nirnaya Sindhu., 1990030083638. Kamalakara Bhatta. 2006. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 101 pgs.
          Nirnaya Sindhu., 5990010102359. . 0. sanskrit. LANGUAGE.LINGUISTICS.LITERATURE. 449 pgs.
          Nirnaya sindhu., 99999990234060. Mishra, jwalaprasad. 1932. sanskrit. Vaidik sahitya. 1020 pgs.
          Nirnaya Sindhuvu-Part I., 2020120035087. Kamalakara Bhattu. 0. telugu. -. 252 pgs.
          Nirnayasindhu., 1990030083639. Kamalakara Bhatta. 2006. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 240 pgs.
          Nirnayasindhua., 1990030083640. Pandit Shivadattan. 2006. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 525 pgs.
          nirnaya_sindhu., 2020010006525. narayan_ram_acharya. 1949. sanskrit. NULL. 472 pgs.
          Nirnaysindhu., 4990010200593. Bhatta, Kamalakar. 1944. sanskrit. RELIGION. THEOLOGY. 648 pgs.
          The Nirnayasindhu., 5010010002076. Kamalakar Bhatt. 1940. sanskrit. . 475 pgs.
          the_nirnaya_sindhu., 2020010008716. sri kamalakar bhatta. 1940. sanskrit. NULL. 471 pgs.

    • Sharmaji,

      You have not mentioned the name of the publishers of which you have 2 volumes. As you might know there are various editions of Vigyan Bhairava.

  6. dear sir,
    how to download the books from digital library of india ? i tried to download but i only found it only downloads one page only? how to download the whole book?…

  7. Thanks for Sanskrit Teacher Part I & II. It seems Part II file has been damaged but I could download after a few attempts.

    I am searching books,literature (beginner level) on Anubhashya, Subodhini, Shodash Granth written by Shrimad Vallabhacharya. I have heard that most publication has been from Rajasthan and Gujarat. I will appreciate if you can suggest some sites from where i can read or download the material.

    Many thanks

  8. Hello all, I wish to buy a hard copy (book) to learn sanskrit grammer with english descriptions (something similar to school books from standard 1st to 10th standard or a cumulative one book). Could somebody suggest me one or more good books and guide me as where i can buy them. I am from Hyderabad, i could not get access to hard copy of a good one. Expecting to hear from you. – Kumar (9030003379)

    • Kumar,

      You can try ‘A smaller Sanskrit grammar’ and ‘A higher Sanskrit grammar’ by M R Kale. Both must be available at Motilal Benarsidass (


  10. Sir can u give videos link or pdf to study parichaya in sanskrit through english so far all links in samskritha sikhsanam are through hindi medium

    From where will i get a proper guidance for writing my saral sanskrit shikshak’s parikshaya exam .. plzz guide me mam..

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