Students Guide To Sanskrit Composition (English & Hindi) – VS Apte

Vaman Sivaram Apte (1858-1892) is an author well known to Sanskrit students. In spite of the short span of his life, i. e. 34 years, Apte’s scholarly output was remarkable. His Guide to Sanskrit Composition (1881) and his Sanskrit Dictionaries for use in schools and colleges hold the foremost place among books of their kind, even after the lapse of close upon 125 years and claim the respect of every student of Sanskrit, by their monumental wealth of learning.

His works: –

1. The Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary (1890).
2. The Students’ English-Sanskrit Dictionary (1884).
3. The Students’ Sanskrit-English Dictionary.
4. The Students’ Guide to Sanskrit Composition (1881).
5. The Students’ Hand-Book of Progressive Exercises, Part I and, II.
6. Kusuma-mala (1891).

The ‘Guide To Sanskrit Composition’ had become very popular and Apte himself revised the third edition of the book in 1890. Since then many more editions have been out. A short biographical sketch of VS Apte is available here.


Students Guide To Sanskrit Composition (English)

Samskrit Nibandh Path Pradarsak (Hindi)


Students Guide To Sanskrit Composition (English & Hindi) – VS Apte — 39 Comments

  1. Hi,

    I am not able to download it from the Mediafire link. Can you give me a rapidshare or hotfile link to download this?


    • Murali,

      This too is from DLI only. I hope you are aware of copy right restrictions. Though a book is free from copyright restrictions, you cannot use its later editions (last 60 years) in the public domain. That is why I am sticking to older editions – before 1950.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for suggestions for improvement. Suggestions and criticisms from friends are invaluable and are always welcome.

      • I am so happy that you are consciously adhering to copyrights. Now I can freely download books from your website. Thank you!

  2. from where i can download the hindi version of Apte’s Students’ Guide to Sanskrit Composition

    • Gokhaleji,

      You may download it from the 3rd link below the post. Hindi version of Apte’s Students’ Guide to Sanskrit Composition is titled “Samskrit Nibandh Path Pradarsak”.

  3. Dear friends,
    would any one guide me a good point of start to learn Sanskrit. Please assume that i have Zero knowledge means i want to start from very basic level


  4. Just as Sathish says, consider me zero. My mother tongue is Marathi but at the same time I know English well. In view of this please advise books to start self study of Sanskrut Language. Next target after learning the language is to read up Vedas and Puranas.

  5. Hi, the scanning of ‘Sanskrit nibandh path pradarshak’ is not good, I have taken out prints of the whole book but reading it is very difficult. Can u please direct me as to where can I find a new edition of that book(ebook of hardcopy)..

    • Ashutosh,

      I have not come across a better quality scan of this book, nor do I have any idea about the availability of it in print.

  6. Bharateeya Ji, I can’t download the file from Download link 1 ans the Hindi Nibandh. If you have any other link, please forward.

    • Bhanu Pratap, Links 1 is same as link 2. There is no need to download both. Anyway, I have removed the first link which was not working. I have added a new link for the Hindi version of Apte’s Guide to Sanskrit Composition.

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