Dve Mukhe (Sanskrit poetry) by S. Jagannatha

cover Dve Mukhe - S Jagannatha 2013‘Dve Mukhe’ by S. Jagannatha consists of two short poems in Samskrta namely, Moghaduta (not Meghaduta), a humorous poetry ridiculing love (written in mandakranta metre) and Lokalankara-pankiya, a work of humorous figures of speech containing 112 examples with definitions (written in anustubh metre).



Dve Mukhe (Sanskrit poetry) by S. Jagannatha — 11 Comments

  1. नमोऽस्तु शङ्करवर्य्याय,
    जगन्नाथवर्याणां काव्ये उपलम्भितवते भवते धन्यवादान् व्याहरामि…
    बलरामशुक्लः …..

    • नास्ति जीवितादन्यदभिमततरमिह जगति सर्वजन्तूनाम्। कादंबरी पूर्वभागः।
      लोक में समस्त जन्गुओं को जीवन से अधिक अभीष्ट कुछ नहिं होता है।

  2. Sir/Madam,
    I request you to please inform me about some stories written in Sanskrit language. my wife is big admirer of Sanskrit.She has left her studies 10 years back.
    Now she wants to do MA in Sanskrit.Please help me with some Sanskrit books along with grammar so that she can achieve her goal.

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